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We create Application at Mint.IT, we are one of the pillars in mobile development in the area, we have proven paramount success and remarkable impact on the field. We have tied strong relationships with a variety of Startups, enterprises and with overseas companies. Because we aim for more, and higher, we vouch for a rock-solid mobile applications that takes the best interest of our clients and their clients at core. We plan, always, for upgrading the quality of our product and its utility! We follow the track of advanced technologies and we are ambitious to revolutionize the vision of Mobile Apps! Our magic products are a diversification of applications and websites that speaks the orientation of our clients. We have hallmarks apps in almost every field: Tech, health, leisure, fragrances, employment, public services, transportations, social media, just to name a few. In the creation of our Apps we follow systematically a strategic plannings; we play it within the ethics of the game, from studying the business, to prototyping and wireframing, to development board until testing and finally delivering! At MintIT WeDoApps! 
10 personnes dans leur équipe
Parle Anglais, Arabe, Français, Néerlandais
6 projets dans leur portfolio
Travaille à distance à travers le monde
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Fondée en 2009


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    The process of our work, which grows in a systematic flow and organized, coordinated planning and execution, stands behind our costs; we value our work and we accept our work to be highly regarded.
    Projets en Application mobile (6)
    Grabingo - Application mobile
    Sibly - Application mobile
    ZapMaid - Application mobile
    Jobi - Application mobile
    Clients en Application mobile (6)
    ZapMaidAutres | international
    JobiRestaurants | national
    CORPRessources humaines |
    SiblyHôpitaux et Santé |

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  • Description
    We watch on the smooth flow of our work and we esteem highly the work of our team. It is an intensive work with pre-determined objectives and startegic connection! We value our work in the market!
    Projets en Application web (4)
    Grabingo - Application web
    Jobi - Application web
    CORP - Application web
    OneZest - Application web
    Clients en Application web (4)
    JobiRestaurants | national
    One ZestAutres |
    GrabingoAutres | national
    CORPRessources humaines |

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6 projets ajoutés par MINTIT


Projet réalisé pour Grabingo dans l'industrie Autres pour un public B2B / B2C.Grabingo help vendors create loyal costumers. Grabingo is a thriving mobile app that helps businesses acquire new customers, engage them and retain them. It offers retailers a deal that garantees a lifelong loyalty system, besides, live marketing tools, for instance: a feedback managment system that includes realtime, chatting, reviews and a rating system.

Application mobileApplication webE-commerce+3
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Projet réalisé pour Sibly dans l'industrie Hôpitaux et Santé pour un public .It's an Android/iOS mobile application that provides digital psychological aid and coaching to users, it garantees reflected listening and enriching interviews, a real-time chatting that assists users with psychological guidance.

Application mobile
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Projet réalisé pour ZapMaid dans l'industrie Autres pour un public B2C.ZapMaid is a mobile application that facilates the communication between property owners and cleaning ladies who are subscribed in the application. ZapMaid is a platform that assembles potential users with maids, by means of booking from the former and calender managment from the latter. A real-time chat is one key feature that enables immidiate interaction and allows easy planning and booking. Users are eligible to rate and give feedbacks about the Maid's work, besides costumizing the to-be-cleaned spaces and estimate the cleaning time. In her turn, the Maid is able to ask for more time, check-in and send pictures for users to make sure the job done.

Application mobile
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Projet réalisé pour Jobi dans l'industrie Restaurants pour un public B2C.Jobi is an digital brochure that facilitates booking for Jobi visitors and provides multiple functions in one application. Jobi provides access to a platform that sprawls into four outlets (geographically). Illustrated in flashy and Chilly, both the app and the website are an invtation to peruse into the upcoming events in the pub, the menus, the plannings and special occasions! Jobi implies a loyalty system carried out through a QR code.

Application mobileApplication web
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Projet réalisé pour CORP dans l'industrie Ressources humaines pour un public B2B / B2C.CORP, (Centre d'Orientation et de Recouvrement Professionnel) is an application that channalizes the Tunisan- German cooperation that revolves around unemployment of youth in Tunisia. CORP is a platform that introduces users-seking for work to job various opportunities or to recruitment agencies, trainings, and job open-days types of events.

Application mobileApplication web
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Projet réalisé pour One Zest dans l'industrie Autres pour un public B2B / B2C.One Zest is a gamification App that is based on treasure hunt and collecting zests that stand actually for objects and treasures that are green and eco-friendly, and which the purpose is to protect environment and encourage sustainable development.

3DAnimationApplication mobile+6
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Molka hachaichiCTO Grabingo chez Grabingo

AsmaaAchourResponsable Commerciale chez Mint

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