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Gent, België
Engineering Emotions, that's what we do
June20 is a creative communications agency, with offices in Ghent and Antwerp. We believe your brand is only as strong as it is in the heart of your audience. That’s why we specialise in establishing that emotional connection you need. We call it Engineering Emotions. As engineers, we start from data and consumer insights to build your brand in every interface. We consider your brand as a system with many interfaces and, therefore, create work that connects every element with the right emotional impact at every phase of the customer journey. Our name is also emotion-driven. Did you know June 20 is regarded as the most joyous day of the year? It's the perfect name for us as it radiates the positivity and cheerfulness we stand for. We try hard to make every day as joyous as June 20, for our employees as well as for our clients. Our services We Engineer Emotions using: Strategy: We create content with a solid strategic foundation throughout the customer journey Communication: We develop campaigns, content and activations that trigger the right emotions Branding : We make your brand distinctive and recognisable in all communication Platforms & Technology: We select the best technology and communication channel Media: We find you the perfect media mix, from email marketing and SEO to online advertising PR & Content Marketing: We bring and reinforce the right messages with regard to your brand We design and build your brand consistently in every interface, to optimally connect with the power of emotions. Let’s meet!
45 mensen in hun team
Spreekt Engels, Nederlands
20 projecten in hun portfolio
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Sortlist lid sinds 2015
Opgericht in 2010
12 awards gewonnen
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  • Beschrijving
    Skills in Content Strategy (14)
    Gelokaliseerde InhoudSpecificatie SchrijvenDoelpubliek DefinitieDeelbare ContentStrategieontwikkelingContent creatieSEO StrategieBlog StrategieStoryboard WritingE-Book Ontwerp+4
    Projecten in Content Strategy (11)
    Deceuninck - Every window matters - Content Strategy
    Hi we are June20 - Content Strategy
    Etex - The Etex Challenge - Content Strategy
    JBL - Hidden Vibes - Content Strategy
    Klanten in Content Strategy (11)
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    June20Media | international
    JBLConsumer Electronics | regional
    Hoogstraten AardbeienVoedsel | national

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  • Beschrijving
    June20 is an integrated advertising agency. Creativity is our trade: we do whatever it takes to connect consumers with your brand. We offer the best of both worlds: A dedicated senior team of creative advertising experts who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. We come from various backgrounds in the core of the Belgian advertising, media and marketing scene, and we’ve come together to set up a flexible structure that sticks close to you.
    Skills in Reclame (30)
    campaignsAdvertising CampaignMedia BuyingTelevisionAdvertisingWebsiteSocial MediaContent CreationRadioDigital+20
    Projecten in Reclame (10)
    Deceuninck - Every window matters - Reclame
    Parterra - Redefining luxury adventure watches - Reclame
    Hi we are June20 - Reclame
    Beaphar - Not a single worry - Reclame
    Klanten in Reclame (10)
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    June20Media | international
    BeapharHuisdieren | international
    SD Worx - Staffing SolutionsPersoneelszaken | national

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  • Beschrijving
    Establishing an emotional connection is key throughout the full customer journey: that's what we call a consistent and efficient customer experience. We start from brand strategy and implement digital strategy. No matter the channels and technology, we integrate your distinctive promise in every click and swipe. Our focus is on platforms, content, social and display advertising.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (49)
    Facebook MarketingSocial ContentGoogle AdsInformation ArchitectureAnalyticsSocial AdvertisingSocial Media AdvertisingMedia BuyingAdWordsWireframing+39
    Projecten in Digital Strategy (13)
    Deceuninck - Every window matters - Digital Strategy
    Parterra - Redefining luxury adventure watches - Digital Strategy
    Hi we are June20 - Digital Strategy
    Beaphar - Not a single worry - Digital Strategy
    Review in Digital Strategy (1)
    Thierry Dossogne
    Klanten in Digital Strategy (13)
    June20Media | international
    Cambio VlaanderenVervoer | regional
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    BeapharHuisdieren | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Skills in Online Advertising (36)
    SEAVideoreclameOnline Banner ReclameE-mail ReclameApp ReclameAdvertentie DisplaysPay-Per-Click AdvertisingPay Per ViewAmazon Reclamesociale media reclame+26
    Projecten in Online Advertising (8)
    Deceuninck - Every window matters - Online Advertising
    Beaphar - Not a single worry - Online Advertising
    HOGENT - HOGENTENAAR - Online Advertising
    HOGent - Casemovie - Online Advertising
    Klanten in Online Advertising (8)
    DeceuninckBouw | international
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    BeapharHuisdieren | international
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national

