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Fabian Van De Wiele

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Alex Massart

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Nice to meet you. We're CLICKTRUST.

We set ourselves apart through our complete transparency and capacity to act as an extension of our clients' teams. We're the team of experienced experts that have the skills our clients' teams don't have.

Our domains of expertise are centered around all forms of ...

Nice to meet you. We're CLICKTRUST.

We set ourselves apart through our complete transparency and capacity to act as an extension of our clients' teams. We're the team of experienced experts that have the skills our clients' teams don't have.

Our domains of expertise are centered around all forms of paid digital media (SEA, programmatic display & social), SEO and analytics/data consulting.  

For these domains of expertise, we offer strategy & planning, setup & execution, but also training for brands that want to run campaigns themselves.

This makes us an ideal fit for companies who already have some experience with digital campaigns, but who need a team of experts to reach the next level.

We are so committed to improving your business results that we allow our fee to depend on our success. No cure, no pay.

We work for ambitious SME's and top brands, and have both clients in Belgium, the EU and the US. We run campaugns in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German & Italian - all in house.

We've been around since 2014, have 19 team members & have never had a resignation.  

Reach out to us, even if we think we're not the best fit - we'll send you to people who are.




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Services (6) offerts par CLICKTRUST

Publicité en ligne

From €2500

We drive performance by analyzing your data, working with you and identifying what works and what doesn't. If we think a campaign won't work, we'll tell you. If we can cut cost in half, we'll happily show you how. Our fee doesn't depend on it. SEARCH ADS We manage some of the biggest budgets around & our approach works. Being up to date with the latest sector news, using smart methods & focusing on the right KPIs winds up in amazing results. PROGRAMMATIC DISPLAY Stop paying crazy agency markups and enjoy a truly transparant approach. We work at a flat fee. No matter how big or small your budget. That will outperform any other trading desk. We'll find your audience, show you how to measure display correctly, reduce fraudulent clicks from bots and drive results. FACEBOOK ADS / Linkedin Ads With our performance mindset in paid social we take Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn ads to the next level. Due to our advanced targeting methods we drive qualitative traffic & high conversion rates.

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Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords CampaignGoogle AdsPaid Searchpaid search marketingGoogle Advertisinggoogle adwordSearch Engine AdvertisingSearch Engine MarketingSearch MarketingDisplay AdvertisingBanneringProgrammaticProgrammatic AdvertisingPaid SocialFacebook Advertisingonline display advertisingSocial Ads{{ skills.collapsed ? ("Show more" | translate) : ("Show less" | translate) }}

Web analytique/Big data

From €2500

In order to analyze digital performance and follow-up on campaigns, analytics is crucial. Our team has several specialists with experience in complex analytics installations, including datalayers for enhanced ecommerce, cross domain tracking, etc. Google Analytics Audit Funnels, macro & micro conversions, utm setups, cross domain tracking, default channel grouping...We'll look at everything & fix the leaks. Tagging workshops & plans We listen to your business needs and map your tracking needs together. A complete tagging plan is created and maintained at all times. Google Tag Manager installation We implement triggers, tags & whatever it takes to get everything working. We can give you full data layer requirements and follow up with the developers. Atrribution Modelling & Media Mix Modelling Time to tie it together. With the right KPIs & understanding of technical possibilities, we can help you measure both short term & long term impact of your campaigns, through a mix of micro kpi's, attribution modelling and media mix modelling.

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Dashboardingwebsite analyticsAnalyticsmarketing analyticsGoogle Analyticsanalytics consultingweb analytics big dataanalytics softwaredata analysis consultingdata science consultingdata driven marketingGoogle Tag ManagerTagging PlanAttribution{{ skills.collapsed ? ("Show more" | translate) : ("Show less" | translate) }}

Référencement naturel

From €2000

Most agencies that do "SEO" nowadays focus on 3 pillars: technical seo, content & authority. We'll bring you a 4th and 5th one: people & process. The last thing you need is a 5K audit that you can't implement becayuse the right people were not brought on board at the start of the project. Visibility Analysis All keywords aren't equal and you need to figure out what keywords correspond to what stage of the customer journey. We help you map all this out and benchmark your visibility with competitors Technical audit Once we've figured out what your business should work on, the website undergoes a technical audit to identify the areas where search engines are properly crawling or indexing the site. Content audit & creation Armed with data from our visibility research, we optimise existing content and help you create new content for any gaps that have been defined. We work with copywriters that have been trained by us. Linkbuilding This is still the number one SEO factor and one of our flagship services. We know how to scale linkbuilding and are doing this for some massive brands in Belgium. This is where the real improvement lies.

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Stratégie digitale

From €5000

Do you already have some experience but want to reach the next level? We have a digital marketing roadmap ready for you in the following verticals where we have plenty of experience: - B2B - Insurances - Banking - Telco - Retail We'll show you how to design a cross channel, data driven strategy with the right measurement, tools & skills & organisation.

