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“We help clients pivot from thinking digital to being digital”

Accenture Digital is one of the world’s largest end-to-end providers of digital transformation with world class capabilities in digital marketing, mobility and analytics. We are dedicated to helping clients apply digital technologies to create new business value through interactive experiences that captivate customers, analytics that transform big data into even bigger actions and new mobile technologies that harness the power of IOT and Living Services. With more than 36, 000 deeply skilled people around the globe, Accenture Digital drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives.

Accenture Digital provides services within three specific domains :

Accenture Interactive (

Accenture Interactive offers complete, end-to-end solutions within marketing, customer experience, campaign and content management, service design and omni-channel commerce which support our clients in the development of these topics.

Accenture Analytics (

With the Accenture Insights Platform and a suite of custom industry apps, Accenture Analytics delivers insight-driven outcomes at scale to help organizations improve performance using big data, advanced mathematical modelling, forecasting and sophisticated statistical analytics.

Accenture Mobility (

Accenture Mobility specializes in connected products, mobile apps and custom Internet of Things innovations that provide transformative capabilities through horizontal and industry-specific mobile and IoT solutions.


Client references

Unilever – BMW – Tesco – National Geographic – Ducati – Coop Italia – American Express – Visa – Lacoste – Vodafone – Warner Bros – Marriott – Velux …

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Digital Strategy

€60000 – €1000000

Create differentiated and compelling experiences that build engagement and lower transaction costs with customers, employees and partners by putting design and user-focused strategy at the heart. Fjord, the design and innovation unit within Accenture Interactive, brings breakthrough digital services to life by redesigning people's relationships with the world around them. We harness the chaos. From intangible to product. Whether we’re transforming customer experiences or reinventing business models, we make sense of the patterns. We connect the dots. We create something from nothing. There are two parts to this: Service Design & Strategy and Digital Product Creation. Service Design & Strategy The creation of a compelling customer proposition and service system grounded in the organisation. The first part of helping our clients achieve their goals is by making sense of complexity to determine: - What a service can be for users - What business outcomes it will deliver - How to deliver in the best possible way Both emotion and logic are used to meld data and creativity. Well-tested methodologies and design thinking deliver strategic breakthroughs. Our cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and ultra-curious teams help our clients answer critical questions about what their users need and how to organise a service provision around those needs. Digital Product Creation Delivery of innovative and magical products and experiences. After laying out the strategy, products and experiences are delivered through: - Collaboration between design and development forces from day one - Co-creation with both our clients and their users to transform thinking into something tangible - Implementation of a rapidly adaptable Agile process, that is technology and platform agnostic

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€60000 – €1000000

Digital channels can vastly expand a brand’s customer experience, but many companies’ omni-channel capabilities have not kept pace. To create the relevant, intuitive experiences consumers demand, companies need cross-channel order visibility, internationalization, segmentation, predictive analytics, dialogue marketing and personalization capabilities. We have found that achieving consumer relevance across all channels, consumer intent segments, and geographies is a key differentiator between high and low performers. Accenture Interactive’s Commerce services provide unique end-to-end capabilities that help you drive revenue and optimize your operations—combining our deep industry know-how, technology insights and global scale. It means you reap the benefits of more integrated, scalable technology and back-end processes, as well as leveraging cross-channel marketing expertise, greater organizational flexibility and collaboration.

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