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3D Motion and Design Agency
We are a team of creatives, motion designers, videographers and strategists with a passion for design, animation and visual experiences. Through different media and techniques we tell your story in its own unique way. We combine info with eye-catching and memorable visuals. This emerges through a process of discovery and collaboration, together with you and your audience. We produce stories and experiences people can connect with, whether it’s a national TV commercial, diverse social media content or a local promotional video. Let’s create!
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    Compétences en 3D (16)
    Motion Graphics3D Animation3D RenderingcgrenderingsgradinggifsvisualizationsCGIAnimatie+6
    Projets en 3D (7)
    City of Leuven - Architecture & Characters - 3D
    Ringland - Explainer video - 3D
    Wrangler -  Indigood Sustainable Denim - 3D
    Eastpak - Festive product animations - 3D
    Clients en 3D (7)
    Reynaers AluminiumConstruction | international
    Canvas / VRTMédias | national
    RinglandArchitecture et Urbanisme | national
    City of LeuvenGouvernement et administration | national

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    Compétences en Animation (17)
    AnimationMotion GraphicsIllustrationMotion DesignCompositingVFX2D3DAnimatieVideo Editing+7
    Projets en Animation (7)
    City of Leuven - Architecture & Characters - Animation
    Ringland - Explainer video - Animation
    Wrangler -  Indigood Sustainable Denim - Animation
    Eastpak - Festive product animations - Animation
    Avis client en Animation (1)
    Pieter-jan Boucquaert
    Clients en Animation (7)
    RinglandArchitecture et Urbanisme | national
    EastpakAccessoires & vêtements | international
    WranglerAccessoires & vêtements | international
    Reynaers AluminiumConstruction | international

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7 projets ajoutés par Studio Plankton

City of Leuven - Architecture & Characters
City of Leuven - Architecture & Characters

Projet réalisé pour City of Leuven dans l'industrie Gouvernement et administration pour un public B2B / B2C.The city of Leuven, Belgium, has planned a big renovation in the near future. The goal of our animation was to show the inhabitants the upcoming end result of this project and how their beloved city will be changing. Leuven will become even more green, inspiring, with lots of space for culture and music. To add more fun to this video we added characters in the scenes. They're diverse, enthusiastic and an essential part of the city, just like the real Leuven residents.

3DAnimationRédaction et traduction+2
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Ringland - Explainer video
Ringland - Explainer video

Projet réalisé pour Ringland dans l'industrie Architecture et Urbanisme pour un public B2B / B2C. “What is happening with the traffic situation in Antwerp?” - Millions of people asking themselves while passing through the most used highway in Europe. The Ringland project is a 6 billion euro investment that proposes a large-scale sustainable development with focus on a complete redesign of the highway system in the city of Antwerp. The research underlying this complex infrastructure is entirely organised by local citizens. We converted this complex content in a quirky, fun but low-key serious 3D animated video. Here we show how it will be possible to make this large-scale urban development happen without disturbing the surrounding traffic.

3DAnimationRédaction et traduction+2
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Wrangler -  Indigood Sustainable Denim
Wrangler - Indigood Sustainable Denim

Collaboration en cours avec Lee/Wrangler dans l'industrie Vente au détail pour un public B2B / B2C depuis 2018.Wrangler developed a sustainable way to dye denim (Indigood™) and wanted to show the world with eye-catching content. They needed visual material that shows the Wrangler brand in perfect harmony with the ecological future.First of all we created an animation that teased the technology to the public and fashion industry. Elements from this video were used as animated GIFs on the Indigood™ website to explain further information about it.To get attention from the audience in physical stores we created a custom 3D video on holofans. This will make their experience while shopping more memorable. Because social media is a big playground for brands and users we made fun, animated GIF's for Wrangler (and everyone else) to use in their Instastories. To use them type in: Wrangler Indigood and go crazy!The fashion industry (and especially for denim) is not known for their eco way of creating their products, that's why we made an explainer video to show step by step how Wrangler made it possible.This technology is unique and brand-new so it got worldwide attention. Our animation got featured on platforms like Business Wire, Mr Magazine and Forbes.

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Eastpak - Festive product animations
Eastpak - Festive product animations

Projet réalisé pour Eastpak dans l'industrie Accessoires & vêtements pour un public B2C en 2020.To throw light on their end of year collection, the lovely people of Eastpak asked us to amaze them with 3 different loop animations for 3 of their fine products. We created a custom model for each bag with original textures and came up with a suitable, satisfying concept to show them in all their glory.

3DAnimationRéseaux sociaux
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Wrangler - VX for Pop-up shop
Wrangler - VX for Pop-up shop

Projet réalisé pour Wrangler dans l'industrie Accessoires & vêtements pour un public B2B / B2C. Wrangler has been making iconic denim products since 1947, but they really shined in the music scene of the 70s. Superstars like Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and Debbie Harry embodied the Wrangler attitude. For their pop-up store in Soho, London they wanted to pay homage to these icons. Providing not only a place to shop, but also an experience to be remembered. A place where you can relive that vibe of a distant past and sing along to your favourite rock bands. Studio Plankton was the perfect partner to combine modern technology with the edgy mood of 70s rock. We tell a visual story through holographic imagery, expressing what Wrangler is all about in a not so average format. A 360º soundscape emphasizes the story and makes it one to remember. Aside from the holograms we built a 20 square meter custom LED wall with over 20 minutes of branded content. The result is a store where people shake their money maker.

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Reynaers Aluminium - Avalon VR Experience
Reynaers Aluminium - Avalon VR Experience

Projet réalisé pour Reynaers Aluminium dans l'industrie Construction pour un public B2B. Avalon is the Virtual Reality room at the Reynaers Aluminium Campus in Belgium. With Avalon, you can visit future buildings that are currently still in the design phase through a shared virtual reality experience. Together with your project partners you can navigate through different spaces and review any design by adjusting dimensions of a room or element. It allows you to change colours and materials. This tool changes the way the design of a building is evaluated and visualized. Not only did we create a video to promote and guide you through this VR experience, we also had a big part in the modelling, texturing and lighting of all of the elements for the experience itself. For the promo video we mixed live-action with the artificial 3D world (with the help of a green screen).

3DAnimationRéseaux sociaux
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