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Activate your Ambassadors, Build Recommendations at Scale

The Insiders is the leading consumer advocate network to boost great brands and products

We enable brands to plan, activate and measure advocacy activations in their media-mix. These influential consumers are engaged in spreading the word about great products quickly and in a highly targeted way, driving strong brand equity and sales.

We manage a unique and comprehensive word of mouth marketing “engine” that begins with a careful selection of consumer influencers, then creates an interesting and fun experience for them that drives strong engagement and measured campaign success for participating marketers.

Identifying and engaging your exact target audience

Insiders are eager to engage with your brand and spread the message. Whether you’d like to activate within different target groups or target specific profiles, based on intensive profiling, we’re able to guarantee a great selection of Insiders to create word of mouth at scale.


Authentic. Educated. Impactful.

We get the products in the hands and hearts of your consumer and their peers. But it’s not just about the products themselves. We work with you to develop a VIP experience for the Insiders and creative talktools, allowing us to bring your brand to life.

Educating the consumer, putting the right product in the right place at the right time, and stimulating interesting topics of conversation are key factors in spreading an experience further between peers in a fun and easy way. What’s more, they can do so in a personal way, in an uncluttered setting and at a time of their choosing.

Through deep engagement, social value and emotional connection a strong memorable impact is created. Our activations create powerful groups of long-term advocates.


Multi-TouchPoint Platform creates deep engagement.

Our ambassador platform is the center for communication and exchange amongst participants to share their experiences and word of mouth activities. It combines a full range of features to drive & measure advocacy in a highly effective way.
The many different touch points create both a personal (1-to-1) and community level.

The social sharing tools and activities allow ambassadors to share easily with peers, both offline and online. Combining this powerful platform with the intensive work in the background of our Word of Mouth Center, along with Community & Campaign managers, results in impactful advocacy-driven results.


Customize, Maximize.

Starting from the brand story and focus, we develop creative talk tools and product content to allow positive product experiences and messages to be shared easily. We also maximize the integration of WOM with other media with a wide range of modules available to drive your specific objectives.

It might be an educational VIP-event, a concrete tool to measure the tangible evolution of using the product or making a peer-to-peer product sampling experience more impactful.
There is no one fits all. We develop a tailor-made activation for your brand .

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    We bring brands into the home of their consumers and activate them at scale as brand ambassadors to generate measurable long term sales uplift (Nielsen approved). Clients within FMCG (food & drinks, personal care, babycare) electronics, services are yearly repeating our services for new or existing products on top of traditional media to regain trust for their brands.
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