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Brugge, België
Bij magenta is het  ‘all about branding’ , al bijna 30 jaar. We brengen  jouw verhaal , maken het visueel en rollen het uit over de diverse mediakanalen. /// Magenta is "all about branding", almost for 30 years.  We visualize and communicate your brand story in diverse formats across different channels. 
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Spreekt Engels, Frans, Nederlands
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Sortlist lid sinds 2016
Opgericht in 1998
1 award gewonnen


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  • Beschrijving
    We work in five clear steps.
    1. Research (get to know you, your sector and competitors),
    2. Strategy (what should your message be, which story appeals to your target group)
    3. Design (propose a name, logo, style...)
    4. Channels (where will your target group get in touch with your brand)
    5. Execution (how can we adapt the strategy and design to the context of each of those channels)
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (11)
    Brandname CreationLogo DesignHouse StyleBrand GuidelinesOffline & Online BrandingOnline BrandingRebrandingBranding StrategyStorytellingBrand Storytelling+1
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (5)
    Imagine campagne 2.0 - Branding & Positionering
    Online lead generator - Branding & Positionering
    Advertentie concept - Branding & Positionering
    Advertentie concept Multimax 30 - Branding & Positionering
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (5)
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw |
    StonetalesVastgoed |
    IsoverBouw |
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw | national

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  • Beschrijving
    Yes, digital is obviously the way to go - at least partly. No agency will tell you otherwise. But we know our stuff. Like, really. We'd love to tell you all about it. Did you know we have not one, but two influencers in our agency? That's 22% of our team!
    Skills in Digital Strategy (12)
    Multichannel MarketingSocial MediaOnline VideoStrategyDigital MarketingDigital StrategyOnline AdvertisingSocial AdvertisingOnline BrandingDigital Branding+2
    Projecten in Digital Strategy (3)
    Online lead generator - Digital Strategy
    Social Media campaign - Digital Strategy
    Advertising - Digital Strategy
    Klanten in Digital Strategy (3)
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw | national
    Max MeubelRetail |
    Max MeubelRetail |

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  • Beschrijving
    We prefer calling it story, concept and media. In that exact order. What's the message of your brand, what's the message of your campaign, and how can we make sure both messages are heard efficiently and simultaneously?
    Skills in Reclame (13)
    Print AdvertisingGuerillaMedia PlanningOnline AdvertisingRadio AdvertisingTV AdvertisingStrategic Communications PlanRadio ReclameTV ReclameGuerrilla Marketing+3
    Projecten in Reclame (12)
    Imagine campagne 2.0 - Reclame
    Online lead generator - Reclame
    Advertentie concept - Reclame
    Advertentie concept Multimax 30 - Reclame
    Klanten in Reclame (12)
    Max MeubelRetail |
    StonetalesVastgoed |
    MorubelVoedsel | international
    Fides PetfoodHuisdieren | international

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  • Beschrijving
    There's video; and then there's video marketing. Where no Hollywood production studio. We don't want your video to be pretty, we want it to have an impact. And we have an array of tools to make that impact last. Film production, motion graphic, character animation, motion design, interactive video, drone, Osmo, Go-Pro, stop-motion. And if you don't know what some of these words mean; we'll be happy to talk you through it.
    Skills in Video Productie (16)
    AnimationShort FilmVideo AdvertisingVideo MarketingDrone FootageSocial ContentInteractive VideoExplainerHR videoAnimatievideo+6

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Motion Design (2)
    Motion Graphic DesignMotion Graphic

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Ontwerp (7)
    logo designMagazine OntwerpLogo OntwerpBrand identity, Logotype, Corporate brochure, Guideline, Annual report, Mailing, Leaflet, Folder, Brochure, Catalogue, Programme, Poster, Advertising, Magazine, Newsletter, Packaging, Display, Presentation, Stand, Monumental advertising, Sign, Promotional gift, Web design, Emailing, Bannering, CD-Rom, Interactive pdf, Social Network visualsBrochure OntwerpLogo Graphic Design2D Animatie
    Projecten in Ontwerp (6)
    Imagine campagne 2.0 - Ontwerp
    Advertentie concept - Ontwerp
    Advertentie concept Multimax 30 - Ontwerp
    Rebranding corporate ID - Ontwerp
    Klanten in Ontwerp (6)
    StonetalesVastgoed |
    Max MeubelRetail |
    DestrooperVoedsel |
    IsoverBouw | national

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Fotografie (1)
    Drone Videobeelden
    Projecten in Fotografie (4)
    Imagine campagne 2.0 - Fotografie
    Online lead generator - Fotografie
    Advertentie concept - Fotografie
    Advertentie concept Multimax 30 - Fotografie
    Klanten in Fotografie (4)
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw | national
    IsoverBouw | national
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw |
    IsoverBouw |

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Projecten in Website Creatie (5)
    Online lead generator - Website Creatie
    Advertentie concept - Website Creatie
    Advertentie concept Multimax 30 - Website Creatie
    Rebranding corporate ID - Website Creatie
    Klanten in Website Creatie (5)
    StonetalesVastgoed |
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw | national
    IsoverBouw | national
    IsoverBouw |

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Web Applicatie (1)
    Backend Ontwikkeling
    Project in Web Applicatie (1)
    Online lead generator - Web Applicatie
    Klant in Web Applicatie (1)
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw | national

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Project in Content Strategy (1)
    Online lead generator - Content Strategy
    Klant in Content Strategy (1)
    Reynaers AluminiumBouw | national

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Golden Pentaward2015-9-30Petfood



(2 reviews)
Peter OttevaereMarketing Manager bij Reynaers Aluminium

Magenta translated the innovative spirit that rules in our company into a creative communication campaign. As a part of our 'Imagine...' campaign, Magenta created a tool in which potential customers can compose their own inspirational movie. Based on their own interests, they get a personal video experience. Magenta became a real partner for Reynaers Aluminium. The agency responds very quickly to our questions, thinks actively about possible next steps and we love their hands-on mentality.

Jan C.Digital Marketeer bij Anonymous

Working together with Magenta, and mainly with Tom is a refreshing experience. Tom has a ton of creative experience and insights on how to achieve a common goal. We worked and still work together on several different projects where the Magenta team keeps surprising me in the speed and quality of the delivered work. Always on time, and always like requested. They are very open to feedback but dare to push back for a greater goal. I would definitely recommend this agency. I worked for many years in several other agencies, but this one, is just not 'another agency'. They’ve become my favorite agency in no-time!

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  • HoofdkantoorGistelsesteenweg 676, 8200 Brugge, Belgium