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Media PlanningE-commerce StrategyDigital Strategydata driven marketingonline marketing campaignintegrated digital marketingdigital media buying

Ergonomie (UX/UI)

From €3500

Focus tends to go to acquiring traffic, but hardly ever in making that traffic convert. Thousands of euro's worth of media budget could be spent far more effectively if a simple CRO audit has been done first. CRO research Our CRO research framework covers 6 areas: heuristics analysis, web analytics, user testing, qualitative & technical analysis. This thorough approach allows us to create a complete inventory. Data driven recommendations Opinions are out, data is in. We don't throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Based on the research, we formulate clear recommendations in the form of measurable hypothesis, backing things up with data. Prioritisation Time and resources are often limited. Based on analytics data, we prioritize and categorize all items. This allows for a real identification of levers that improve conversion rates, so we can put budget where it matters. Ongoing testing & analysis CRO is an ongoing process, where results of properly conducted A/B tests and implemented changes will provide new data to analyze. Our ongoing methology allows for consistent improvement with clearly set KPI's.

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CROUsabilityA/B TestingUser Researchconversion rate trackingConversion Rate Optimization

Data Consulting

From €20000

Do you have data all over the place? Do words like CRM, DMP, CDP, Ad server, Data warehouse, Cloud make you look goggle eyed? We'll help you clean your data, stitch it togethe and activate it. We work with best in class partners specialized in Google Cloud and machine learning - while we take care of the use cases and activation/visualisation.

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data analysis consultingdata science consultingbig data analytics consultingbig data consultingweb analytics big data

Réalisations (6) de CLICKTRUST

Collishop: Driving links and increasing ranks par CLICKTRUST
Collishop: Driving links and increasing ranks23 juin 2020
AIR BELGIUM: Driving flight reservations par CLICKTRUST
AIR BELGIUM: Driving flight reservations23 juin 2020
DIDID: sending quality app downloads skyhigh par CLICKTRUST
DIDID: sending quality app downloads skyhigh23 juin 2020
Printdeal.be:  tripling online revenue from SEA par CLICKTRUST
Printdeal.be: tripling online revenue from SEA23 juin 2020
UNICEF: Boosting fundraising par CLICKTRUST
UNICEF: Boosting fundraising23 juin 2020
DKV: Massive increase in SEO par CLICKTRUST
DKV: Massive increase in SEO30 octobre 2017

Clients (6)


A collaboré avec CLICKTRUST en 14 janvier 2018

Air Belgium

A collaboré avec CLICKTRUST en 14 septembre 2019

BNP Paribas Fortis

A collaboré avec CLICKTRUST en 14 novembre 2019


A collaboré avec CLICKTRUST en 14 octobre 2019


A collaboré avec CLICKTRUST en 14 décembre 2019

DKV assurances

A collaboré avec CLICKTRUST en 14 janvier 2019
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Avis clients (4) donnés à CLICKTRUST

Krystelle WaldersKrystelle Walderscheck_circle_outlineCe commentaire a été vérifié par Sortlist

IT Digital Expert chez Distriplus

business Secteur inconnu

people Taille inconnue

il y a 3 ans

Une équipe de professionnels compétents et sympathiques. J'ai apprécié leur rigueur, leur efficacité, leur documentation détaillée et leurs explications précises sur ce qu'ils nous ont demandé d'implémenter. C'est rare de trouver autant de transparence au sein d'une agence.

Note globale
John TierneyJohn Tierneycheck_circle_outlineCe commentaire a été vérifié par Sortlist

Performance Marketing Manager chez BNP Paribas Fortis

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il y a 3 ans

I worked closely with Clicktrust on the PPC strategy for BNP Paribas Fortis over the last three years and their involvement was a key factor in our success. The team ensure that they fully understand their clients and business models & provide excellent customer service. They consistently delivered high quality work while remaining aware of new features and opportunities. They respected work agreed turn times and were proactive. Great digital partners!

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Jeff Van der ElstJeff Van der Elstcheck_circle_outlineCe commentaire a été vérifié par Sortlist

Marketing Manager chez Brother International Belgium nv/sa

business Secteur inconnu

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il y a 3 ans

Clicktrust is voor ons een onmisbare partner voor al onze SEO en SEA activiteiten. Op korte termijn hebben ze onze online presence een enorme boost gegeven. Ze zeggen niet enkel aan wat er beter kán, maar werken ook samen me je mee aan een oplossing. Naast het opzetten van campagnes, doen ze ook voor jou de follow-up en geven ze je op regelmatige basis concrete resultaten waarop je kan verder bouwen. Als je vragen hebt, dan kan je bij meerdere contactpersonen terecht die je bijzonder snel bijstaan. Een absolute aanrader.

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Sébastien VanweldeSébastien Vanweldecheck_circle_outlineCe commentaire a été vérifié par Sortlist

Co-Founder chez Mountainview

business Secteur inconnu

people Taille inconnue

il y a 3 ans

ClickTrust est une agence humaine, efficace, "solution driven" et qui mise énormément sur la formation continue. Les équipes sont donc toujours au courant des dernières nouveautés dans ce secteur qui bouge vite et souvent. Cela permet, par exemple, d'être aujourd'hui incontournable en terme de CRO. Nous sommes très contents de l'ensemble des collaborations que nous avons pu avoir et les recommandons chaudement !

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