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A human-sized multi-specialist team dedicated to activating your products, brand or message with sharp strategies that involve state-of-the-art advertising and attraction channels. We like analytics-based strategies as well as budget- and time-controlled deployments. And because good design and the right wording sell more than massive media investments, we love to create engaging, bold and spiky campaigns. Challenge us ! 
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Parle Anglais, Français, Néerlandais
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Fondée en 1997
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  • Description
    • Brand activation campaigns : we create exclusive Brand Activation campaigns that use multiple communication channels to deliver your brand’s core values and messages in a consistent way, so as to stimulate consumers interest and trial, turning shoppers into buyers.
    • Consumer and Trade Promotion : how to communicate your message along with a strong promotional campaign?
    Let us strike the big idea and activate it by using all communication channels in and out of store!
    • Packaging Design : when it's time for decision, your product stands alone, facing the consumer. SPIKE can improve the way your packaging communicates the values and the promises of your brand, as well as the quality and the content of your product, and help differentiate it from the competitors.
    • Events : we create events with the necessary rigor and creativity to be consistent with your communication strategy.
    • Design : we believe in a strong and consistent design in harmony with the roots of the brand. We believe that design contributes to reinforce your message to the target, and that it helps make your brand strong and exclusive. We are also convinced that design is a matter for experts. We love design!
    Compétences en Publicité (3)
    Brand ActivationPackaging Design360
    Projets en Publicité (6)
    POS material Easter - Publicité
    Brand activation campaign - Publicité
    Brand activation campaign - Publicité
    Brand activation campaign - Publicité
    Clients en Publicité (6)
    Savencia & Pepsi ColaAlimentaire | national
    Bolton GroupProduits ménagers | national
    SavenciaAlimentaire | national
    VandemoorteleAlimentaire | national

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  • Description
    A creative use of the digital media tools and latest technology innovations through dedicated strategies will enable you to attract new customers, increase their loyalty, promote your products or services, and improve your awareness and ROI in a fast, accurate and highly targeted manner!
    We create :
    • Websites dedicated to brands, products, events, contests and companies
    • Inbound marketing - 4 steps to convert potential customers to ambassadors :
    - Connect : through creative output rather than intrusive advertising
    - Convert : turn your prospects into leads by communicating with them in a targeted manner
    - Close : create a space to allow your prospects themselves to decide when they wish to become customers
    - Cherish : invest in the relationship with your new customers so that they bring you new leads
    • Social media campaigns : word of mouth communication has never been so powerful since the emergence of social networks. To be successful, the use of social media has to be done in a thoughtful and structured way. We can help you open a gateway to social networks in order to build a strong, regular, and customized dialogue with your target group that reflects your brand essence
    • SEO and SEA campaigns
    • e-newsletters and database management
    • IOS and Android applications for smartphones and tablets
    Compétences en Stratégie digitale (2)
    Inbound MarketingMarketing de Recommandation
    Projets en Stratégie digitale (2)
    Facebook page and contest website - Stratégie digitale
    Social networks - Stratégie digitale
    Clients en Stratégie digitale (2)
    Air EuropaAérospatial | national
    Compo FranceAutres | national

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en Création de site internet (1)
    Lancement de Produit

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Projet en Print (1)
    Guerilla marketing - Print
    Client en Print (1)
    BeWaPPGouvernement et administration | regional

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    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

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    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

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