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Headquartered at the heart of the EU and a pioneer in marketing automation, Leadfabric helps Marketing & Sales professionals boost their revenues by improving their demand generation capabilities. Every buyer is unique and so is his buying journey. Attracting customers and keeping them, therefore is becoming an entirely new discipline. Traditional marketing arsenal cobbled up by artistically rendered attention grabbers no longer cuts it. In todays internetted world marketing requires expertise and automation technology to efficiently convert inquiries into buying engagements that run all the way to the close. Weaving this unique fabric for its clients, Leadfabric also ensures that their customers evolve to a state where their marketing and sales get fully aligned because it operates under the conviction that failure to achieve this status creates loss of revenues and unnecessary costs. It's holistic approach is what sets Leadfabric apart from the conventional agencies or system integrators. It combines creative power, best practice driven expertise and technology that automates the heavy lifting. Leadfabric houses a multilingual international workforce of experts who create, deploy and train our growing client base of global and local brands
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    We offer a slew of consultative services. As the only certified partner of the buyer personae institute in Belgium we help companies understand the archetype of their buyers. Defining these personae is one of two critical success factors in any acquisition and engagement strategy.

    As these personae evolve along the various phases of their individual buyer journeys their need for content will evolve with it. The second critical success factor is having a real good understanding about how these buyer journey's. This is about knowing what content is typically required at what phase, in what format and offered via which channel is.

    LeadFabric coaches clients
    Projets en Stratégie de contenu (2)
    ICp, Buyer personae - Stratégie de contenu
    Fluke "interactive form" - Stratégie de contenu
    Clients en Stratégie de contenu (2)
    Fluke Europe Middle East and ABiens et services industriels | international
    LeadfabricMarketing & Publicité | regional

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    Projet en Data Consulting (1)
    ICp, Buyer personae - Data Consulting
    Client en Data Consulting (1)
    LeadfabricMarketing & Publicité | regional

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2 projets ajoutés par LeadFabric

ICp, Buyer personae
ICp, Buyer personae

Projet réalisé pour Leadfabric dans l'industrie Marketing & Publicité pour un public B2B.

Data ConsultingInnovationStratégie de contenu
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Fluke "interactive form"
Fluke "interactive form"

Projet réalisé pour Fluke Europe Middle East and A dans l'industrie Biens et services industriels pour un public B2B.Fluke had been distributing their product collateral via traditional webforms but it wasn't converting. We created a campaign where the viewer needed to provide form submissions in an interactive way after which he got qualified and nurtured

Stratégie de contenu
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