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Discover how we can help you with our expertise in Web Design and Web Development. We create stunning websites and apps tailored to your needs. At Studio Ubique, we combine Web Design and Web Development to deliver outstanding digital experiences. Our team ensures your platform is both user-friendly and visually appealing. From responsive sites for all devices to e-commerce solutions and custom software, we've got you covered! Partner with us to boost your online presence and drive growth. So, what's in our bag of tricks? - Web Design: UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Mobile App Design and Front-end Development (HTML/CSS). - Web Development: Websites, Mobile Apps, Back-end Development (CMS), Online Store Development, Custom Software Development, API Integrations, and more. - Growth: Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Maintenance, Web Hosting, Security & Speed Optimization, Migration. Explore our work below or schedule a video call when you're ready.
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  • Description
    Its all about making awesome stuff happen.

    Web & App:
    If you’ve got an awesome idea for a website or mobile app, we’re the ones to make it happen! We take code and technology – think of them as our hammers & nails – to create powerful digital products that people use every day. Problem-solving and creativity are both big parts of web development (websites) and mobile app development.

    Front-end and Back-end:
    If a website were like baking, front-end developers would be the decorators adding all those sweet sprinkles and colorful icing. Meanwhile back-end devs are busy making sure that tasty cake rises in the oven! It’s really their hard work behind how it tastes -and works- so great!

    Ecommerce and Complex Integrations:
    Crafting eCommerce is like mastering a virtual store, where pressing every button leads to something new. And intricate integrations? That’s the code-filled puzzle begging for someone with genius skills and endless patience!

    We specialize in crafting just about anything you can imagine – web development, app development, front-end and backend development, ecommerce development, and complicated integrations. It’ll be like having a fully-equipped IT department at your fingertips. You can hire our skilled developers for just €30 to €40 per hour, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Let us handle your next project!
    Compétences en Création de site internet (94)
    Shopify DesignWebsite OptimizationCSS OntwikkelingResponsive Website OntwikkelingWordPress DesignWebsite OptimisatieVueJS OntwikkelingWebsite CreatieWordpress DesignSQL Development+84
    Projets en Création de site internet (10)
    Bloggyfoot - Sports Prediction Platform - Création de site internet
    Entis - Advanced Investment Insights - Création de site internet
    Discover your next treasured read - House of Books - Création de site internet
    Betting Solutions - UX/UI, HTML/CSS & Vue.js - Création de site internet
    Avis clients en Création de site internet (12)
    Etienne Marais
    C. Mari-Mulder
    M. Rousset
    Ruud Stelten
    Clients en Création de site internet (10)
    EntisBanque et Finance | international
    The Shipwreck SurveyVoyage et Loisirs | international
    Elektro.AutoAutomobile | national
    House of BooksÉducation | regional

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  • Description
    With expertise in both WooCommerce and Shopify, we can quickly bake up the perfect eCommerce recipe tailored to your individual needs. We’ll provide you with mouth-watering visual elements, top-notch product management options, and feature-packed add-ons for increased customer satisfaction – all for your eCommerce business to feast upon!

    Why Choose Us?
    - WooCommerce
    Introducing our WooCommerce wizards! Our developers have the skills and expertise to give your business a magical makeover. With their help, you’ll be ‘wooing’ customers in no time with an incredible online store experience.

    - Shopify
    Looking to “Shop” around? Look no further! We’ve got the perfect shopping destination for Shopify lovers. Create an eye-catching, user friendly web store on the amazing Shopify platform and make your customers’ dreams come true!

    - Support and service
    Our team is always here to help, working hard from beginning to end for our clients’ success! We’ll happily guide you through the eCommerce setup process so your website will be a hit with customers.
    Compétences en E-commerce (44)
    e-commerce oplossingenOnline storeShopify MarketingWebshop OntwikkelingE-Commerce HostingSoftware ArchitectureShopify OntwerpShopify OntwikkelingE-commercePayment Processing+34
    Projets en E-commerce (4)
    Discover your next treasured read - House of Books - E-commerce
    WiseGuys, Technology - eCommerce - E-commerce
    Tubble - Bathe. Breathe. Relax - eCommerce - E-commerce
    TheWesCape - WordPress & WooCommerce - E-commerce
    Avis client en E-commerce (1)
    S. Pednekar
    Clients en E-commerce (4)
    House of BooksÉducation | regional
    TheWesCapeVoyage et Loisirs | national
    WiseGuysMatériel et Equipement IT | national
    TubbleBeauté | international

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  • Description
    If developing complex solutions is your cup of tea, then you’ve come to the right place!

