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Duval Branding NV

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We create ambitious brands.
We are creative brand builders with one clear goal: to develop concrete deliverables that help to grow our clients’ business. We are happy to share the ambitions of new, unknown products or services that are eager to put their brand on the map; as well as those of established companies from the most diverse industries that feel the (renewed) drive to make a difference.
By uncovering who they really are, designing brands from the core and connecting them to the world.
The true power of a brand comes from within: what does a brand truly stand for? What is the place it wants to take up in the world? So first, in close collaboration with our clients, we dig deep and we only start developing a brand’s identity once its core has been uncovered. Finally, we elaborate the best ways to connect the brand with its different audiences through communication, experience and interaction.
Why? Because we believe that meaningful brand engagement results in business success.
We’re always aiming for tangible results: helping to raise sales, to recruit the best (wo)man for the job, to optimize the online brand experience, … In this era of constant change, brands must dare to stand up and stand out. To create a durable connection with their audiences, they have to tell a story that has meaning for all involved, in a voice that rings true, today and tomorrow.


Wij bouwen merken met ambitie.
We zijn creatieve merkenbouwers met een duidelijk doel: concrete deliverables afleveren die onze klanten doen groeien.  We delen graag in de ambities van nieuwe spelers die hun merk willen lanceren, evenals bedrijven met jarenlange ervaring die op zoek zijn naar een frisse wind.
Door te ontdekken wie je echt bent, ontwerpen we merken vanuit de basis en connecteren we hen met de wereld.
De grootste kracht van een merk komt van binnenin: waar staat een merk voor? Wat is de plaats die het inneemt in de immer groeiende markt?  Eerst en vooral brengen we alles in kaart, in samenwerking met de klant, vooraleer een merkidentiteit wordt ontwikkeld.  Deze identiteit brengen we tot leven bij de diverse doelgroepen door communicatie, ervaringen en interacties.
Waarom? Omdat wij geloven dat meaningful brand engagement voor succes zorgt.
We gaan altijd voor tastbare resultaten: meer sales, recruteren van de beste match, optimaliseren van online brand experience,... In een klimaat van continue verandering en disruptie, moet je merk er uit springen. Om een duurzame relatie op te bouwen met jouw doelgroepen, moet je een betekenisvol verhaal  kunnen vertellen, op een manier die authentiek is, nu en in de toekomst.

Réalisations (12) par Duval Branding NV

Atelier Veritas
Atelier Veritasdécembre 2016
Welkom in de buurt (EFFIE winner 2016)
Welkom in de buurt (EFFIE winner 2016)mai 2016
The legend of Strange Donkey
The legend of Strange Donkeymai 2016
PrimaDonna Swim
PrimaDonna Swimmai 2016
Going NY (RedDot Winner 2015)
Going NY (RedDot Winner 2015)mai 2016
There is no age limit on happiness.
There is no age limit on happiness.mai 2016
Merger of Locus and Bibnet into CULTUURCONNECT
Merger of Locus and Bibnet into CULTUURCONNECTmai 2016
We take it personally.
We take it personally.mai 2016
Design to operate
Design to operatemai 2016
Rebranding an iconic juice brand
Rebranding an iconic juice branddécembre 2016
The Opera District
The Opera Districtmai 2016
Repositioning en rebranding of ISABEL
Repositioning en rebranding of ISABELmai 2016
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Services (7) offerts par Duval Branding NV

Image de marque & branding

At Duval Branding we align your brand with your business drivers. Today, companies are beginning to understand that people want meaning instead of messaging. Call it conversation, call it content, call it whatever you like. ‘Brand’ is not about what you say or how you look, but about who you are and what you do. We dare companies to (re)discover who they really are. Why are they doing what they are doing? And, then, we help them to communicate their vision, beliefs and personality in a coherent, inspiring way. So they, somehow, become who they truly are.

Design & graphisme

Duval Branding offers strong and compelling design that supports the brand strategy and makes the brand universe come to life through all possible brand touch points and techniques.

Stratégie digitale

Duval Branding offers digital strategy and execution services based on customer journey exploration, ideation, design and optimization.

Création de site internet

Duval Branding offers digital services in the field of online communication (eg.: website design and development, social media design, service design)


Duval Branding offers in-house motion design as part of a branding exercise.

Planification médias

Duval Branding is an official accredited media agency. We audit, analyze, advise, plan, buy and negotiate on- and offline media on behalf of our clients.


Duval Branding offers advertising services as a result of a branding exercise.

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