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Helping organisations craft better customer experiences.
We're a team of creatives, researchers, engineers, and teachers committed to crafting experiences that make people happy and help your organisation grow. With over 10 years of experience, we believe in co-creation and putting the customer at the centre of the process. Across all our services we're driven to do the right thing, the right way. Creating impact Everything you do has an effect on someone or something. We're excited to work with you to make a positive impact. Invested in people As a design-driven company, we want to make people's lives better and create meaningful experiences for them. Experts in digital Over the last decade we've launched countless successful products, services and experiences. Our experts share a passion for all things digital.
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Spreekt Engels, Frans, Nederlands
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  • Beschrijving
    With over a decade experience in creating top notch mobile applications we can help you prototype, design and build your mobile application.

    We believe in a human-centered design approach, where we work closely together with your team and your clients or customers.
    From UX/UI design and prototyping to a fully developed mobile application, we've got you covered.
    Skills in Mobile App (6)
    Mobile DesignMobile App DevelopmentDesignMobile Application DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentWeb application development
    Projecten in Mobile App (5)
    Slim naar Antwerpen - Mobile App
    Recycle App - Mobile App
    NIBC app - Mobile App
    Smappee app - Mobile App
    Review in Mobile App (1)
    Bart Panneels
    Klanten in Mobile App (5)
    MinggoPersoneelszaken | national
    SmappeeTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    NIBCBanken & financiële instellingen | national
    Bebat, FostplusNon-profit | regional

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  • Beschrijving
    In UX design, we design in a human-centred way. That means we put the user first, from beginning to end of the design process. From user research and personal creation to wireframing and brainstorming, UX design is a service that lies at the core of what we stand for at Leap Forward: great customer experiences.

    By testing and validating a prototype early in the production process, you can quickly detect errors and avoid future costs while still building your digital product. This even allows you to test multiple variants and select the best option, improving the quality and certainty of your design.

    UI design is about how people interact with a computer or software. Today we interact with more screens than ever before. Think about tablets, smartwatches, e-readers, smartphones… The average person spends about 3 hours a day on their smartphone alone. All this makes UI design increasingly important when building modern digital products, as a great interface leads to better conversions and user retention.
    Skills in Ergonomie (UX / UI) (15)
    ux expertsUX optimizationUX DesignUI DesignDesignWireframingUsability TestingUser ResearchUser TestingUser Interface Design+5
    Projecten in Ergonomie (UX / UI) (19)
    Deliverect - Ergonomie (UX / UI)
    Slim naar Antwerpen - Ergonomie (UX / UI)
    Recycle App - Ergonomie (UX / UI)
    Teamleader website - Ergonomie (UX / UI)
    Reviews in Ergonomie (UX / UI) (2)
    Alexander Cosman
    Emiel Huughe
    Klanten in Ergonomie (UX / UI) (19)
    DeliverectSoftware & Computer Services | international
    SmappeeTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    ItinariReizen & Vrije tijd | international
    ZeticonMedia | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Motion makes content more engaging, whether it’s a corporate explainer video or event trailer, and allows you to easily turn facts and figures into stories your audience can connect with. We offer motion services from start to finish - everything from initial concepts and storyboarding to sound design and finished immersive motion experiences.
    Skills in Motion Design (18)
    Motionmarketing video productionanimation advertisingDesign SonoreMotion GraphicsStoryboardOnline VideoIdentity DesignOnline BrandingVideo Marketing+8
    Projecten in Motion Design (19)
    Metal Packaging Europe - Motion Design
    PSA - Motion Design
    Teamleader - Motion Design
    Hack The Future - The Heist - Motion Design
    Review in Motion Design (1)
    Nele Peeters
    Klanten in Motion Design (19)
    TeamleaderSoftware & Computer Services | international
    IntuoMarketing & Reclame | international
    Bebat, FostplusNon-profit | regional
    TechwolfInternet | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Branding your company or product is about giving it an identity. At Leap Forward, we believe in a customer-centred and co-creational approach to branding. We look at your company from all possible angles, both internally and externally, and assess what it is that defines your place in the market and your relationship with your customers.
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (19)
    logo brandinglogo designbrand designbrand strategystorytellingbrand awarenessdigital designbrand imagemarketing designbrand marketing+9
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (9)
    Deliverect - Branding & Positionering
    Teamleader website - Branding & Positionering
    Techwolf - Branding & Positionering
    NIBC app - Branding & Positionering
    Reviews in Branding & Positionering (2)
    Jochen Vanpoeyer
    Nicola Nauwynck
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (9)
    TechwolfInternet | international
    NIBCBanken & financiële instellingen | national
    BebatNon-profit | national
    Vlaamse overheidOverheid | national

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  • Beschrijving
    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the site's visibility to users and search engines.

