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Nous intégrons stratégie, créativité et innovation pour transformer votre entreprise en marque forte et vous différencier durablement de la concurrence par un positionnement pertinent, une identité remarquable, une culture fédératrice et des expériences client engageantes.

We integrate strategy, design and innovation to transform your business into a strong brand and make you durably stand out from your competitors with a relevant positioning, a noticeable identity, a unifying culture and engaging customer experiences.

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    POSITIONING WITH RELEVANCE — The brand strategy is the basis for building the ecosystem of a strong brand. Its role is to ensure the relevance of your promise and the actions that accomplish it with your audience. It therefore requires in-depth knowledge of your business, your customers and their expectations, but also of your competitors, in order to position yourself sustainably and effectively in your market. Combining strategic rigor with creative thinking, everything we do is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients' businesses today and the possibilities of tomorrow. With a commitment to achieving measurable and lasting results, we translate the vision into reality with bold ideas that work. FEDERATE EMPLOYEES AND PARTNERS — The success of any entrepreneurial mission in general, and of brand marketing in particular, depends largely on an organization's ability to integrate the brand into its own culture to gain the understanding and acceptance of its internal resources regarding the route to follow. Brand culture is the unifying element of your ecosystem. It is therefore fundamental to place all stakeholders, from employees to partners, at the heart of the brand strategy so that they can be the most powerful relays in the field to customers. ENGAGE CUSTOMERS — Today's brands are not only built on what they say, but more importantly what they do and what they make possible for their customers. It is not enough to promise but to keep promises; or even exceed them. This is how a strong brand engages its customers consistently. We help our clients make their clients better, by turning innovative ideas into captivating and engaging experiences. We design bold, forward-looking customer solutions that anticipate needs rather than meet them. ENSURE THE CONSISTENCY AND RESPECT OF YOUR EVERYDAY BRAND ECOSYSTEM — To keep your brand relevant and successful, you need to manage it with care. It is indeed essential to define a relevant strategy, express it visually and verbally in a remarkable way and deliver engaging experiences to the customer with support of your internal resources. But brands, like companies, evolve and it is therefore essential to ensure that elements of the brand ecosystem remain synchronous, consistent and known to all, especially employees, despite the evolutions or changes. We thus help our clients integrate tools that will make the daily management of their brand easier, more efficient and more effective.
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    BrandingNamingBrand StrategyPositioningInnovationCommunicationRebrandingBrandbrand image
    Projets en Image de marque & branding (8)
    SICILIAN FAIRYTALE - A To Z branding project - Image de marque & branding
    HOW TO FACE A BRAND REPUTATION ISSUE. - Image de marque & branding
    HOW A DIGITAL MAGAZINE CAN BRING YOU TOGETHER. - Image de marque & branding
    HOW WE THANK ITALY FOR THE BEST CUISINE EVER. - Image de marque & branding
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    ADB SAFEGATETransport | international
    ADB SAFEGATETransport | international
    ERGOAssurance | international
    NAPOLEON SPORTS & CASINOAutres | national

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  • Description
    BECOME REMARKABLE — Your brand identity, both in design and in verbal expression, ensures that your brand is memorable and remarkable in your market. It is the language you need to connect with your customers as well as with your employees and partners. This is why we see the expression of the brand as a vector of transformation, from strategic reason to creative emotion. With our team of talented designers and copywriters, we are continually seeking to shape the way people emotionally connect with brands, helping them see the world today as close to the one they aspire to.
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    Logo DesignBrand Identity Designcommunication graphiquebrand book designunivers graphique de marqueidentite graphiqueconception de campagne publicitairerealisation de film publicitaireidentite de marquecommunication graphique et visuelle
    Projets en Design & graphisme (6)
    SICILIAN FAIRYTALE - A To Z branding project - Design & graphisme
    HOW TO FACE A BRAND REPUTATION ISSUE. - Design & graphisme
    Clients en Design & graphisme (6)
    MAISON SICILEVins et Spiritueux | international
    MERCATO ALIMENTAREAlimentaire | national
    ERGOAssurance | international
    PREGO!Restaurants | national

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9 projets ajoutés par ROOTS - Brand Marketing Agency

SICILIAN FAIRYTALE - A To Z branding project
SICILIAN FAIRYTALE - A To Z branding project

