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Hoaxland Animation Studio Oudenaarde, België

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Hoaxland is your Animation Buddy for perfect 2D, 3D and CGI.
We create computer-generated animations, 2D or 3D images and special effects that bring your creative concepts to life, making them more convincing, more persuasive and a lot cooler. The secret? Our technical expertise and eye for perfection, delivering satisfactory results each and every time.
Why do we do it?
As a value driven company, we want to turn society into a better place. Animations are a highly suitable tool to change attitudes in a funny way without being pedantic.
Sparring-partner to your imagination – Our first job is to boost your imagination. We’re your creative think tank, taking your ideas one step further every time. We’ll provide you with proactive expert advice during every stage of your creative process. Developer of pitch-perfect results – What you get on screen or paper is the result of creativity, technological expertise, quality driven perfectionism and lots and lots of hard work. It’s our definition of perfection.
This is how it usually goes: it starts with a creative idea or concept, but the technology can’t follow. So, you compromise and end up with a petty excuse for a 3D visualisation. Not with Hoaxland. Our graphics and images will baffle your audience. They will add flavour and energy to your project, making your job a lot easier. Think as wildly as you can. We will make it happen - in 3D.
The five benefits of Hoaxland, your animation buddy:
Experience: we’ve been doing 3D since 2001. In digital terms, that’s forever. Knowledge: we like to tinker and play with images, but we’re really more of an advisor and an expert consultant, sharing our technical knowledge and insights with you because we feel it’s our duty to give proactive advice when we see fit. Focus: we go from zero to 3D in one straight line. No hidden traps, no unpleasant surprises en route. In that way, we can always meet your deadlines. Within budget: every offer is well-thought through and tailored to your needs. Our costing calculation system follows the budget closely to avoid surprises later on. Talent: your team is a team of talented artists, each with their own specialty. We know exactly what we can and cannot do. Should we reach the edge of our skillset, we will gladly introduce you to a tried and trusted partner
People before profit:
We want our team to pursue not only artistic, but also personal development.By focusing on values such as intuition, empathy, engagement and purpose, rules become subservient. We believe that value driven companies are key to long term success.
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