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Luna Hoeilaart, Belgique

Le profil et les détails de cette agence sont gérés par son propriétaire.

Wens je meer of andere klanten? Een sterk(er) imago? Luna is jouw one-stop-shop voor een waaier aan (niet-betalende) communicatieactiviteiten. Als veelzijdige partner zetten we je bedrijf in the picture.

Souhaitez-vous changer, augmenter votre clientèle ou développer une image forte ? Luna est votre guichet unique pour une pléiade d’activités de communication. En tant que partenaire polyvalent, nous mettons votre entreprise en lumière.

Do you want to win new clients or build a stronger image? Luna is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of editorial and other communication activities. We put your company in the spotlight!

Onze troeven | Nos atouts | Our strengths:

• Meedenken |Nous vous accompagnons dans votre réflexion | We think along with you
• Proactief | Proactivité | Proactive
• Creatief | Créativité | Creative
• Drietalig | Trilinguisme | Trilingual

Wat we doen | Ce que nous faisons | What we do:

• PR
• Content marketing and copywriting
• Business development
• Internal communication

We would love to work with you! Nous aimerions travailler pour vous !

Details of our services, as well as some of our clients, are provided below. To request an offer, write to

We can help you with all your communication activities:

• Press relations (PwC, BVBO/APEG, eWON, Look&Fin, Monizze)
• Crisis communication (Van In, BKCP, BCC Corporate, MediaMarkt)
• Newsletters (LCL, Globis, Expense Reduction Analysts)
• Websites (TDM3, Paradigmo,
• Campaigns (CNG, KMDA, Switch)
• Customer case studies (Megabyte, Orone)
• Social media (, ADD, Amazings)
• E-mail marketing (Callens, Altares Dun & Bradstreet)
• Employer Branding (Conxion, PwC)
• Brochures (ADD, SimCorp, CD&V)

We have experience in a wide range of sectors:

• IT (Amplexor, CTG, Group Joos, Efficy)
• Telecom (Evonet, Verixi, Hexacom)
• Energy and utilities (Synergrid,, Mega, Energik)
• Retail (Checkpoint Systems, easy-m/Switch, e5 mode)
• Financial industry (Marsh, Leleux Associated Brokers, Fédérale Assurance)
• Services (IPG, Harvest Group)
• HR (Monster, Mercer, INC, Dehora)
• Transport and logistics (Transporeon, Globis, Routing International)
• Construction (Mapei, Vaillant)
• Public sector (Fedict/BOSA, DG Sport, La Sambrienne, WBC-Incubator)
• Medical and pharma (FeBelGen, Domus Medica, Archemin)
• Agriculture (Belchim, Bi-PA)
• Real estate (Colliers, PwC, EasyDay)
• Leisure and lifestyle (B-Loved, BodyMindWellness, Fun, Faculty Club, YourNature)
• Associations (ETSA, ECG, Educam, GS1)
• Non-profit (Brailleliga/Ligue Braille, VVOB)

7 personnes dans leur équipe
Parle Anglais, Français, Néerlandais, Néerlandais, Belgique
52 projets dans leur portfolio
21 collaborations commencées sur Sortlist
Travaille à distance à travers le monde
Membre Sortlist depuis 2016
Fondée en 1993
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  • Description
    Luna is a strategic communication partner for its customers. We are passionate about our communication role. We will come up with fresh and innovative ideas that go beyond our task. We have a great working environment and our main objective is clear: highly motivated professionals who create best-of-breed work for the customer and for Luna! Specialties: Media Relations, Content Marketing, Content creation, Communication Advice, Copywriting, Crisis Communication, Change Communication, Internal/External Communication, Customer Cases, Media Training, Social Media Management, Commercial Mailings, Newsletters
    Compétences en Relations publiques (RP) (9)
    Media RelationsCopywritingmarketing communicatieContent marketingContent creationCommunication adviceCrisis communicationChange communicationInternal/External
    Projets en Relations publiques (RP) (41)
    Belgian start-up - Relations publiques (RP)
    Automation of secure entrance control - Relations publiques (RP)
    School for training for new technology jobs - Relations publiques (RP)
    Colasse: innovative light solutions - Relations publiques (RP)
    Clients en Relations publiques (RP) (41)
    ETSASans but lucratif | international
    ColasseBiens et services industriels | national
    Automatic SystemsBiens et services industriels | national
    E5Accessoires & vêtements | national

