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PIXILEON is a Brussels based animation studio specializing in motion graphic design advertising videos and animated explainer videos. Our phylosophy is to work like passionated watchmakers, taking care of every details so the animated video looks like a real jewel. We offer a great expertise in our field as well as a perfect organisation so the client knows that he/she 's in good hands. As real craftsmen we are taking in charge of artistic direction as well as the scenario, the storyboard and of course the animation it-self. We can work directly for a client or in collaboration with an agency. Trusting us is enjoying the know-how of 2 confirmed guys with more than 12 years of experience mainly made on TV productions and in the print industry. Our team of freelancers can expand up to 6 members depending on the needs. Feel free to contact us! Our specialities are : motion graphics, 2D-3D animation , corporate and institutional videos , social, cultural, environmental responsibility projects, commercials, video marketing, credits, TV identities, motion graphics, the data-visualization, storyboard, web and webphone contents, animated illustrations for documentaries and exhibitions.
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Parle Anglais, Espagnol, Français, Italien
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Fondée en 2012
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  • Description
    We make motion design, 2D animated explainer videos and marketing videos. We can design the entire video (script, storyboard, animatic, animation, editing)or simply do the animation based on an existing design, script and storyboard.
    Compétences en Animation (4)
    Adobe After Effects2DExplainer VideoIntitutional
    Projets en Animation (4)
    Gazprom LNG Blue Corridor - Animation
    One voice, 10 000 Degrees - Animation
    PRODERN institutional video - Animation
    Eurogas 5G Energy - Animation
    Clients en Animation (4)
    GazpromEnergie et Pétrole | international
    EurogasEnergie et Pétrole | international
    Peruvian Ministry of EnvironmentGouvernement et administration | national
    10000 degreesÉducation | national

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Projets en Vidéo (2)
    Gazprom LNG Blue Corridor - Vidéo
    One voice, 10 000 Degrees - Vidéo
    Clients en Vidéo (2)
    GazpromEnergie et Pétrole | international
    10000 degreesÉducation | national

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4 projets ajoutés par Pixileon

Gazprom LNG Blue Corridor
Gazprom LNG Blue Corridor

Projet réalisé pour Gazprom dans l'industrie Energie et Pétrole pour un public B2C en 2016.At the occasion of the Blue corridor Rally Pixileon were asked to make this explainer about the new eco-friendly technology named LNG ( Liquefied Natural Gas) which allows to carry and fuel gas with ships by reducing its volume.

AnimationDesign & graphismePublicité+1
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One voice, 10 000 Degrees
One voice, 10 000 Degrees

Projet réalisé pour 10000 degrees dans l'industrie Éducation pour un public B2B / B2C en 2016.Pixileon were asked to design, direct and animate a video to communicate about the 10 000 degrees scolarship and education programs. The film was ordered at the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the foundation.

AnimationDesign & graphismePublicité+1
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PRODERN institutional video
PRODERN institutional video

Projet réalisé pour Peruvian Ministry of Environment dans l'industrie Gouvernement et administration pour un public B2C en 2012.Institutional Video explaining in outline, the draft for strategic development of natural resources in regions Ayacucho, Huancavelica there Apurimac in Peru.

AnimationDesign & graphismePublicité
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Eurogas 5G Energy
Eurogas 5G Energy

Projet réalisé pour Eurogas dans l'industrie Energie et Pétrole pour un public B2B / B2C en 2017.Eurogas choose us to tell the story of the 5th Generation of Energy. We proposed a colorfull and dynamic way of transmitting their message.Pixileon took in charge of the script in collaboration with the communication team at Eurogas as well as direction, design, animation, music (library) and VO casting. were very proud, Enjoy!

AnimationDesign & graphismePublicité
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  • Siège socialOpzichterstraat 136, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium

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