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Boom, Belgique
The increasing shift to digital of our Belgian SMEs means that demand for digital experts is increasing. We clearly see the consequence of this in our market due to the proliferation of digital agencies, in every city district you will find one. After several discussions with customers and companies, we find that the background and the number of years of experience in the matter are very important in the choice of an agency and the quality of a collaboration. In addition, we also see that the International character for many SMEs is increasing in importance in view of the accessibility of the internet. Go where your customers are. To be successful as a company, you have to be able to view your business from the customer’s point of view. This customer has more and more opportunities today to get in touch with your product or service. The internet can not be excluded anymore, and that is where things go wrong for many companies. Your approach must be in line with what the customer wants and you must be available at all times in the buying process to help your customers make the decision. Youblie is a synergy of 3 experts with a combined digital marketing background of + 15 years. We ensure that every contact moment with the customer is aligned with the stage in the purchase process. This way you can easily move with customers across different digital channels and invest where you get the best results.  
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    How quickly can you grow your business? With the right settings you can reach your target audience quickly by digitally advertising. At Youblie we strongly believe that if you deal with marketing budgets in a calculated way, you will get the best return. Decide for yourself how fast you want to grow!

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    Where do you get most of your information when it comes to what is happening in the world? Stand in a queue at the counter, in a traffic jam or just on the street and see what others are doing. Indeed everyone is sunk in their mobile device. A contemporary marketing strategy must match reality and focus on customers far beyond the traditional marketing funnel. We are experts in all aspects of digital marketing, but the strength of each strategy stems from the mutual connections and not from the power of each marketing channel as such. We help you determine the right strategy.

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