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en Stratégie de contenu (9)
    Internal/ExternalCopywritingMedia Relationscontent creationSocial mediaContent marketingCommunication adviceCrisis communicationChange communication
    Projets en Stratégie de contenu (27)
    Automation of secure entrance control - Stratégie de contenu
    Identity & Access Management - Stratégie de contenu
    Real-estate company - Stratégie de contenu
    Colasse: innovative light solutions - Stratégie de contenu
    Avis client en Stratégie de contenu (1)
    Todde Fabrice
    Clients en Stratégie de contenu (27)
    Lab9Logiciels et services informatiques | national
    LCLLogiciels et services informatiques | national
    PerfICTionLogiciels et services informatiques | national
    SwitchLogiciels et services informatiques | national

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en Rédaction et traduction (10)
    Change communicationInternal/ExternalCopywritingMedia Relationssocial media marketing strategymarketing communicatieContent marketingContent creationCommunication adviceCrisis communication
    Projets en Rédaction et traduction (25)
    Automation of secure entrance control - Rédaction et traduction
    Identity & Access Management - Rédaction et traduction
    Real-estate company - Rédaction et traduction
    Colasse: innovative light solutions - Rédaction et traduction
    Clients en Rédaction et traduction (25)
    Daddy KateUtilitaires | national
    ECGAutomobile | international
    eHonoraria (TDM3)Hôpitaux et Santé | national
    E5Accessoires & vêtements | national

    En savoir plus sur Rédaction et traduction

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52 projets ajoutés par Luna

Belgian start-up
Belgian start-up

Projet réalisé pour Ledea dans l'industrie Vente au détail pour un B2C public en 2022.Ledea is a Belgian start-up founded by three young people from Brussels. The company’s aim is to dress all women, regardless of their size or shape. In 2019, the young company launched its first haute couture collection in Brussels.Enthused by their passion and ambitious project, our communication agency handled the management side of press relations for the event’s launch of the collection. We drafted a press release, and pitched for and organised interviews with La Capitale and Bruzz, two local magazines. We also presented Ledea to the radio-TV programme ‘Génération Start-Up’ on RTBF, Belgium’s French-language broadcaster!

Relations publiques (RP)
En savoir plus
Automation of secure entrance control
Automation of secure entrance control

Projet réalisé pour Automatic Systems dans l'industrie Biens et services industriels pour un B2B / B2C public en 2020.Automatic Systems is the worldwide leader in the field of automation of secure entrance control. For almost 50 years, the company has designed and produced equipment for pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access. Founded in 1969, Automatic Systems has developed unrivalled expertise in the design of top-of-the-range barriers, detection of single passage and flow management.We have drafted several press releases for Automatic Systems, notably on the appointment of the new CEO, on product developments, and in 2019 about the company’s 50th anniversary. For that jubilee, we also contributed to writing the corporate brochure. Moreover we jointly drafted all the brochure texts and we interviewed over a dozen of Automatic Systems’ colleagues in order to gather testimonials on the company. For the company website’s News section as well as for other marketing media designed for the salesforce, we have regularly written customer cases, partnership stories and articles about the development of products.