Projet réalisé pour MAISON SICILE dans l'industrie Vins et Spiritueux pour un public B2C. THE YEAR 2020, DISTURBED BY SATANE COVID-19, WAS FOR US THE OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP A GLOBAL PROJECT THAT COVERS ALL THE STAGES OF PRODUCT LAUNCH, SINCE INNOVATION AND BRAND CREATION UNTIL THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN E-COMMERCE STORE TO MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE WORLDWIDE. ‍The first step in this adventure was to develop the Maison Sicile brand and give it an identity as well as a positioning in the spirits market. Maison Sicile aims to provide a link between Sicily lovers and their island through exceptional spirits, distilled and bottled on the Etna. We then developed the recipe for the first product, Grappamaro, with a Sicilian Master Distiller before creating a bottle that reminds the history of the product (to be read in detail on the website).‍In order to be able to communicate effectively on the various media and in particular the social networks, we collaborated with the company Schrodinger for the creation of the corporate film and the product visuals.‍The e-commerce site was developed in-house in order to have quick access to the global market while highlighting the history of the the product.‍The last step was that of external communication and we worked with the company Brand New Day to manage the social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We will continue this communication in other media such as trade magazines and through other means such as influencer marketing.New exceptional products will be developed very soon.Stay tuned and Salute!

Création de site internetDesign & graphismeE-commerce+5
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Projet réalisé pour ERGO dans l'industrie Assurance pour un public B2B / B2C. THE MAIN CHALLENGE WAS TO FIND HOW TO SUCCEED IN REPOSITIONING HAMBURG-MANNHEIMER, WITH ITS IMAGE OF PYRAMID SELLER, IN A CONSUMER-ORIENTED PENSION SPECIALIST ERGO. We opted for a two-stage launch campaign.Don't say the brand is new. But take a place on the market as if the brand has always been there and focus the discourse on a single commitment the target audience expects - taking the time to understand the context and problem of customers to offer them the best solution: ERGO. Get to know you better so that you are better insured.The launch campaign started with a wave of 36 M2 pest and bus shelters, the message of which was covered with red balloons. On the day of the inauguration of the new logo at the headquarters, the balloons flew to reveal the new identity.Broadcast of a TV campaign that reflects the expectations of the 3 main target groups: young workers, the self-employed and the liberal professions. The aim is to establish the legitimacy of the brand in the pension savings market. RESULTS Spontaneous awareness rose from 0 to 15% in the first months of the campaign, reaching 25% after 2 years of communication.The perception of the brand resulting from the campaign reflects a solid and serious company, expert in pension insurance and which respects its customers. Objectives achieved in the first months of the campaign.

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Projet réalisé pour ADB SAFEGATE dans l'industrie Transport pour un public B2B. ADB SAFEGATE’S INTERNAL ENGAGEMENT TEAM APPROACHED US TO HELP RE-INVIGORATE THEIR QUARTERLY PAPER MAGAZINE WHICH IS DISTRIBUTED TO ALL THEIR EMPLOYEES. THEY WANTED TO MAKE THE MAGAZINE CONFORM TO THEIR CURRENT GUIDELINES AND TO ENSURE THE MAGAZINE WAS VISUALLY ENGAGING. Our first step was to brand the magazine with a new name that would express the will of making this media an unifying element.« TOGETHER » was born. Secondly, we have switched from a paper format to a digital format to enable us to give flexibility on all content elements of the magazine as well as be in line with the environnemental values of the companies. This also gave us more room on the page to maximise the space for content and especially vidéos that are more and more present in the company’s communication.

Design & graphismeImage de marque & branding
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Projet réalisé pour PREGO! dans l'industrie Restaurants pour un public B2C. WE DIDN'T WANT TO LET PREGO! BE AN EXTRA ITALIAN RESTAURANT AS WE TAKE ITALIAN CUISINE VERY SERIOUSLY. PREGO! WAS THOUGHT AS A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE AND MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE TO FRANCHISE CANDIDATES. After analyzing the market and consumer expectations, we responded to the customer's need for authentic products, simple but high-quality dishes and great freshness, and especially the need for information about the products used and their producers.Our mission was to emphasize the basics of Italian cuisine, the best products from the best Italian producers. A story for each of the products, a face for each of the producers. The Prego! concept was born.In addition to the distinctive positioning, our challenge was to create a communication platform to start and maintain the relationship with potential and existing customers. And a common framework to tell and spread the specific stories for each of the ingredients of the dishes offered. The communication campaign has been developed with the theme of thanking the generosity of nature. Grazie!The setup is simple, the purchasing manager and the chef travel to Italy every 3 months to bring back the most authentic products and the history of their production and producer. Every month, the result of their journey is communicated to potential and existing customers through social networks and an email campaign suggesting to come and taste their discoveries.Since the goal is to make it accessible to franchise candidates, we modeled all the commercial parameters of the concept to improve it financially, facilitate its presentation to franchise candidates, the deployment of the activity and its control.