    We specialize in crafting just about anything you can imagine – web development, app development, front-end and backend development, ecommerce development, and complicated integrations. It’ll be like having a fully-equipped IT department at your fingertips. You can hire our skilled developers for just €30 to €40 per hour, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

    Our Development Services
    - Web Development
    - Mobile App Development
    - Front-end (HTML/CSS)
    - Back-end (CMS)
    - eCommerce
    - Custom Software Development

    Let us handle your next project!
    Compétences en Application web (49)
    small providersE-commerce HostingEnd-to-End TestingOpen Source DevelopmentSkype IntegrationPHP OntwikkelingWeb PrototypingChat IntegrationCake JS DevelopmentHTML5 Development+39
    Projets en Application web (4)
    Bloggyfoot - Sports Prediction Platform - Application web
    Betting Solutions - UX/UI, HTML/CSS & Vue.js - Application web
    MyTrueStories: Unveiling Real Narratives - Application web
    JustCrypto - Cryptocurrency exchange - Application web
    Clients en Application web (4)
    BloggyfootSport | national
    MyTrueStoriesAutres | international
    JustCryptoBanque et Finance | international
    Betting SolutionsÉvénements et Spectacles | international

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  • Description
    With over 15 years of experience, our team of mobile app development experts has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge mobile applications for global organizations and small startups alike.

    Let us unlock the full potential of your presence with Studio Ubique, where custom Android, iOS and cross-platform mobile app development, lead generation, content management, and more await! Our personalized solutions are designed to help you stand out from the crowd and dominate your mobile space.

    Here’s how we do it
    - Get the plan out. We’ll take care of all the details – from organizing text for easy understandability, to placing your call-to-actions in just the right spot – so you can be sure that your app is well designed and perfect for your customers.

    - Get the code out. Don’t let mobile troubles bog you down! Our dev team has all the solutions – from development and debugging, to optimization, security, SEO and more – so that when launch day comes, you’ll be ready for success!

    - Get the broom out. Let us take care of the tech side, so you can forget about worrying and focus on your business! Our mobile app maintenance services will make sure everyone from users to developers are running smoothly – giving you one less thing to worry about.

    Let us be the missing piece in your mobile puzzle – you won’t regret it!
    Compétences en Application mobile (38)
    React Native DevelopmentAndroid App DevelopmentMobile PrototypingPush Notification Serviceandroid appapplicatie ontwikkelingSwift App DevelopmentMobile App PublishingApp DesigningChatbot Development+28
    Projets en Application mobile (3)
    Redesign an Existing Software Project - Application mobile
    Yieldt - Financial services - Application mobile
    JustCrypto - Cryptocurrency exchange - Application mobile
    Clients en Application mobile (3)
    JustCryptoBanque et Finance | international
    Prequal AppLogiciels et services informatiques | international
    YieldtBanque et Finance | national

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  • Description
    Our design skills:

    1. UX/UI Design
    Are you ready to be wowed? Our amazing team of UX/UI designers have the secret sauce and cool tools necessary to whip up something exquisite – think a digital experience that captivates with beautiful visuals, fascinating research findings & usability made easy. Let us show off our design mojo!

    2. App Design
    Have you been longing for the perfect app that’ll have your customers green with envy? Look no further! Our talented designers are here to take all of your big ideas and make them come alive. All we need is a spark, then get ready ’cause our experts will create an awesome mobile app design that looks great, works seamlessly AND turns heads – now how cool is THAT?!

    Feeling like you need an upgrade for your design capabilities? Don't be shy - come say hi! We guarantee we'll never bite unless of course, that's what ya want.
    Compétences en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (50)
    small providersWeb DesignUX DesignUI DesignResponsive Web DesignDesign ThinkingUsability TestingUser ResearchLanding Page DesignUser Testing+40
    Projets en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (15)
    Bloggyfoot - Sports Prediction Platform - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Entis - Advanced Investment Insights - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Betting Solutions - UX/UI, HTML/CSS & Vue.js - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    MyTrueStories: Unveiling Real Narratives - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Avis client en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (1)
    Anonymous (NDA)
    Clients en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (15)
    BloggyfootSport | national
    Studio BabelsbergMédias | international
    KamatzRessources humaines | international
    YieldtBanque et Finance | national

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  • Description
    Tired of an ill-fitting one size fits all solution? Custom Software Development is here to dress you in technology tailored just for your business. Forget clunky software: say hello to automation that'll have you saving time and money - as well as having better decisions at the ready! Our custom solutions make it easier than ever before so never settle, get a perfect fit today.

