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Mirum Belgium is an integrated agency that mixes advertising creativity with content strategy, social storytelling and funnel conversion . A data and strategic analysis is the starting point for every project. This helps us define a creative approach and gives us a solid basis on which to work with our clients and partners. We believe there is real power in the synergy that exists between a team of generalists and specialists, and that together with an engaged client team, we can create both efficient and unexpected solutions . “Enjoy tomorrow” is our goal : this means helping marketers and brands have a better, more exciting tomorrow in the context of collaborative marketing . We help marketeers be more efficient, brands be more relevant and consumers get something meaningful from their favorite brands. The idea behind "Enjoy tomorrow" means developing exciting and enjoyable content for consumers, as well as campaigns that are memorable and shareable. Contact us to know how your company and brands can "Enjoy Tomorrow"​ .
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    Starting with a strong strategic analysis, we define a consistent brand territory and from there develop creative concepts for brand and activation campaigns. Thereafter, we'll adapt the concept and the messages to the content funnel priority, either the top, middle or bottom.
    Compétences en Publicité (6)
    Advertising CampaignBrand ActivationInnovativeBrand ConceptBrand Campaignadvertising and marketing
    Projets en Publicité (4)
    ŠKODA - Brand Positioning & Campaign - Publicité
    Beobank - Rebranding - Publicité
    VELUX - Flat Roof Windows Campaign - Publicité
    Beobank - Loan Campaign - Publicité
    Clients en Publicité (4)
    BeobankBanque et Finance | national
    ŠKODAAutomobile | national
    VELUXServices à domicile | national
    BeobankBanque et Finance | national

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  • Description
    We also help our clients in the (re)-positioning analysis of their brands versus the competition. For example, we often work with marketeers to define what their brands stand for and create guidelines as to how they should evolve. This may involve consumer research to pinpoint the significant insights that'll give a brand more relevancy. A strategic analysis will also articulate the vision and mission of the brand and its translation to a brand promise. Ultimately, this may lead to the creation or rework of the brand logo and brand assets, as appropriate.
    Compétences en Image de marque & branding (6)
    Brand AuditBrand StrategyLogo Creationbenchmarkingcompetitive analysisgraphic guidelines
    Projets en Image de marque & branding (4)
    ŠKODA - Brand Positioning & Campaign - Image de marque & branding
    Iris - Rebranding - Image de marque & branding
    Beobank - Rebranding - Image de marque & branding
    Beobank - Loan Campaign - Image de marque & branding
    Clients en Image de marque & branding (4)
    Iris GroupBiens et services industriels | national
    BeobankBanque et Finance | national
    BeobankBanque et Finance | national
    ŠKODAAutomobile | national

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11 projets ajoutés par Mirum Belgium

ŠKODA - Brand Positioning & Campaign
ŠKODA - Brand Positioning & Campaign

Projet réalisé pour ŠKODA dans l'industrie Automobile pour un public B2B / B2C.Since 2016, Mirum has been the lead agency for ŠKODA Belgium. We have developed a strategy for the Belgian market that has brought ŠKODA greater consistency between its model launch campaigns, its promotional campaigns and its content strategy at its touch-points. Mirum has been the strategic and creative lead for B2C, B2B as well as for the content.

AnimationImage de marque & brandingPublicité+3
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Iris - Rebranding
Iris - Rebranding

Projet réalisé pour Iris Group dans l'industrie Biens et services industriels pour un public B2B.At the start of 2019, the Iris asked Mirum to redefine the Group’s brand architecture and brand promise, as well as develop new “brand assets” (design of a new logo and graphic guidelines). The agency developed both an internal and B2B communication campaign announcing the repositioning of Iris as a facility management player.

AnimationImage de marque & branding
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Eneloop - Digital Activation
Eneloop - Digital Activation

Projet réalisé pour Panasonic dans l'industrie Utilitaires pour un public B2C en 2019.

AnimationRéseaux sociauxStratégie de contenu+1
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Beobank - Rebranding
Beobank - Rebranding

Projet réalisé pour Beobank dans l'industrie Banque et Finance pour un public B2B / B2C.When Crédit Mutuel du Nord bought Citibank’s operations in Belgium in 2013, it was clear that the bank needed a total brand overhaul, particularly as Citibank didn’t have a particularly ‘welcoming’ reputation in the market. Mirum was invited to completely rethink the positioning of the new bank brand, and outline plans for a brighter future. Since then, Mirum has been the lead agency responsible for the strategic positioning, campaign and content development of Beobank.

AnimationImage de marque & brandingPublicité+3
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VELUX - Flat Roof Windows Campaign
VELUX - Flat Roof Windows Campaign

Projet réalisé pour VELUX dans l'industrie Services à domicile pour un public B2B / B2C en 2019.While VELUX is a well-known brand in pitched roof windows, the brand is less known in the flat roof window market. To achieve VELUX’s ambitious sales goals in this category, the agency recommended broadening and strengthening VELUX’s brand message to include flat roof windows rather than merely focusing on technical advantages.Using locally created adverts as well as elements from an international campaign that tells the story of the ‘indoor generation’, the agency established that VELUX was the brand that delivered the benefits of light and ventilation to homes; and that flat roof windows were part of the solution.

AnimationPublicitéStratégie de contenu
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PEPPER AI at the service of ŠKODA’s CRM
PEPPER AI at the service of ŠKODA’s CRM

Projet réalisé pour ŠKODA dans l'industrie Automobile pour un public B2C.AI testing to optimize the collection of prospects’ dataŠKODA has seen that there is a lack of follow-up of dealers with Salesforce; too often after a visit from a prospect, the seller does not fill in the contact profile with enough details, which complicates the personalization of the sales process.Mirum proposed to test — using Pepper's help at the Contact Center — an algorithm that allows the robot to welcome prospects, ask basic questions in order to identify needs and to guide the person towards the right model.Pepper records a lot of information in addition to the questions asked (number of people, average age, family composition, type of activity, hobby, etc.). This data is automatically added into the CRM database of ŠKODA allowing salespeople to ensure more effective monitoring.

Application webData ConsultingStratégie de contenu+2
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