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MMBSY is a full-service PR & Content Marketing Agency.  At MMSBY we love strong brand stories. That’s why we prefer to translate your challenges and opportunities into strategic key messages, complete with a recommended approach and a creative storyline. Together we create a timeline and decide on what’s hero-hub-hygiene.  Then we release our creativity in Content Marketing, PR and Social marketing. The result; a coherent and integrated brand story, at all touchpoints. PR & INFLUENCER MARKETING MMBSY makes your brand stand out, getting it straight to the right journalists, stylists and influencers. Our database is a true PR goldmine, full of all the names that matter. We’re shooting out targeted & tailored tactics, teasing each journalist, stylist or blogger with surprising insights, shopping inspiration and lifestyle visions. MMBSY has a Benelux database of more than 1000 carefully selected and active influencers in fashion, beauty, travel, health, entertainment, interior decorating, automotive, and more. CONTENT MARKETING The MMBSY-team is just very passionate about great content. Full point. We aim for every content item to engage with the audience, to talk and relate to them, to touch the heart and fulfill a real passion point of audiences. That’s how we create relevance for brand messages. We tell a story they really want to hear/see/read...  SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING We develop tailor-made social plans and creative content formats to make your social communication cut through the clutter. How we do that? First analytics, then creation. It is key that your social media presence fits within your overall marketing plan. MMBSY, pleased to meet you MMBSY that’s a team of professional storytellers with more than 20 years of experience in PR, content creation, content strategy and brand strategy. In other words, we know how to tell and distribute a message, how to touch people with information, inspiration and entertainment and how to activate them. Our eye is always on the consumer, the person you want to reach, in the way he or she likes it best. Adjusted to the moment. Adjusted in format and tone of voice. Every story that leaves the MMBSY, contains editorial creativity, which must guarantee great storytelling in PR-plans, social media marketing and content creation. Effective, authentic, consumer-centric, and always creatively reinvented. We guarantee thorough craftsmanship, by working with the best talents in storytelling, in writing, photography, video reporting ...
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    Lifestyle PR Be ‘top of mind’ with the right journalists, stylists and influencers Influencer Collabs The trick is to match the brand’s DNA with this of the influencer Corporate PR We are insisting until we have the right corporate message to share with a finely selected network of stakeholders. Showroom and online Press Room Our showroom aka inspiration room is the meeting point for stylists, journalists and influencers.   Events We activate your product with a thrilling and perfectly organized press and influencer event. Your product, idea and vision in the right way in front of the right audience.
    Compétences en Relations publiques (RP) (11)
    Social MediacosmeticsngosdecorationtravelMultimediaFoodFashionEmployer BrandingPublic Relations+1
    Projets en Relations publiques (RP) (4)
    Blokker, zoveel meer - Relations publiques (RP)
    LA REDOUTE – NAMASTAY AT HOME (influencer campagne - Relations publiques (RP)
    Luddites: not your average bookstore - Relations publiques (RP)
    PR case: River Cleanup - Relations publiques (RP)
    Clients en Relations publiques (RP) (4)
    BlokkerVente au détail | regional
    La RedouteVente au détail | international
    LudditesBoissons | regional
    River Clean UpSans but lucratif | international

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  • Description
    Key questions when starting on a content marketing mission is why, who, what, how, where, when. We really want to understand what could motivate the defined audience to listen, watch, read your message. Data is key in this phase. And then all the magic begins… The development and creation of wonderfully good content. Together with Belgium’s finest content creators, we have a track record in creating beautiful, qualitative, efficient content.
    Compétences en Stratégie de contenu (13)
    Digital StrategyContent StrategyContent MarketingOnline MarketingOnline VideoContent WritingVideoPrintmagazinesblogs+3
    Projets en Stratégie de contenu (3)
    Blokker, zoveel meer - Stratégie de contenu
    MAYERLINE * DARE TO FEEL PERFECT - Stratégie de contenu
    NOVY - ARCHITALKS - Stratégie de contenu
    Clients en Stratégie de contenu (3)
    BlokkerVente au détail | regional
    MayerlineAccessoires & vêtements | national
    NovyArchitecture et Urbanisme | international

    En savoir plus sur Stratégie de contenu

  • Description
    Social Media Strategy R’s of influence: Relevance, Reach, Resonance Community Management People must hear from you, make conversation, feel like a community, like & share your thoughts. Content Creation Together with the finest social content creators, we develop campaigns to connect through authentic storytelling
    Compétences en Réseaux sociaux (8)
    InfluencersVideoPhotographyInfluencer MarketingContent Creationsocialmediasocial networkCommunity Manager
    Projets en Réseaux sociaux (4)
    Blokker, zoveel meer - Réseaux sociaux
    LA REDOUTE – NAMASTAY AT HOME (influencer campagne - Réseaux sociaux
    FLORIS VAN BOMMEL: Always on the move - Réseaux sociaux
    VERITAS – TIME-OUT IN A MOVING WORLD - Réseaux sociaux
    Clients en Réseaux sociaux (4)
    VeritasAccessoires & vêtements | national
    La RedouteVente au détail | international
    Van BommelAccessoires & vêtements | international
    BlokkerVente au détail | regional

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en Création de site internet (6)
    Content curationwebsite uitwerkingwebsite SEOWebsite ontwerpContent DevelopmentContent Creation

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8 projets ajoutés par MMBSY

Blokker, zoveel meer
Blokker, zoveel meer

Projet réalisé pour Blokker dans l'industrie Vente au détail pour un public B2C.Blokker wanted to create a genuine connection with potential and existing customers by giving them an explicit reason “why” they should shop at Blokker. That’s when the new tagline “Blokker – Zoveel Meer” was created by their advertising agency LDV. To launch this tagline we created an online content platform, combined with matching newsletters, social media posts, an aligned PR strategy and empowering influencer campaigns.

Image de marque & brandingRelations publiques (RP)Réseaux sociaux+1
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Projet réalisé pour Mayerline dans l'industrie Accessoires & vêtements pour un public B2C.

Stratégie de contenu
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LA REDOUTE – NAMASTAY AT HOME (influencer campagne
LA REDOUTE – NAMASTAY AT HOME (influencer campagne

Projet réalisé pour La Redoute dans l'industrie Vente au détail pour un public B2C.

Relations publiques (RP)Réseaux sociaux
En savoir plus
Luddites: not your average bookstore
Luddites: not your average bookstore

Projet réalisé pour Luddites dans l'industrie Boissons pour un public B2C.When Richard and Jorien, founders of Luddites, reached out to MMBSY to help them with their brand new concept store and bar, we were over the moon. Because really, who wouldn’t want to do PR for a cool new hotspot in Antwerp city that combines books with wines? Exactly!

Relations publiques (RP)
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Projet réalisé pour Novy dans l'industrie Architecture et Urbanisme pour un public B2B / B2C.

Rédaction et traductionStratégie de contenu
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PR case: River Cleanup
PR case: River Cleanup

Projet réalisé pour River Clean Up dans l'industrie Sans but lucratif pour un public .

Relations publiques (RP)
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Nathalie Duboismarketing manager chez Blokker
“De samenwerking met Mmbsy, heb ik ervaren als een echte partnership. Van differentiërend concept, aanbeveling in content & creatieve activatie, praktische uitvoering tot crisismanagement als er eens iets tegengaat in de day to day business. Niet alleen een zeer hoge kwaliteit maar ook intermenselijk, een verrijking van elk team!”

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  • Siège socialRegine Beerplein 1/bus C105, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

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