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Marketing is essential to find new clients and to grow your business.

Thats why Cleverest always start with a market approach. Without a good marketing it might even be hard to sustain your current business. The digitalisation has brought a new dimension to marketing. The ever increasing demands from customers and price pressure makes entrepreneurship hard.

Cleverest will help you concquer the challenges of modern marketing and will explore new market opportunities with you. With over 10 years of experience, a team with outstanding expertise and efficiënt products, methodolgies and procedures we will help your company to it’s heights.


Our client focus lies in small and medium entrepresis. Over the years we have helped SME’s in different industries ranging from real estate to textile manufacturing. Our unique digital experience comes from building our own apps and launching different marketplaces. The start up studio gives us the experience to work with small budgets and to learn from talented people. We helped young people, small business or the self-employed to succesfully accelerate there business


We have the smartest people and experts inhouse to deliver state of the art solutions to your company. We emphasis on implementing the latest strategys and innovations, giving you a lasting head start. Besides our internal experts we have a broad network of freelancers that can deliver the premium quality your company needs. We are most wanted for our SEO expertise. To trully excell at search you have to create an outstanding user experience combined wit houtstanding marketing. We branded our concept ‘Industry Leadership Marketing’


Modern marketing is more and more about efficiency than about creativity. By using known procedures and tools we can explore and scale your market with a minimum required time. Proven methodes reduce testing costs and inefficiencies. This gives you the best value for your investment. In some cases though creative growth hacking is the right solution.

We deliver allround marketing succes

We deliver peak performing marketing. We have a digital marketing side and an offline part that work together for maximum results.

Our flagship service is Industry leadership marketing. It’s a unique combination of classic marketing concepts combined with inbound strategies. The key result area is how good you perform in Google (SEO). The package is tailored to service providers and B2B companies.

Can Cleverest help you?

Cleverest is one of the leading business partnersin Belgium thanks to our unique marketing expertise.

We have successfully accelerated a variety of businesses. Want to discover if we can accelerate your business to?  Invites us to your company or visit us to explore the opportunities.


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  • Beschrijving

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    Skills in Digital Strategy (6)
    Inbound MarketingDigital MarketingBranding and PositioningMarketing StrategySEO/SEMData-Driven Digital Marketing
    Projecten in Digital Strategy (4)
    Leadgeneration voor Vastgoedontwikkelaar - Digital Strategy
    Full marketing plan + go to market of Jureca - Digital Strategy
    Marketing Strategy & Branding for Nanostitch - Digital Strategy
    Marketing partner for Bricks and Leisure - Digital Strategy
    Klanten in Digital Strategy (4)
    IONVastgoed | national
    JurecaJuridische diensten | national
    NanostitchKleding & Accessoires | international
    Bricks and LeisureVastgoed | national

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in SEO (5)
    Inbound MarketingConsultant SEOSEO AuditSEO StrategySeo and sem(search engine marketing strategy)
    Projecten in SEO (3)
    Leadgeneration voor Vastgoedontwikkelaar - SEO
    Full marketing plan + go to market of Jureca - SEO
    Marketing partner for Bricks and Leisure - SEO
    Klanten in SEO (3)
    IONVastgoed | national
    JurecaJuridische diensten | national
    Bricks and LeisureVastgoed | national

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4 projecten uitgevoerd door Cleverest Group

Leadgeneration voor Vastgoedontwikkelaar
Leadgeneration voor Vastgoedontwikkelaar

Project gemaakt voor ION in de Vastgoed industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek in 2017.ION is one of the fastest growing real estate developers in Belgium. To continu fueling their growth they needed more leads and a professional marketing department. They hired Cleverest Group to get the required knowledge and to generate leads.

Digital StrategyOnline AdvertisingSEO
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Full marketing plan + go to market of Jureca
Full marketing plan + go to market of Jureca

Project gemaakt voor Jureca in de Juridische diensten industrie voor een B2C publiek in 2016. Jureca [] is the brainchild of Cleverest and Pieter Jan Van Aken, a practicing lawyer in Belgium. A lot of lawyers are struggeling with attracting new clients. The current laws in Belgium forbid common advertising techniques and mediums. We had to be creative.A challenge we gladly accepted. The first idea was to create an application that calculated your traffic fines. There’s no law that forbids you to advertise a tool. By doing this we would gain acces to people in need of lawyer advice. After doing a market research we we’re outpaced by someone else, who succesfully launched a similar tool. The key to succesfull entrepreneuship is to never give up. Cleverest had gained some experience in platform marketing. A year before it launched “DeVastgoedgids” as a market learning of platform marketing.

Digital StrategyOnline AdvertisingSEO
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Marketing Strategy & Branding for Nanostitch
Marketing Strategy & Branding for Nanostitch

Project gemaakt voor Nanostitch in de Kleding & Accessoires industrie voor een B2B publiek. The textile industy in Belgium has been in a decline for decades. Most of the production has moved to the far east and margins are shrinkin. In order to enter the sport market, Liebaert needed a new product brand. Together with Cleverest we created a brand identity and website. We analyzed the marketing and sales department and created a new customer acquisition flow, enabeling Liebaert to once again start selling more. After finalizing the new product brand, Cleverest continues to support the marketing and sales department on a monthly basis. Global data aquisition, Customer relations and prospecting campaignes are but a few of the services Cleverest keeps providing as Liebaerts Marketingpartner. Liebaert is a textile company that has been around for 140 years. Together with Cleverest we we’re the driving force in marketing innovation. The fresh ideas, quality work, experience and good personal communication convinced the board to give Cleverest the lead for a full marketing modernization. Mathieu LiebaertCEO of Liebaert Textiles NV

Digital Strategy
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Marketing partner for Bricks and Leisure
Marketing partner for Bricks and Leisure

Project gemaakt voor Bricks and Leisure in de Vastgoed industrie voor een B2C publiek. When Bricks and Leisure first started they had a vision: To combine real estate investments with leisure. The brand promise was simple: Buy a vacation home, go on a Holiday whenever you like and when you’re not there they would rent it out for you. Bricks and Leisure hired Cleverst as their marketing partner right from the start. The main challenge was generating demand for their product. Real estate in Belgium is a highly fracturized and competivie industry. Standing out is ridiculously expensive. To fully grasp the real estate sector Cleverest started with a 3 month sales indulgment. Having insights in the sales cycle and customers would later on give Cleverest a crucial advantage in creating a succesfull market approach. Next up our briefing was brilliantly short “Generate enough leads to ensure we grow with 20 percent a year”. A challenge Cleverest gladly accepted. The following months Cleverest implemented a variety of new channels, messages, brands, websites, software, optimalisations and improvements. The first key succesfactor as marketing partner of Bricks and Leisure lied in being the first to fully embrance the benefits of digital marketing. The continuing succesfactor lied in a never ending sequence of innovating, testing and improving. Bricks and Leisure is a perfect example of how marketing works. There’s never a golden idea that ensures durable long term growth. Continious improvement, testing and innovating are the key succesfactors. By hiring Cleverest as a long term partner, Bricks and Leisure always was the first in adopting new technologies and possibilties. This gave them a competitive advantage that fueled their impressive growth.

Digital StrategyOnline AdvertisingSEO
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