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  • Beschrijving
    It’s our goal to build your brand on social media. Together with you we determine the KPI’s and work towards them. We create suitable content starting from a strategic plan. We track the interactions and report back to you. We use research and analysis to optimize and grow your social media presence.
    Skills in Social media (30)
    Facebook MarketingFacebookSocial Media Growthsocial media campagnetwitter marketinglinkedSocial Media ManagementRetargetingFacebook AdsContent Creation+20
    Projecten in Social media (7)
    Etex - The Etex Challenge - Social media
    JBL - Hidden Vibes - Social media
    Gutzandglory blaakt van gezondheid in coronatijden - Social media
    PwC - Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’ - Social media
    Klanten in Social media (7)
    JBLConsumer Electronics | regional
    Cambio VlaanderenVervoer | regional
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    BeapharHuisdieren | international

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Influencer Marketing (14)
    Tiktok InfluencersMicro InfluencersInfluencer Content ProductionInfluencer Reporting and ROIInfluencer Content ValidationInfluencer-wervingInfluencer SelectionInfluencer StrategyMacro influencersNano Influencers+4

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  • Beschrijving
    Starting from brand strategy, we use all available channels to install your brand's promise. Yet, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: live activation, digital activation, brand activation and sales activation are essential in order to make your brand stand out in a trustworthy way.
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (35)
    TaglineBrandingBrand GuideLogoVisual IdentityCommunicatiestrategieHuisstijlCustomer JourneyEmployer BrandingRebranding+25
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (13)
    Deceuninck - Every window matters - Branding & Positionering
    Parterra - Redefining luxury adventure watches - Branding & Positionering
    Hi we are June20 - Branding & Positionering
    Beaphar - Not a single worry - Branding & Positionering
    Review in Branding & Positionering (1)
    Koen Vandenhende
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (13)
    DeceuninckBouw | international
    BeapharHuisdieren | international
    BeapharHuisdieren | international
    WillemenBouw |

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  • Beschrijving
    Brand strategy influences brand identity. We create and support both, with the focus on consistency and ease of application in our diverse digital multi-user and multi-touchpoint universe. Doing so, we never forget a detail: every shape, button, font or colour serves a purpose. To connect in a way that is fit for your brand and that contributes to your success.
    Skills in Ontwerp (36)
    DesignGraphic DesignBrandingDigitalWeb DesignSocial MediaCorporate IdentityAdobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorBrand Identity+26
    Projecten in Ontwerp (9)
    Parterra - Redefining luxury adventure watches - Ontwerp
    Hi we are June20 - Ontwerp
    Beaphar - Out of the box - Ontwerp
    Etex - The Etex Challenge - Ontwerp
    Klanten in Ontwerp (9)
    Smeg BEHuishoudelijke Producten | national
    WillemenBouw |
    ParterraKleding & Accessoires | international
    June20Media | international

