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DoubleDouble is an award-winning audiovisual agency. We tell stories with films and animations.

We create films for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, TV commercials, 360° videos, VR, 2D and 3D, interviews.

We provide a global service, from conception to broadcast. We help you connect with people in the following areas: corporate image, employer branding, CSR, inernal communication, marketing, interactive (web, iOS or Android). Some of our clients: Air, Atlas Copco, AXA Private Management,, Degroof Petercam, EDF Luminus, ENGIE Electrabel, FamousGrey, FNRS, Google, ING, Leffe, Keytrade, Loterie Nationale, Solvay, UCB, UNCDF,...

We can help you in the following areas: brand image, employer branding, corporate social responsibility, internal, change and crisis communication, marketing films, interactive communication (web, iOS or Android).

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  • Beschrijving
    DoubleDouble has a strong reputation regarding its ability to create a contemporary and dynamic visual style. We create films that present your business or your institution, its values, culture and DNA, using strong and out of the ordinary storylines that will encourage sharing and diffusion. We won’t apply any pre-defined method to achieve this; instead, we will listen to you and immerse ourselves in your culture, your identity. This will then enable us to create “tailor-made” stories that convey an emotion.
    Projecten in Film (18)
    Imagine Tomorrow - Film
    The Incredible Journey of BigBert - Film
    ING - De Doordenkers - Film
    KEYPRIVATE Launching - Film
    Klanten in Film (18)
    DoubleDoubleMedia | national
    RTBFMedia | national
    SolvayIndustriële Goederen en Diensten | international
    Airport Carbon AccreditationLuchtvaart en ruimtevaart | international

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  • Beschrijving
    The design of the image or an A to Z animation can make sense in a way that can be metaphorical, fun, humorous and at the same time educating. Animations make it possible to provide context to an action, to develop a technical concept or to visualize a product that does not yet exist. We can produce as well in 2D as in 3D.
    Projecten in Motion Design (10)
    The Incredible Journey of BigBert - Motion Design
    We love Motion Design so much! - Motion Design
    KEYPRIVATE Launching - Motion Design
    Life is about mouvement - Motion Design
    Klanten in Motion Design (10)
    SolvayIndustriële Goederen en Diensten | international
    BNP Paribas FortisBanken & financiële instellingen | national
    Forum NucléaireEnergie en Olie | international
    Airport Carbon AccreditationLuchtvaart en ruimtevaart | international

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22 projecten uitgevoerd door DoubleDouble

Imagine Tomorrow
Imagine Tomorrow

Project gemaakt voor Degroof Petercam in de Banken & financiële instellingen industrie voor een B2C publiek in 2018.Brand image film for Degroof Petercam

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The Incredible Journey of BigBert
The Incredible Journey of BigBert

Project gemaakt voor Atlas Copco in de Industriële Goederen en Diensten industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2017.We created the character BigBert, a passionate employee who decides one day to dedicate his holiday to a great trip around the world to find the compressors he has manufactured in order to understand their use. This trip leads Bert into incredible adventures where his surprising candour generates positive emotions.We made a genuine short film in which some scenes have been shot in decors built from scratch, but in which most actions take place in the natural settings of the real customers of Atlas Copco.

FilmMotion Design
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ING - De Doordenkers
ING - De Doordenkers

Project gemaakt voor Havas Worldwide Brussels in de Banken & financiële instellingen industrie voor een B2B publiek.

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We love Motion Design so much!
We love Motion Design so much!

Project gemaakt voor DoubleDouble in de Marketing & Reclame industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek.Discover our brand new motion design showreel!

Motion Design
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Project gemaakt voor Keytrade Bank in de Banken & financiële instellingen industrie voor een B2C publiek.

FilmMotion Design
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Life is about mouvement
Life is about mouvement

Project gemaakt voor Airport Carbon Accreditation in de Luchtvaart en ruimtevaart industrie voor een B2B publiek.

FilmMotion Design
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DoubleDouble heeft 16 awards gewonnen

The Special Award Ministry of Culture and Communication2017-05-31Culture and sustainable development

Golden Green Award2017-05-31Sustainable producing and circular economy

Golden Trophy for the film KEYPRIVATE with Federate2016-08-31Made In Corporate Innovation Awards

Silver Trophy for the pre- and post-sales films "boxx" for ENGIE Electrabel2016-08-31Made In Corporate Innovation Awards

Totem d’Or for “Life is about movement”2015-05-31Deauville Green Awards 2015

Best internal communication for “Cofely - Health, Safety, Environment & Quality”2015-05-31Corporate Video Festival
Best Corporate Image for “The Legacy of Ernest Solvay.”2014-04-30Corporate Video Festival 2014

Grand Prix Special Achievement for the Belgacom 20 Years Virtual Tour2013-10-31FEIEA 2013
Grand Prix Internal Webzine for the Belgacom 20 Years Virtual Tour2013-10-31ABCi 2013
Grand Prix Audiovisual for the film series "Saint-Luc, cinq valeurs vitales"2013-10-31FEIEA 2013

Grand Prix Audiovisual for the film series "Saint-Luc, cinq valeurs vitales"2013-10-31ABCi 2013

Grand Prix of the "Community Environmental Audiovisual Policy" for Brussels Mobility: "For a region on the move"2012-03-31Deauville Green Awards
Golden Asterias for the movie of Brussels Mobility: "For a region on the move"2012-03-31"Eco-Mobility" at Deauville Green Awards
"Silver Dauphin Award" for "RTBF - La Course Poursuite"2011-10-31'Marketing' category at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

"Best Film Award" for "Your Infrabel"2011-05-31'Marketing' category at FIMAC
"Best Direction" for "RTBF - La Course Poursuite"2011-05-31FIMAC


3 reviews voor DoubleDouble

(3 reviews)
Valérie MichauxDirectrice Campagne et Communication bij Amnesty International
I was wondering who could make and edit an unusual visual experience filled with emotion, professionalism and humanity and do so in a record time of 10 days. DoubleDouble was up for the challenge! The result is a four-minute film, inspired by the film made by our colleagues in Poland. It has already been viewed tens of thousands of times, has won the Grand Prix at the Corporate Video Festival, and, most importantly, it has succeeded in changing how we look at refugees, thanks to the necessary human aspect. Congratulations and thanks to DoubleDouble. I’m about to give them another project (but they don’t know it yet) …

Emmanuelle GhislainMarketing, Communication and Fundraising Coordinator at DUO for a JOB
It's been a real pleasure to work with Double Double, from account management to realisation, from brainstorm to follow-up. Although we are a small organisation (uncomparable to others in terms of budget), I have not felt un-listened or unconsidered and was treated as a client that matters and this is rare enough to be pointed out. Our campaign is now live and is already bringing us more attention that we hoped for. I recommend Laurent and his team +++

Menno JanssensHead of Innovation at Elia and Co-founder Noven
Elia ordered 4 animated films and a 360° Virtual Reality visit to DoubleDouble. The team brought an engaging, creative concept to the table, and produced didactic 3D videos based on modernity. I have no hesitation in recommending DoubleDouble. Their work is produced to a very high standard and executed with a collaborative approach to the client


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  • HoofdkantoorRue des Chartreux 19 1000 Brussels, Belgium