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Connecting the brand to its customers, everywhere and all the time. From brochures to multimedia campaigns, from in-store promotions to social networks, each message must build brand awareness and forge its image.

What we do ?
brand strategy, advertising, sales promotion, POS solutions, packaging, direct marketing, publishing, events, online communication, packaging, web marketing, social networking strategy   

Lielens is a Belgian communication agency founded in 1972. A company with family roots currently employing 50 staff, Lielens became part of NETCO group at the end of 2016. The upshot is 300 extra people in Lille and Paris, more competences and more synergies, but always the same spirit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Fondée en 1972


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  • Description
    Based on your briefing, product and market analysis, competitors, target group(s), SWOT analysis, goals and objectives of your company, we will assist you for the marketing strategy ( definition of the positioning of your brand, mission, vision, values ), the content and the creative strategy ( selling idea, global communication concept, creative ideas, lay-outs, copy, brand activation tools, etc ) and the media strategy ( off and online strategy, planning and budget )
    Compétences en Publicité (21)
    Ad CampaignsIntegrated Campaign CreationPrint and ProductionPrint CampaignsPLV360 CampaignsBrand PositioningCreative ConceptContent CreationDirect Marketing+11
    Projets en Publicité (14)
    BEBAT TV campaign - Publicité
    EGGO TV spot Q4 2017 - Publicité
    Campagne TV Tasectan - Publicité
    INTERMARCHE TV campaign - Publicité
    Clients en Publicité (14)
    INTERMARCHEAlimentaire | international
    FERREROAlimentaire | national
    ZespriAlimentaire | international
    Golden PalaceAutres | national

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  • Description
    We help brands to be strong brands. By creating for them original logotype, graphic look&feel for stationary, packaging, website, building, give-aways, stores, etc....and/or strong creative concepts based on surveys, brand reviews, competitors analysis and strategic thinking, in order to help brands to be strongly positioned on their market.
    Compétences en Image de marque & branding (9)
    Corporate BrandingBrandingBrand PositioningBrand StrategyBrand GuidelinesBrand BookMarketing StrategyBranding StrategyBrand Design
    Projets en Image de marque & branding (13)
    INTERMARCHE Folder - Image de marque & branding
    GOLDEN PALACE TV campaign (1/2) - Image de marque & branding
    GOLDEN PALACE TV campaign (2/2) - Image de marque & branding
    Zespri kiwi fruit billboard campaign - Image de marque & branding
    Clients en Image de marque & branding (13)
    Fromageries BELAlimentaire | international
    Golden PalaceAutres | national
    Golden PalaceAutres | national
    ZespriAlimentaire | international

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21 projets ajoutés par Lielens

BEBAT TV campaign
BEBAT TV campaign

Projet réalisé pour BEBAT dans l'industrie Sans but lucratif pour un public B2C en 2017. BEBAT THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT OF USED BATTERIES Lielens has been the communication agency for Bebat for over 20 years. Bebat gives a new life to all used batteries… but nothing can happen if Belgians don’t bring their batteries back to collection points. The main objective of these TV ads is to raise awareness that used batteries need to be collected, but also to explain why. The butterfly effect has been the guiding principle used to symbolise the metamorphose of used batteries for the past 8 years

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EGGO TV spot Q4 2017
EGGO TV spot Q4 2017

Projet réalisé pour Eggo dans l'industrie Produits ménagers pour un public B2C en 2017.LIELENS signs the new TV and radio campaign for 10 years of EGGOThe objective of this new advertising campaign which will be on air as from October 2017 is no longer really the development of the reputation of the brand. For 10 years, EGGO regularly communicates on its concept on TV, radio and through promotional actions using door-to-door folders.The main objective of this new TV campaign is to position EGGO as the unavoidable partner that perfectly accompanies the customer, from his project to the delivery of his equipped kitchen. Qualitative studies conducted by EGGO have shown that one of the main barriers to ordering a new kitchen was the fear of being ill-served, ill-advised, or ill-accompanied. Indeed, between the request for a first advice, a first estimate, the signature of the order form and the final placement of the kitchen, .... sometimes 8 to 10 weeks can pass, leaving the place in the head of the customer to all the uncertainties (did I choose the color? the materials? will it be delivered on time? when should I disassemble the old, the news will be well mounted? plumbing, electrical appliances, etc.).To remedy this, EGGO now adopts a 100% "consumer centric" strategy. Through an internet portal, each client finds all the information about his project, his order (plans and order of course, real-time manufacturing schedules, order status at all production levels, important dates of delivery and placement, etc ...) but also practical information, tips and tricks, seasonal recipes that will inspire the customer and keep a permanent contact with him, all this in a way automatic and intuitive. The customer will now live with EGGO a unique, totally serene experience, from ordering to delivery, with this very pleasant feeling of being truly considered a customer and knowing at any time how is its order.

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Campagne TV Tasectan
Campagne TV Tasectan

Projet réalisé pour Therabel dans l'industrie Hôpitaux et Santé pour un public B2C en 2016.DADDY’S NOT HERE ....There are subjects more difficult than others to put into communication. This is the case of Tasectan, a pharmaceutical product against ... diarrhea! Tasectan is a new TV spot that extends the saga already developed in radio two years ago around the same concept: dad is not there to celebrate the good moments of life, simply because he is stuck ... on the toilet.

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Projet réalisé pour INTERMARCHE dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2C.SURPRIS PAR LES PRIX !Intermarché Belgique TV spot. In 2015, Intermarché Belgium reinforced its positioning "low price" through a new communication concept "Surprised by the prices!” To support this new concept, in addition to radio and folders all-boxes, L!ELENS also designed a TV campaign, directed by Patrick Ridremont and produced by Fouya Production. The TV spot shows customers surprised by the low prices of Intermarché, they were played by actors of the improvisation league. Simplicity and humor are part of the game.

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Projet réalisé pour Intermarché Belgique dans l'industrie Vente au détail pour un public B2C.INTERMARCHE Belgique Thematic folder 'Foire aux Vins' - September 2017Creation and production folder containing 12 pages and instore material.

Design & graphismeImage de marque & branding
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GOLDEN PALACE TV campaign (1/2)
GOLDEN PALACE TV campaign (1/2)

Collaboration en cours avec Golden Palace dans l'industrie Autres pour un public B2C depuis 2017.L!ELENS has won the pitch for the Golden Palace budget, the casino and gaming website.This involves a brand new positioning and a new image campaign with TV commercials, print ads and radio commercials.This is one of 2 different TV spots: 'surgery room' FR

Image de marque & brandingPublicitéVidéo
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Thijs De SchoenmackerMarketing Coordinator chez Total Belgium
Great company to work with. Available for any kind of question. They support our marketing projects from start till finish. Thanks a lot to Frank, Debby and everyone behind the scenes!

anastasia vanherrewegensenior brand manager Lactel BE chez Lactalis
Work with Lielens (Deborah Vandenkerckhof ) is a real pleasure. Lactel did a big activation with them and everything went well. They were professional, pro active and ready to adapt what was not going well (surprise when you start a new projects/sponsoring). They also offer varieties f services like event, video maker, web services (they build our new website), ... I do recommand to work with Lielens. Anastasia

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  • Siège socialRue Henri Evenepoel Straat 9, 1030 Schaarbeek, Belgium

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