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  • Beschrijving
    We are the go-to partner if you consider your website a part of your integrated communication strategy. We develop web platforms that are the first as well as the last part of your consumer's journey. We deliver consistency in design, efficiency in conversion and data-mining, full development support and full content creation.
    Skills in Website Creatie (28)
    Branding DesignInformation ArchitectureSitecoreProduct Strategywebdesignservice marketingonline contentwebpaginawebsite seoui design+18
    Projecten in Website Creatie (7)
    Deceuninck - Every window matters - Website Creatie
    Parterra - Redefining luxury adventure watches - Website Creatie
    Hi we are June20 - Website Creatie
    SD Worx - The Job Games - Website Creatie
    Klanten in Website Creatie (7)
    DeceuninckBouw | international
    ParterraKleding & Accessoires | international
    June20Media | international
    SD Worx - Staffing SolutionsPersoneelszaken | national

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  • Beschrijving
    Skills in Copywriting (6)
    Overtuigende CopywritingWebsite CopywritingNarrative CopywritingCreatief SchrijvenDigitale CopywritingContent Edition
    Projecten in Copywriting (3)
    Parterra - Redefining luxury adventure watches - Copywriting
    Hi we are June20 - Copywriting
    HOGENT - HOGENTENAAR - Copywriting
    Klanten in Copywriting (3)
    June20Media | international
    ParterraKleding & Accessoires | international
    HOGENTOnderwijs | national

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45 leden in June20's team

June20 cover
VerhaalEngineering Emotions to make your brand grow is all we are about. And we're all about servicing you to make you happy, whatever your brand or communication challenge.
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June20 heeft 12 awards gewonnen

Best of Content (BOCA) Silver2022-11-1Best LT Content Marketing Program B2C

Best of Content (BOCA) Silver2022-10-31Best use of Influencer Marketing in a Content Program

Best of Activation (BOA) Silver2022-11-1Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial Campaigns

Best of Content (BOCA) Silver2021-11-30Highest conversion response from a content program

Best of Content (BOCA) Silver2021-12-1Best use of ambassadors in a content program

Best of Activation (BOA) Gold2019-4-30Product Launch

Best of Activation (BOA) Gold2019-3-31B2B

Best of Content (BOCA) Silver2019-3-31

Best of Content (BOCA) Bronze2019-3-31

BToB Awards Gold2019-9-1Best use of PR

BToB Awards Diamond (Jury's Award)2019-9-30Best use of PR

Best of Activation (BOA) Bronze2015-11-30Retail



(2 reviews)
Thierry DossogneSenior Communication Manager bij Etex
ServiceDigital Strategy

Wat was het doel van de samenwerking?Talrijke projecten : jaarverslagen, duurzaamheidsverslagen, perberichten, digital, SoMe, video, interne campagnes, branding, enz.

Wat vond je het leukst tijdens de samenwerking?Altijd gemotiveerde mensen, die in moeilijke omstandigheden qua tijd tijd, budget, enz. een oplossing vinden en heel flexibel zijn. Diepe kennis van de klant en een gediversifieerde team die talrijke taken aankan. Op menselijk vlak heel vriendelijk met een positieve aanpak.

Thierry Dossogne beveelt dit bureau aan

ServiceDigital Strategy

Koen VandenhendeCommercieel Directeur bij Vondelmolen
ServiceBranding & Positionering
Team51 - 200

Wat was het doel van de samenwerking?Het bureau heeft geholpen om een scherpe en onderscheidende positionering vast te leggen voor het Vondelmolenmerk. De rebranding met duidelijke categorisering van het assortiment is een echte leidraad geworden voor alle initiatieven die we nemen. Dit alles naast een uitmuntend uitgewerkte communicatiecampagne .

Wat vond je het leukst tijdens de samenwerking?Geen jaknikkers! Echt een sparringpartner die strategisch en tactisch de commerciële aanpak naar een hoger niveau brengt. Zeer professionele executie van de afgesproken opdrachten.

Koen Vandenhende beveelt dit bureau aan

ServiceBranding & Positionering
Team51 - 200
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  • HoofdkantoorStapelplein 70, 9000 Gent, België

  • Bisschoppenhoflaan 88, 2100 Antwerpen, België