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Talking Heads helps your company or brand build up a sustainable and integrated online presence.

As an all-inclusive online marketing expert we do not aim on short-term campaigns or peak moments. Instead we focus on a well-thought-out and integrated long-term strategy. We do not work for you, we work with you and we believe in knowledge sharing while doing so. We think from the perspective of the end user, because in the end they are what it’s all about.

We want to get to know the organization and the people we work with, so we can perfectly finetune their online marketing story. Because the more we know you, the more we can do for you. We are 100% involved, and clear in what we do and provide. We manage your expectations clearly and go the extra mile in our cooperation. Let's talk...

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  • Beschrijving
    We help organizations and brands establish long-lasting and integrated social media presences. We can do the same for you!
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    Ambassadors Collaboration & Participation Project - Social media
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    Infopunt Gent Sint-PietersOverheid | national

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Ambassadors Collaboration & Participation Project
Ambassadors Collaboration & Participation Project

Project gemaakt voor Infopunt Gent Sint-Pieters in de Overheid industrie voor een B2C publiek.Talking Heads devised a successful social media campaign aimed at driving brand awareness, ambassador participation and collaboration for Gent's Project Gent Sint-Pieters, a urban development project.

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  • HoofdkantoorVoorhavenlaan 31/003 9000 Ghent, Belgium