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When two people want to start a conversation, they often need a pretext.  Whether it is the latest news or the weather outside, any kind of hook is welcome to break the ice. When a brand wants to meet the public or a company get closer to its customers…  it’s the same!   And that’s exactly when we come into play.   How can a brand catch the attention of consumers walking in the aisles of a trade show or a shopping mall?   How can that same brand interest people on an event it sponsors –whether they are festival-goers at Rock Werchter or fans at a Red Devils game?   What can a company set up to ensure that its employees interact in a fun way at the next staff party?  All kind of issues that we have been handling over the last 14 years, building ourselves a unique expertise…  Our very specific core business is to design and set up fun and interactive devices that enable a brand to start a conversation with its consumers.  For each project, we will seek to suggest the most appropriate experience.  This will rely on the Eventattitude DNA: Smile, Act & Play !
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  • Beschrijving
    Brand activation :

    Airports and Stations, Bars and Nightclubs, Cinemas, Pop-Up spaces, Retail, Roadshows, Street marketing, ...

    Sponsoring :

    B-to-B events, Music events, Public events, Sport events, Student events, ...

    Fairs :

    B-to-B fairs, B-to-C fairs, ...

    Event communication :

    Client events, Conventions, Sector events, Staff events, ...

    Long-term & permanent :

    Brand stores, Exhibitions, Institutions, Museums and Exhibitions, VIP areas, ...
    Skills in Evenement (4)
    SponsoringBrand ActivationStreet MarketingSport Marketing
    Projecten in Evenement (2)
    Electrabel - End Of Year Activation / VO Event - Evenement
    ING - Red Devils Photoball 2014 - Evenement
    Klanten in Evenement (2)
    Electrabel / VO EventEnergie en Olie | international
    ING / NewWorldBanken & financiële instellingen | international

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Digital Strategy (2)
    Street MarketingRetail Marketing

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  • Beschrijving

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  • HoofdkantoorTollaan 95, Sint-Stevens-Woluwe 1932 Zaventem, België