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The agency At Mission-Systole, some draw, others paint, write, dance – some are geeks and some aren’t… In short, one big ‘small agency’ with, above all, a human face. An agency that specialises in communication, strategic marketing, advertising, graphic design, events, but which is also a web agency. Its offer Common sense, enthusiasm and emotion. Simple? Rarely. Experienced? Yes, by our team of graphic designers, consultants, tutors, community managers, strategic planners, artistic directors, web developers, web designers and other marketing and communications specialists. Its competences Don’t look for boundaries in marketing; they no longer exist. Nor are there any within our agency. We are able to simultaneously create, develop or enrich visual identity and advertising design, web design and print production, events and corporate values, strategic marketing and graphic design, natural referencing and ROI marketing, marketing positioning and digital monitoring, community management and brand content, etc.
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  • Description
    Every web design project should start with the analysis of your brief (your situation, review of potential websites or online apps (existing and no longer existing), experience feedback, users’ interviews, analysis of competitors or similar websites, blog, menu, etc.) in order to bring about clear and precise objectives: types of users, browsing scenarios, etc.

    You will then have to assess your priorities, both in terms of web design and functionalities: decide on the complexity and number of functionalities you would like, your internal resources, your global budget (per functionality) and your schedule requirements.

    Then it’s up to the web designers from the studio to define the tree view and storyboards for every functionality and every standard page on the website, to represent the information hierarchy within a page, the content volume, the type of content to be produced, the interaction between different pages, sequences within every app, etc.

    The next phase specifically involves web design by the agency: all the standard graphic screens from the storyboard are developed by creating an original digital identity or by following your digital charter (in the form of templates). This is the stage where you must define the rules and good practices aimed at optimising the relevance of browsing (buttons, interactions, etc.), easiness of use, user-friendliness and reliability of the website’s interface.
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    La mer, on y retourne ? - Stratégie digitale
    Client en Stratégie digitale (1)
    WesttoerVoyage et Loisirs | regional

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    Because a business must ceaselessly search for the means and ingenuity that will ensure its continued existence.

    Because every one of us is becoming increasingly aware of the coherence between a business, its brands, its products, its message and its advertising image. Because the Internet has increased our capacity to exchange, comprehend, influence. As a communication and advertising agency, we believe it may be time for you to speak out, regardless of the size of your business.

    New logo and brand signature, new brand territory, new creative impulse and statement in an advertising campaign, new media strategy: Mission-Systole, the big ‘small agency’ specialised in marketing and communication, loves to help its partner clients gain precious reputation or preference points.

    The creation of our studio doesn’t stop at the boundaries of conventional media advertising or Internet adverts, no matter the format: advertising campaign, poster, board, etc. Our ambition is to come up with ideas that are likely to be embodied in a variety of contents (brand content) and in as many types of media as possible, both on and offline (social media, blogs, catalogues, leaflets, etc.).
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    Advertising Campaign
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    Walloon Milk - Publicité
    Client en Publicité (1)
    APAQ-WAlimentaire | regional

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    Visual Identity

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