Design & graphismeImage de marque & branding
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Projet réalisé pour ALCON dans l'industrie Pharmaceutique et Biotech pour un public B2C. OUR CHALLENGE WAS TO ENCOURAGE OPTICIANS TO INCREASE CONTACT LENS SALES VOLUME, ALTHOUGH R.O.I. IS HIGHER WHEN SELLING GLASSES FRAMES. After organizing a survey of 30 opticians and analyzing the results, we have identified the main problem: opticians prefer to invest their time in advising frames rather than suggesting contact lenses. The ROI is higher when selling glasses.We have therefore proposed to change the commercial reference system. That is, going from a business transaction to a business relationship. Instead of selling a box of contact lenses, the optician can offer 12 lenses in one sale thanks to a centralized relationship program.The program "Contact Lens For Life" has been created. Consumers get their contact lenses and a list of 10 value-added services to strengthen this contract every month by participating in the program: Breakage insurance, additional warranty, payment spread, priority testing of new products, etc.The optician has a full marketing arsenal available, without having to arrange anything himself. He can warn his customers that it is time to change lenses, submit new offers and present new products.In addition to the loyalty program, we have created our own "Xpert Center" identity for each of the opticians participating in the operation. This "soft franchise" helped stimulate and motivate the optician to sell contact lenses and differentiate himself from his market competitors. RESULTS - An average of 400 additional customers per participating store with a 12-months lens contract.- 100 participating opticians in the first year.- 37,000 12-months lens contracts sold.

Image de marque & branding
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Projet réalisé pour ADB SAFEGATE dans l'industrie Transport pour un public B2B. A GLOBAL PLAYER IN DELIVERING AIRPORT PERFORMANCE, ADB SAFEGATE AIMS TO BE THE FIRST-CHOICE PARTNER TO AIRPORTS, AIRLINES AND AIR NAVIGATION SERVICE PROVIDERS BY DELIVERING INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS THAT RAISE EFFICIENCY, IMPROVE SAFETY, BOOST ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND REDUCE OPERATIONAL COSTS. WITH MORE THAN 1,200 EMPLOYEES, THEY SERVE MORE THAN 2,500 AIRPORTS IN MORE THAN 175 COUNTRIES. IT WAS TIME FOR ADB SAFEGATE TO BE RECOGNIZED AS THE AIRPORT PERFORMANCE EXPERT. Driving the reference media on such universe is a great way to communicate their position in and to the market. AIRPORT PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS was launched as a new magazine and content hub with an unique identity but marked as « powered by ADB SAFEGATE ». This allows the magazine to have a wider audience than ADB SAFEGATE’s clients as it is not presented as a commercial tool of the company. Both magazine and online content hub offer insights, expertise and inspiration for and by airport industry players -all aimed at helping managers, directors and their teams optimize airport performance in all its dimensions and deliver outstanding experiences to their customers.

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Jean Luc DevisscherStrategy, Marketing & Communications Manager chez ADB SAFEGATE
Nous travaillons avec ROOTS depuis de nombreuses années sur des projets récurrents mais aussi lors de certains temps forts comme la fusion qui a donné naissance à ADB SAFEGATE. Ils ont tout d’abord aidé notre entreprise à trouver un positionnement distinctif sur le marché aéroportuaire mondial et ensuite défini la nouvelle identité de marque. Cette opération marketing a apporté une valeur incontestable à notre entreprise qui s’est concrètement retrouvé dans la valorisation financière d’ADB SAFEGATE lors des transactions avec les nouveaux investisseurs. En outre, nous collaborons quotidiennement avec ROOTS pour tous nos outils de communication offline et online, internes et externes qui ont chacun leurs caractéristiques et objectifs propres.

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