Rédaction et traductionRelations publiques (RP)Stratégie de contenu
En savoir plus
Identity & Access Management
Identity & Access Management

Projet réalisé pour Devoteam/Paradigmo dans l'industrie Logiciels et services informatiques pour un B2B public en 2022.Paradigmo is a Belgian company specialised in Identity & Access Management (IAM), as well as in Identity Governance. The company is for example an integrator of ForgeRock products and has developed a tool (RockKit) for rapid implementing ForgeRock. In September 2018, Devoteam, a player major in digital transformation, acquired a 100% interest in Paradigmo. Through this purchase, Devoteam has strengthened its position in cyber-security. Paradigmo is today known as Devoteam|Paradigmo.In collaboration with Paradigmo, we assess and define newsworthy subjects for the company’s quarterly newsletter. We then write articles, which often require interviews with different stakeholders, such as internal employees and the technical departments of the clients in which the IAM solutions are implemented. Additionally, we draft the customer cases that are published on Paradigmo’s website: these cases can be used in further marketing media. For internal events designed for the company’s clients or potential clients, such as business lunches focused on specific topics, we write the content, send out e-mails and manage the registrations.

Rédaction et traductionStratégie de contenu
En savoir plus
Real-estate company
Real-estate company

Projet réalisé pour Baltimo dans l'industrie Architecture et Urbanisme pour un B2C public en 2020.Based in Walloon Brabant and Brussels, Baltimo is a real-estate company. For over 20 years it has specialised in three business areas: managing agent, sales and rental, and asset management.The fast-growing company called on Luna for help with enhancing its website. The goal was to further increase the company’s visibility for its partners, clients and potential clients, as well as to present Baltimo as a leading player in its field, in both Walloon Brabant and Brussels.Luna organised several brainstorming meetings, while including the web agency responsible for the technical development of Baltimo’s website. Luna advises Baltimo on the structure and content of its website, in addition to making concrete proposals on copywriting. We developed a News section on the enhanced website. In this section, we draft articles connected to the areas of managing agent, sales and rental, and asset management.

Rédaction et traductionStratégie de contenu
En savoir plus
School for training for new technology jobs
School for training for new technology jobs

Projet réalisé pour Wild Code School dans l'industrie Éducation pour un B2B / B2C public en 2021.Founded in 2018, Wild Code School Belgium is located in the heart of Brussels. It’s an innovative school and a European network of campuses that offer training for new technology jobs (web developer, data analyst, data engineer, cybersecurity specialist, etc.).Luna collaborates with the Wild Code School for press relations. Together we have looked for pertinent topics, with Luna offering useful advice. Luna produced a communication plan for working with the press and was also responsible for drafting press releases (launch of the first Data Science Hackathon in Belgium, etc.). Moreover, Luna offers advice on the planning and content of Wild Code School’s social networks.

Relations publiques (RP)
En savoir plus
Colasse: innovative light solutions
Colasse: innovative light solutions

Projet réalisé pour Colasse dans l'industrie Biens et services industriels pour un B2B public en 2021.Colasse is a Belgian company born in 2006. It designs and manufactures LED light fittings. Colasse has proved itself to be highly flexible and supplies solutions that are profitable, innovative and tailored. In this way, it meets the requirements of its clients from a functional viewpoint as well as environmental constraints. Colasse builds a genuine partnership with its clients and offers them complete solutions, in line with their requests and technology developments.Initially, this fast-growing company called on Luna to completely redesign its website. The aim was to gain even more visibility with its partners, clients and potential clients, and to present the company as a leading player in its field, in Belgium and abroad (mainly France).Luna organised a number of brainstorming meetings, including with the technical developer of Colasse’s website. At present, Luna is advising Colasse on the structure and content of its website. We also draft the text that will be added to the new website.Furthermore, Luna collaborates with Colasse on press relations, by defining pertinent topics and by helping the company to achieve visibility

Rédaction et traductionRelations publiques (RP)Stratégie de contenu
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Todde Fabrice Coaching chez scs Lusa
ServiceStratégie de contenu
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ServiceStratégie de contenu

Lea TorrisiMarketing Specialist chez Automatic Systems
Nous avons découvert Luna grâce à Sortlist et nous sommes très satisfaits de leur travail. Ils ont fait preuve de professionnalisme et d'esprit d'initiative. Pour ces raisons, nous souhaitons continuer notre collaboration avec eux.

Manuel ColasseCEO chez Colasse SA
Très bonne analyse des besoins, grande réactivité, bonne qualité de travail et de conseil. Je recommande cette agence sans la moindre réserve.

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