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Walking Men is a strategic partner to help you develop your digital capabilities and better connect with your audiences. We build digital ecosystems and create digital brand universes. We love finding simple solutions to complex challenges and aim to deliver beautifully crafted work. Collaboration is key We join forces with our clients and work closely together to improve the connection with their customers. Always put people first We always put people first and walk alongside users, focusing on their needs. Performance is a must We believe in data and analytics to measure and optimise performance. We use analytical skills and tools to obtain insights and craft excellent digital strategies, in order to have a greater impact on users and drive conversions. Content is king We deliver clear and connected stories that will bring customers closer, and aim to deepen their engagement in the brand. We build beautiful, meaningful and sustainable projects Digital convenience is now part of the minimum demand of people. Your audience uses digital tools all day long and expects the same level of quality throughout their customer journey. To get there, Walking Men highly recommends a customer centric approach. The more value you will bring to the customer, the more value you will get in return. OUR APPROACH  1. Discovery : Reveal and Align We start the project with a thorough understanding of your current digital ecosystem, you business context and your audiences. We help businesses to build digital projects that will support them to reach their end-to-end digitalisation, from the very first connection with potential customers to the after-sales support where full engagement with customers is reached. 2. Strategy: Define and refine the fundamentals The strategic approach of your digital ecosystem is the only way to provide your audiences with an optimal experience throughout the digital touch points of your business. Our aim is to create a meaningful and customer centric experience. To achieve that, we need a solid digital strategy. Together we will align our client’s expectations, outline user journeys and define the KPIs that will steer the project. 3. Content and users : Build strong foundations Our content-first approach ensures that the project will meet users’ expectations, integrating SEO strategy and clear KPI. Walking Men has a content-first approach. This allows us to create a rock-solid foundation for the client’s website, providing a guarantee of strong storytelling, both relevant to the brand and appealing to its users. 4. Design : Don’t fail to make a good first impression Based on your graphical identity and your company values, we explore and experiment with possibilities that make you stand out. We create a solid design system to build a strong digital brand universe. 5. Building and deployment : Flawless execution Mobile and desktop-friendly code, Drupal, WordPress... The right technology choice in line with the client’s needs.The website will adapt gracefully to all common screen resolutions (mobile, tablet, desktop) and types (touch or not), following the Responsive Design principles. 6. Maintenance and care : It’s not the end, it’s the beginning We assist our clients to continuously improve their projects. Success is about getting small things right. Not all issues can be fixed at the same time and not all goals can be reached right away, and it is normal to find more improvement points as projects move forward. We think good websites are kept up-to-date and relentlessly adjusting. We have a long track record of building the online presence of brands On walkingmen.com you will find some selected projects that illustrate our long lasting relationship with industry leaders in both B2C and B2B. Learn more about our work on our website : http://www.walkingmen.com Know more about our Agency life and behind the scenes on : http://www.instagram.com/walking.men
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Fondée en 2000
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    We have a long track record of building the online presence of brands. Our expert team will offer you the very best in digital strategy, content creation, UX, design and development.
    From open source communities to industry standards, from state-of-the-art to bulletproof, we develop tools to match our clients's business needs. We craft high-quality code that prioritizes reliability, security and performance, without betraying the ambition of the design our clients signed off on.
    Compétences en Création de site internet (20)
    WordPress DesignWebsite RedesignWordpress DevelopmentSite WordpressSite Vitrine WordpressSeocrmDigital ContentDrupal DevelopmentWebsite Content+10
    Projets en Création de site internet (11)
    Outhere Music E-commerce - Création de site internet
    Outhere Music - Brand Identity - Création de site internet
    WWF Belgium - Website - Création de site internet
    Immobel - Corporate website - Création de site internet
    Avis clients en Création de site internet (2)
    Martine Thys
    Ioana Betieanu
    Clients en Création de site internet (11)
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    SWIFTBanque et Finance | international
    ImmobelImmobilier | international
    Outhere MusicMusique | international

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  • Description
    You will get your brand ready for the digital era thanks to our unique creative process to build strong digital brand universes.
    The digital ecosystem is full of challenges : social, mobile, and technology opens up opportunities for new ways of branding, like motion and sound.
    Based on your graphical identity and your company values, we explore and experiment with the possibilities that will make you stand out, and can assist the user experience, both visually and emotionally.
    Compétences en Image de marque & branding (5)
    brand creationbrand imagebrand guidelinesbrand identity designBrand Creation
    Projets en Image de marque & branding (8)
    Outhere Music E-commerce - Image de marque & branding
    Outhere Music - Brand Identity - Image de marque & branding
    Immobel - Corporate website - Image de marque & branding
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    Clients en Image de marque & branding (8)
    SwiftBanque et Finance | international
    Outhere MusicMusique | international
    Outhere MusicMusique | international
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HistoireIn 2001, technology was getting all the attention but to us, it was just an enabler. We always start a project by first looking at it through the eyes of the people. And we decided to become the preferred walking companion for our clients and to show them how to walk with their users. Hence the name, Walking Men.
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Walking Men a été récompensé 6 fois

AWWWARDS2021-12-01Site of the day for Outhere Music

AWWWARDS2021-11-30Developer award for Outhere Music

CSS Design Awards2022-01-29Site of the day for Outhere Music

AWWWARDS2017-11-27Site of the Day for Walking Men

AWWWARDS2017-11-26Mobile Excellence for Walking Men

Orpetron2022-02-01Orpetron Web Design Appreciation for Immobel

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Tzairí Santos GarcíaHead of Digital Strategy & Communication chez Outhere Music

Quel était l'objectif de votre collaboration ?We joined forces with Walking Men within the framework of what was initially meant to be the development of a new commercial website for our company. In fact the collaboration turned into an endless source of inspiration and motivation that led us to delve further into our mission and to set our sights on a much bigger project: a whole new brand and visual identity for our company. The result is a wonderful new website and a new digital era for Outhere Music.

Qu'avez-vous le plus apprécié pendant votre collaboration ?A multicultural company with a robust management structure, Walking Men shares two of our key values: quality and passion. Despite our very niche and complex field they were able to precisely recognize our needs, offer complete support, and respect, yet enrich, our ideas. Their open-minded approach is a strength which gives their solutions and ideas real impact. We trust them fully with our brand.

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Ioana BetieanuCommunications Director chez WWF-Belgium
ServiceCréation de site internet
SecteurSans but lucratif
Équipe51 - 200

Quel était l'objectif de votre collaboration ?Walking Men was in charge of developing a brand new website for WWF-Belgium.

Qu'avez-vous le plus apprécié pendant votre collaboration ?We appreciated their structured, strategic approach. The project team allocated enough time at the beginning of the project for analysis, benchmarking and understanding our business proposition, as well as our internal challenges. All along with the website development, they respected the initial briefing and the strategic direction of our organisation. We also valued their knowledge and passion for design and user experience.

Ioana Betieanu recommande cette agence

ServiceCréation de site internet
SecteurSans but lucratif
Équipe51 - 200

Martine ThysProject Coordinator chez Participate
ServiceCréation de site internet
SecteurSans but lucratif
Équipe11 - 50

Het gedreven team van Waking Men staat steeds voor ons klaar. Ze beheersen hun vak, denken met ons mee en geven waardevol advies. Dit alles samen maakt dat we reeds vele jaren samenwerken want zij zijn pas tevreden als wij dat ook zijn.

ServiceCréation de site internet
SecteurSans but lucratif
Équipe11 - 50

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