    If you have something to hide, the second page of Google search results might be the best place. If not, SEO is a vital tool to ensure potential customers can find you online. Optimising your web platform for search engines involves a variety of steps that focus on key words, good site architecture, and ticking certain boxes with regard to the front end development of your site.
    Skills in SEO (17)
    seo consultingdigital onlineseo managementkeywords researchgoogle seomarketing channel optimizationkeywords managementsearch engine advertisingchannel marketingKeywords Management+7
    Project in SEO (1)
    Deliverect - SEO
    Klant in SEO (1)
    DeliverectSoftware & Computer Services | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Digital transformation & strategy is the process of using digital technologies to modify or create customer experiences or business processes in order to meet changing business and market requirements. It's a reimagining of business in the digital age.

    Digital transformation begins and ends with your customer, as technological change is driven by emerging customer expectations. Organisations have to reimagine how they do business and engage their customers with digital technology on their side. Whether you’re a new start-up or a long-existing corporation with a great legacy, it’s important to future-proof your business processes and meet these new customer expectations.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (16)
    innovationbrand strategybrand awarenesswebsite marketingmarketing designstrategic marketingservice designproduct marketinginnovation managementbrand authority+6
    Projecten in Digital Strategy (7)
    Deliverect - Digital Strategy
    Slim naar Antwerpen - Digital Strategy
    Recycle App - Digital Strategy
    Teamleader website - Digital Strategy
    Reviews in Digital Strategy (2)
    Michiel Kenis
    Wouter Verpoest
    Klanten in Digital Strategy (7)
    TeamleaderSoftware & Computer Services | international
    Bebat, FostplusNon-profit | regional
    NIBCBanken & financiële instellingen | national
    Stad AntwerpenOverheid | national

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Social media (1)
    Video Marketing
    Project in Social media (1)
    Hack The Future - The Heist - Social media
    Klant in Social media (1)
    Hack The FutureEntertainment & Events | regional

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Online Advertising (1)
    Projecten in Online Advertising (2)
    Hack The Future - The Heist - Online Advertising
    Deliverect - Online Advertising
    Klanten in Online Advertising (2)
    DeliverectSoftware & Computer Services | international
    Hack The FutureEntertainment & Events | regional

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Copywriting (1)

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Ontwerp (2)
    Digital DesignLogo Design
    Projecten in Ontwerp (8)
    Recycle App - Ontwerp
    Teamleader website - Ontwerp
    Intuo - Ontwerp
    Techwolf - Ontwerp
    Klanten in Ontwerp (8)
    FleetMasterVervoer | international
    OxfamNon-profit | national
    SagacifyInternet | international
    NIBCBanken & financiële instellingen | national

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48 leden in Leap Forward's team

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VerhaalWe're a team of creatives, researchers, software engineers, and teachers committed to crafting experiences that make people happy and help your organisation grow.
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Leap Forward heeft 2 awards gewonnen

Henry van de Velde Award 20192019-10-31Best Digital Product

Henry van de Velde Award 20202020-9-30Best Digital Product



(8 reviews)
Jochen VanpoeyerCMO at Mobilexpense
ServiceBranding & Positionering
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team51 - 200

What was the objective behind your collaboration?We worked together with Leap Forward on the rebranding of our company (putting 2 brands under 1 umbrella) and at the same time we worked on creating a website that clearly explains what we stand for and is optimised for conversions.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?Everything. The people are great, the expertise is great and of course the outcome was also top notch.

Jochen Vanpoeyer recommends this agency

ServiceBranding & Positionering
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team51 - 200

Bart PanneelsCommunication Advisor at Fost Plus
ServiceMobile App
SectorIndustriële Goederen en Diensten
Team51 - 200

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Leap Forward reworked and redesigned our existing app in a complex and quickly evolving IT landscape.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?They are very passionate about the product, always aiming for better whether it concerns UX or a solid IT backbone.

Bart Panneels recommends this agency

ServiceMobile App
SectorIndustriële Goederen en Diensten
Team51 - 200

Alexander CosmanSoftware engineer at BMSvision
ServiceErgonomie (UX / UI)
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team51 - 200

What was the objective behind your collaboration?We wanted to create a company style guide, so all our web applications have the same look and feel. So there was a design part and an implementation part.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?The best part was the open communication between our developers and the developer/designer of Leap Forward. This way we have learned a lot from their experience and it also resulted in a better final version of the component library.

Are there any areas for improvements?If I have to say something: Sometimes we asked the people of leap forward for minor additional tasks, after some time we needed to remind them of this task. Maybe make a habbit of directly adding these tasks as a ticket in favro could further improve the collaboration.

Alexander Cosman recommends this agency

ServiceErgonomie (UX / UI)
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team51 - 200

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