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Unboring Life
Friendship is a full service advertising agency that creates unboring physical and digital experiences for brands that believe they can be useful, newsworthy, timeless, just weird, playful, new, inspiring, happy, free and anything else.  Fighting boring advertising with creativity since 2013. We strive to end foie gradvertising. Low quality advertising has been scrammed down our throats for years. Today’s audience demands more effort and doesn’t want to be treated like sheep or walking moneybags. If you want the attention of your customer, you gotta earn it. Our job is to challenge the advertising industry, because we believe brands and advertising can really make our lives and our world more interesting, fun and better. When you keep that in mind, your brand and advertising will be useful and relevant in today’s society. The future of advertising and marketing will be created by the happy, opinionated and positive brands that are the creative risk takers of this world. Those who improve our society, in all ways possible. Those who give back, will get the return. Those who lead, will leave their competitors behind. That is why we believe in surprising brands, activational campaigns, customer experiences, unconventional ideas, authenticity and real people. Let’s create the advertising we deserve. Let’s create advertising that makes people happy and makes companies grow. “Your closest friends unbore your life everyday. That’s what brands should do too.”
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  • Description
    People hate advertising and
    that’s completely normal.
    Here’s why. (relax, it’s only a 5 min. read)

    It’s been like that since decades.
    Unlike other branches in the entertainment industry (music, gaming, movies, series, shows…) advertising does not add anything satisfying or fulfilling to our lives.
    It does not fill a need or a craving.
    Your brand, product or service might do that, but the advertising mostly doesn’t.
    If advertising doesn't make our life better, funnier or more interesting, nobody should watch it, nor react to it and certainly not buy it. No f*cks must be given.
    We need advertising that makes our life better, funnier or more interesting. We need useful advertising.

    Here’s how we do that:
    With literally all media at our disposal.
    Whether it’s a 360 campaign, a contemporary brand activation or a social media campaign, we approach every briefing with the same unboring life attitude, but without ever losing sight of the campaign goals and what your audience really wants to see. We don’t create advertising for the sake of advertising, but for the people.
    When brands realize they can have a huge and positive impact on society, they can ensure their future. Obviously, every brand wants to make an impact on their customers, but it’s not easy to do the effort.
    We are here to do the effort. We can show you how.

    As a creative company in the idea economy, we know that doing the effort is the key to move forward, increase sales on short term and in the long run.

    So dear marketeers.
    Don’t spend your shitloads of valuable dollars on shoving your stuff down people’s throats. No more foie gradvertising.
    Instead, invest your valuable marketing dollars in valuable projects, people and campaigns, that help build a fun and positive world of prosperity, solidarity and equality for all.
    If you do that, the consumer of today and the consumer of the future will thank you and your brand with years of loyalty.
    Words are cheap. You have to try it to find out.
    It’s like a cooking book, full of recipes. You have to try it to taste it. You have to do the effort first. If you don’t get into the kitchen and experiment, you are just licking the pages of a cooking book.
    Trust us, we tried it. Not the best licking experience.
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    mark van aelst
    Wim Segers
    Kristoff Coolen
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  • Description
    The constant evolution of social media, has taught us to constantly rethink content strategies. On a daily basis our team is on the lookout for new insights and content inspiration. We are trained to see the opportunities and we go the extra mile to show you how content can be relevant and useful for your brand, depending on the KPI’s.
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Esa-Pekka NykänenDirector of Marketing and Sales chez MAAS Global / Whim
Équipe51 - 200

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Alex HelsenManaging Director chez Choco Yoco
ServiceImage de marque & branding
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Christian Van Looyvoorzitter J&L chez J&L
ServiceStratégie de contenu
SecteurSans but lucratif
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