    Why settle for off-the-shelf software when you could have custom?
    Don’t be that person who squeezes into a too-small pair of hand me down boots! With our custom software development solutions, you can have a perfect fit without the painful consequences. We specialize in digital commerce, product and platform development, and all sorts of fancy custom software services. Step away from off-the shelf software and walk in comfort with our tailor made offerings – get ready to say goodbye to shoe pains forever!

    In a nutshell
    - Save time and money. Say goodbye to the age-old struggle of manually taking care of tedious tasks! Automation with custom software development can make your life easier. You’ll save time and money, plus streamline HR processes AND manage customer accounts better – no matter what industry you’re in. Imagine all that free time for yourself if those dreaded manual tasks were gone?

    - Trying to be more productive? Ready to give productivity a serious boost? Try custom software development – your own automated system tailored specifically for you! Stop wasting valuable time on manual processes and welcome in 40% savings. Give it a go now and make tomorrow so much easier!

    - Ready to make better decisions? Get the data-driven insights you need with custom software development! Let a pro help give you clarity and confidence, so that when it comes to making choices for yourself or your business – poof! No more stressing over them.
    Compétences en Développement de Logiciel (36)
    HubSpot IntegrationSoftware Maintenance and SupportOntwikkeling van bedrijfssoftwareSystem Integration ServicesSoftware ConsultingSoftwareonderhoud en -ondersteuningSoftware Testing and QACustom ERP DevelopmentSQL ProgrammeringCustom Software Ontwikkeling+26
    Projets en Développement de Logiciel (3)
    Betting Solutions - UX/UI, HTML/CSS & Vue.js - Développement de Logiciel
    MyTrueStories: Unveiling Real Narratives - Développement de Logiciel
    JustCrypto - Cryptocurrency exchange - Développement de Logiciel
    Avis client en Développement de Logiciel (1)
    Anonymous (NDA)
    Clients en Développement de Logiciel (3)
    Betting SolutionsÉvénements et Spectacles | international
    JustCryptoBanque et Finance | international
    MyTrueStoriesAutres | international

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Projet en Design & graphisme (1)
    Entis - Advanced Investment Insights - Design & graphisme
    Client en Design & graphisme (1)
    EntisBanque et Finance | international

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Studio Ubique cover
HistoireHey there, digital enthusiasts! We're Studio Ubique. We operate on a simple philosophy: We go beyond the surface-level attractiveness of design. We are firm believers that true success is not solely determined by aesthetics, but by the concrete results it brings to our clients. Curious about what we can do for you?
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International design contests won: 49x2023-10-1

Avis clients

15 Avis clients pour Studio Ubique

(15 avis clients)
S. PednekarBusiness Owner chez House of Books
Équipe1 - 10

Collaborating with Studio Ubique proved to be an outstanding experience. Right from the start, they showcased a profound grasp of our vision for House of Books. Their dedication to excellence and innovation shone through every phase of the project. The website they developed not only met but surpassed our expectations, seamlessly blending contemporary functionality with vintage allure. Throughout the process, Studio Ubique upheld transparent communication, consistently met deadlines, and prioritized our satisfaction. Their professionalism and expertise were evident, making the journey seamless and enjoyable. Thanks to their efforts, House of Books has transformed into more than just a subscription-based library; it now stands as a vibrant community hub for literature enthusiasts in the UAE. We wholeheartedly endorse Studio Ubique to anyone in pursuit of digital transformation. Their fervor for their work, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to clients position them as an invaluable partner. Our collaboration went beyond website creation; it was about breathing life into our vision in the most exceptional manner possible. We are immensely grateful for their contribution to our success.

Équipe1 - 10

M. RoussetDigital Marketing Leader chez KOELIS
ServiceCréation de site internet
SecteurHôpitaux et Santé
Équipe11 - 50

"Projet conforme à mes attentes, bonne communication avec le designer."

ServiceCréation de site internet
SecteurHôpitaux et Santé
Équipe11 - 50

MartinYBOwner chez Anonymous (NDA)
ServiceCréation de site internet
Équipe1 - 10

Studio Ubique did a truly outstanding job on our web design project. We had an example to point to for general look we wanted, but our product is fundamentally a lot different from the example website, a lot of differences were needed, and in many instances we really didn't have the vision of what specifically would work and needed to trust Studio Ubique to provide that vision. On top of that, we ran into a number of troubles on our end, having to do with needed information that was expected not becoming available on time as well as medical issues and many designers could have responded by doing less of a job in response to our (unfortunately and very unintentionally) not being the best clients in those regards. Not the case at all, Studio Ubique was outstanding to work with in every way and we're 100.00% pleased with our website design. Absolutely the highest recommendation.

ServiceCréation de site internet
Équipe1 - 10

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