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If we were you

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If we were you is a creative and strategic B2B advertising agency that started out beginning of 2012. We work for local and international companies such as Securitas, Secutex, Mastercard, but also smaller businesses.We are a full service agency delivering both on-and offline services.

We’ve got a zillion competitors in all sorts of price ranges. They’re all “creative”, “young and dynamic” and what you really pay for is not always clear. So how on earth does one choose an agency?

The challenge to stand out arises. What would make you listen to what we have to say? If it is about people: we have the best. If it is about experience: we have loads of it. If it is about a state-of-the-art structure in which these qualities can thrive: we built one.

Is that enough to make you listen? It shouldn’t be. Successful communication also demands feeling, dedication, passion and added value in every contact, every job. And above all the guts to stick to what you strongly believe in. So what do we believe in?

First of all, we believe in ourselves. Every member of our team has his or her own successful (hi)story in marketing and communication.

Secondly, we believe in our job: we all witnessed marketing miracles from close by.

Finally, we believe that whatever we do, whether it is marketing, advice or creative work, there is always one final question, one ultimate test: Would we really, honestly do this if we were you?
So that is the name we decided to give to our agency: If we were you.

If we were you will advise you like friends would do: strongly involved but straightforward nevertheless. We will make you think. And let you decide. That’s the deal.

If we were you, we’d call us. And give us a challenge. +32 (0)15 284 900


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Welcome Securitas!
Welcome Securitas!janvier 2018
The customers of Securitas in front of the camerajanvier 2018
Double pass and If we were you, a winning team.janvier 2018
The year of Securex: a visual and text report
The year of Securex: a visual and text reportjanvier 2018
Securex: relax and... shoot!
Securex: relax and... shoot!janvier 2018

Services (6) offerts par If we were you

Image de marque & branding

Customers don’t just choose you because of what you do but also because of what you are, how you think and what you believe in. So, we help our customers with their positioning, getting their story and pitch right. An original visual, corporate identity and effective tools then do the trick.


Design & graphisme

The If we were you team consist of very experienced graphic designers putting their heart in every job.

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Création de site internet


From designing a storyboard to audio recording - designing testimonials - animated videos

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Stijn Schenkels  il y a un an

Bedrijfsleider chez Hanolux



IWWY hielp met een verfrissing van onze onderneming. Hierbij kwam onder meer een nieuw logo, huisstijl en advertentiebeleid aan de pas. Kenmerkend is hun creatieve en flexibele aanpak waarbij ze niet verlegen zijn om hun eigen stempel te drukken op hun campagnes of ‘out of the box’ te denken. Momenteel verzorgen zij onder andere de copywriting, het ontwerp van advertenties en het verder uitdiepen van de gezette visie.

Reinhardt Haverans  il y a un an

Content & Growth Officer chez Brainbridge BVBA



If we were you is our main design / communication agency we're working with for several years now. They designed our new logo, website, ... and we couldn't be more happy about this. As we are an IT Staffing agency, it is not simple to create things for our business, but If We Were You really understands the field we're working in, which makes it easy to collaborate. If you need some creativity for your business, If We Were You is the agency you need!