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Film is a functional art. It brings up emotion and hold the viewer in its grasp.
Strong images that tell a story and blows away your potential clients. It is exactly what your company needs.

New Impact is a filmmaking specialist, experienced in translating your corporate story into a well made video. With more than 29 years experience, New Impact can offer a broad expertise in different categories ranging from testimonials to big budget corporate branding movies and commercials. As an acknowledge media consultant we can also help you find the right media to distribute your video in the most efficient way.


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  • Beschrijving
    Film and video production, animated graphics, media consultancy, audio production,... We make you story work! Starting with pre-production (storyline, moodboard, casting, location hunting) over production (shooting, realization animation) to post-production (editing, voice-recording, colorgrading, audio, mastering).
    Skills in Film (1)
    Video & Film Production
    Projecten in Film (10)
    Atypical Antwerp - Film
    Atlas Copco - What if - Film
    Brussels Airport. Infinite possibilities. - Film
    Firebrigade volunteer - Film
    Klanten in Film (10)
    GroheAnderen | regional
    BrukomtegelAnderen | national
    AntwerpenOverheid | international
    Brussels Airport CompanyLuchtvaart en ruimtevaart | international

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  • Beschrijving
    We make animation tell your story!
    Project in Motion Design (1)
    Atypical Antwerp - Motion Design
    Klant in Motion Design (1)
    AntwerpenOverheid | international

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11 projecten uitgevoerd door New Impact

Atypical Antwerp
Atypical Antwerp

Project gemaakt voor Antwerpen in de Overheid industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek.Objective: To present the city of Antwerp as an atypical city, in line with the city marketing.Target Group: Stakeholders, B2B, general publicInternational distribution

FilmMotion Design
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Atlas Copco - What if
Atlas Copco - What if

Project gemaakt voor Atlas Copco, portable air division in de Technology Hardware & Equipment industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2014.We made this film for the Atlas Copco, portable air division.Our objective for this film was to was to explain the viewer what the corebusiness for this division was"Bringing power to places that are difficult to reach".

Branding & PositioneringCopywritingFilm+1
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Brussels Airport. Infinite possibilities.
Brussels Airport. Infinite possibilities.

Project gemaakt voor Brussels Airport Company in de Luchtvaart en ruimtevaart industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek in 2015.Objective: This film aims to show the importance of the airport, both on an economic and on a human side. The international connectivity both for passengers and for goods, the uniqueness of the airport as a workplace and the dreams it represents are summarized in a stylish package. It also conveys Brussels Airport’s brand values : human, people driven, Belgian and focused on customer needs.Target Group: Stakeholders, BtB, general publicSynopsis: Brussels Airport serves 23,5 million passengers every year. Creates tens of thousands of jobs. Every plane, every person has a story – a story of travelling or coming home, of working in a unique environment, every day. Of discovering new things overseas or enjoying new things at home. Of going somewhere for business or being part of something new. This script celebrates the fact that Brussels Airport is such a dynamic home to the stories that take place and the possibilities they represent.

Branding & PositioneringCopywritingFilm+2
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Firebrigade volunteer
Firebrigade volunteer

Project gemaakt voor FOD Binnelandse zaken in de Overheid industrie voor een B2C publiek in 2016.In order to find new recruits for the voluntary firebrigade the ministery of internal affairs commissioned us to make a series about what new recruits can expect.These series are distributed via social media, local and national news channels.

Branding & PositioneringCopywritingFilm+2
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Moving Antwerp
Moving Antwerp

Project gemaakt voor Stad Antwerpen in de Overheid industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek.Showcase of the City of Antwerp for promotional purposes and international branding.This movie won the Golden Dolphin 2014 in Cannes

Branding & PositioneringCopywritingFilm+2
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Grohe Blue
Grohe Blue

Project gemaakt voor Grohe in de Anderen industrie voor een B2C publiek.This commercial was made for a national campagne on Belgian television

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New Impact heeft 3 awards gewonnen

Belgian Corporate Video Festival2016-05-31Grand Prix Corporate Video Award 2016

Golden Dolphin Cannes 20152015-05-31Best Corporate Video
Silver Dolphin Cannes 20152015-09-30Best Corporate Video


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