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placeShow addressplaceRue Jules Cockx 8-10 1160 Auderghem, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgique
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Mirum Belgium is an integrated agency that mixes advertising creativity with content strategy, social storytelling and funnel conversion.

A data and strategic analysis is the starting point for every project. This helps us define a creative approach and gives us a solid basis on which to work with our clients and partners.

We believe there is real power in the synergy that exists between a team of generalists and specialists, and that together with an engaged client team, we can create both efficient and unexpected solutions.

“Enjoy tomorrow” is our goal: this means helping marketers and brands have a better, more exciting tomorrow in the context of collaborative marketing.

We help marketeers be more efficient, brands be more relevant and consumers get something meaningful from their favorite brands. The idea behind "Enjoy tomorrow" means developing exciting and enjoyable content for consumers, as well as campaigns that are memorable and shareable.

Contact us to know how your company and brands can "Enjoy Tomorrow"​.

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Projecten (11) door Mirum Belgium

ŠKODA - Brand Positioning & Campaign door Mirum Belgium
ŠKODA - Brand Positioning & Campaign8 juni 2020
Iris - Rebranding door Mirum Belgium
Iris - Rebranding8 juni 2020
Eneloop - Digital Activation door Mirum Belgium
Eneloop - Digital Activation4 juni 2020
Beobank - Rebranding door Mirum Belgium
Beobank - Rebranding4 juni 2020
VELUX - Flat Roof Windows Campaign door Mirum Belgium
VELUX - Flat Roof Windows Campaign4 juni 2020
PEPPER AI at the service of ŠKODA’s CRM door Mirum Belgium
PEPPER AI at the service of ŠKODA’s CRM30 juni 2020
Bulldog - Social Media activation door Mirum Belgium
Bulldog - Social Media activation21 juni 2019
Saflex and Vanceva - Digital marketing eco-system door Mirum Belgium
Saflex and Vanceva - Digital marketing eco-system4 juni 2020
Beobank - Loan Campaign door Mirum Belgium
Beobank - Loan Campaign21 mei 2019
Touche Pas à Ma Pote door Mirum Belgium
Touche Pas à Ma Pote7 juni 2017
Puratos - Smoobees door Mirum Belgium
Puratos - Smoobees4 juni 2020
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€6000 – €1000000

Starting with a strong strategic analysis, we define a consistent brand territory and from there develop creative concepts for brand and activation campaigns. Thereafter, we'll adapt the concept and the messages to the content funnel priority, either the top, middle or bottom.

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Advertising Campaignadvertising and marketingBrand CampaignBrand ConceptBrand ActivationInnovative

Branding & Positionering

€6000 – €1000000

We also help our clients in the (re)-positioning analysis of their brands versus the competition. For example, we often work with marketeers to define what their brands stand for and create guidelines as to how they should evolve. This may involve consumer research to pinpoint the significant insights that'll give a brand more relevancy. A strategic analysis will also articulate the vision and mission of the brand and its translation to a brand promise. Ultimately, this may lead to the creation or rework of the brand logo and brand assets, as appropriate.

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Brand Strategybenchmarkingcompetitive analysisBrand AuditLogo Creationgraphic guidelines

Content Strategy

€5000 – €1000000

It is our job to influence and persuade customers. To this end, next to traditional advertising, content is highly influential. This is why we have developed "The Hive", our own in-house content factory. The Hive offers multiple services to help advertisers reaching their content goals. We cover 5 phases : 1. Insights : - Review the customer journey and rate what would be useful for the content funnel - Conduct customer research to get new insights and find useful information to build new content 2. Strategy : - Develop a coherent content strategy that respects the brand's tone of voice and that is also relevant for the target audience 3. Content Development : - Copywriting and production of raw content 4. Storytelling : - Rework the content to make it a great story for Hero or Hub or Hygiene purposes - Add a the right creative concept to the content 5. Design : - Translate the story into motion design, videos for websites or SoMe, including animated gifs, cinemagraphs, etc. - Develop infographics for print or video - Develop the design and animation of the content to deliver effective and engaging video material

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content planningContent StrategyContent CalendarMotion DesignVideo Marketing

Social media

€5000 – €1000000

We also develop a content strategy for social media that is coherent with the brand's DNA. We'll create a strong creative concept that reinforces the storytelling for different social media touch points. Our goal is to generate content that delivers on consistency and smart creativity so that we optimize the audience engagement.

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Social AdvertisingSocial Media Strategysocial storytellingContent PlanningContent Strategy

Digital Strategy

€5000 – €400000

At Mirum, digital strategy is transversal. To this end, we think about how digital integration can help you reach your objectives throughout the funnel, and how we can best measure the impact of our campaigns. The agency offers a wide range of digital services : • Global digital strategy • Lead generation strategy • Activation campaigns • CRM and re-marketing campaigns • E-mailing campaigns • Newsletters / personalized content • Display campaigns • Technology innovation (e.g. Pepper AI integration in CRM program)

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Digital Marketing StrategyDigital AdvertisingCRMLead Generation StrategyDisplay Advertisingconversion funnel

Motion Design

€4000 – €1000000

Thanks to our internal content factory, "The Hive", we can help our clients develop animated videos for their marketing needs, including SoMe, website, OOH, events, etc. We produce motion design for the following: - Video production (Light shootings - B2B, B2C) - 2D animation - Video post-production - Visual content (for SoMe) - Animated gif's and cinemagraphs - Infographics development

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2D Animation3D AnimationVideo animationVideo Editing

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