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Gand, Belgique
Your digital innovation partner
We partner with our customers on the journey towards their digital future with fully local, custom-built software solutions. At Endare, we aspire to be your lifelong digital innovation partner. We deliver digital solutions that aren't only successful on a temporary basis, but prove their value for many years to come. We stand for fully local, no-nonsense innovation and aim to boost your business' efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness through a digital switchover. As we focus solely on delivering custom-made, high-quality products, we can say we have profound expertise within our technical area.  Together with your industry knowledge, we create value by understanding your strategy and developing a unique, fitting digital product. We have our eyes focused on the future and what it holds for you, where our team of various personalities and talents will make a great fit for your project! Our services include mobile and web applications (both iOS and Android), UX/UI App Design, Cloud platforms (APIs, databases, integrations, and deployment) and data-driven solutions (AI and Data Analytics). Apart from this, our team is experienced with other technologies as well such as IoT and VR. Be sure to contact us to talk about your specific project! 
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  • Description
    We create, develop, and integrate web platforms, applications, and tools. We design sites, build API’s, analyse performance bottlenecks, configure databases, compose architectures, integrate tools, develop algorithms, support applications, etc. Our aim is to increase your company's growth through a strong, secure mobile and web application. We focus on user experience, use the latest technologies, and are passionate about advanced features.
    Compétences en Application web (66)
    Node.jsWeb app ontwikkelingontwerpapi developmentwebsite backendui designweb app developmentSoftware ontwikkelingcustom software developmentweb based+56
    Projets en Application web (7)
    Fedrus application - Application web
    Cross-platform application for Fullwood Packo - Application web
    Emergency Vehicle Application (EVA) - Application web
    AquaFlanders - Progressive Web Application - Application web
    Avis client en Application web (1)
    Diederik De Bruyn
    Clients en Application web (7)
    Fullwood Packo BVAgriculture | international
    Fedrus Invest Groep NVConstruction | national
    AquaFlandersGouvernement et administration | national
    Vlaams Instituut Gezond LevenGouvernement et administration | national

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  • Description
    Research & experience

    Understanding your craft is essential to master it. Therefore we invest in research in order to grow our expertise. Our designers are seasoned experts who think in graphics and UI’s. Designing user friendly interfaces is their second nature. But even-though the process feels all effortless, we still put in a lot of effort behind the scenes in order to raise the bar with every new challenge. Our designers are able to deliver high quality results by analyzing the needs of the users and the limitations of the product, having a thorough experience and in-depth technical knowledge allows them to deliver quickly. At Endare we strive to go from an idea to a testable concept with ease. We do the research so that you can focus on deciding between the options. So fasten your seatbelts because our experience allows us to deliver faster than you can say Tailor-made User Experience.

    Let’s make it beautiful

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so knowing your target audience allows us to tailor the end product to amaze. Our designers are well educated in the principles of aesthetics and digital design. Color-science, typography, balance, platform specific guidelines,… All necessary tools for a great digital product design are present! But where our team really shines is in the technical implementation of the design. By having a close relationship between our designers and developers we can optimize both parts of the equation. Our designers are for example more up to date with the latest technical developments which allows them to make their designs tailored to the technology around it. And by eliminating the distance between the design & development team we also eliminate the margin for error in the communication. The designers are responsible for the end result, not only for their designs. This has as result that our designers support the project from start to finish. Always available and always pushing for the best and most aesthetically pleasing result.

    End user first

    It’s a given that every product should achieve the highest rating in user friendliness. In order to achieve this our designers focus on the end user’s needs and combine those with the technical limitations of the project. Our experience in focus groups and user testing is something that we can use in many projects. By engaging the end users before the development we often learn new insights which help us to better optimize the end result. These sessions are not only a great source of information for our design team but allows you to also discover more about the focus of your project. But no matter your budget, your project will surely be optimized for your end users!

    Exploration through collaboration
    The world is ever evolving, therefore we need to adjust ever so often in order to stay relevant. New insights may prove to be groundbreaking or new technologies may unlock new possibilities. We know that we don’t know everything and that is fine because we keep learning. That’s why we love to learn together with our partners. Are you not sure what your product should do? Are you still in doubt over your target audience? No problem! Let’s discover them together. We have experience is many exploration techniques. From hands on workshops to in depth analyses. We know how to make a success from even the vaguest projects so don’t be afraid to hit us up with your next idea! By combining the forces of our expert with those of our partners we achieve something greater than the sum of its parts. Open communication and trust are the cornerstones of a successful project. Therefore we strongly encourage you to get active and join in during the project.
    Compétences en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (72)
    user experience researchWireframingErgonomyGebruikersinterfaceadobe xdux designuser interfaceexperience designuxuimobile ui+62
    Projets en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (5)
    Mobile application for Carrefour Finance - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Mobile Application for MAES - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Fedrus application - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Emergency Vehicle Application (EVA) - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Clients en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (5)
    AquaFlandersGouvernement et administration | national
    BrandweerzonesGouvernement et administration | national
    Carrefour FimaserBanque et Finance | national
    Fedrus Invest Groep NVConstruction | national

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HistoireTogether with our clients, we embrace opportunities and turn them into digital solutions to boost their businesses. Learning new things is one of our passions as well as all kinds of technical innovations. Our team strives to deliver technically strong, high-quality solutions since 2012.
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Nominated for Trends Gazellen 20222022-01-01
Nominated for Trends Gazellen 20212021-03-01
Telecom Inspirience Award2014-12-31Innovation

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Diederik De BruynQuality coordinator inspections chez AquaFlanders
ServiceApplication web
SecteurSans but lucratif
Équipe11 - 50
11 mai 2022

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Diederik De Bruyn recommande cette agence

ServiceApplication web
SecteurSans but lucratif
Équipe11 - 50
11 mai 2022

jeroen Van den BosscheCEO chez Buro International nv
ServiceApplication mobile
SecteurLocation d'espaces
Équipe11 - 50
19 mai 2021

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jeroen Van den Bossche recommande cette agence

ServiceApplication mobile
SecteurLocation d'espaces
Équipe11 - 50
19 mai 2021
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