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Created in 1996 in Antwerp, Design is Dead is a cross-disciplinary digital agency with a flair for inspiring concepts, graphic design and technological know-how. Our goal is to excel in producing real brand experiences, delivering solid strategies, out-of-the-box concepts and addictive visual eye candy. We’re small and elegant whenever we can, but massive when required. We can always rely on the expertise of some 700+ digital experts within the European Emakina Network, covering all aspects of creative communication. TAILORMADE INTERACTIONS Design is Dead delivers emotional connections between brands and their consumers and helps them stand out from the masses. To that end, we provide experiences with a twist, all-round solutions that are unique, esthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Our team of ‘craftsmen with keyboards’ now numbers over 40 and evolved from a web agency to a full service creative agency with a digital heartbeat and a DoThinking mentality.
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    Websites, minisites, campaign sites, mobile applications, maintenance, ...
    Drupal, Wordpress, custom CSS
    Budget depends on the briefing and project scope.
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    CSS DevelopmentDrupal
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    Evy Gruyaert and Design is Dead reach serenity tog - Création de site internet
    Kudos for our website - Création de site internet
    The Online Platform - Création de site internet
    A meeting place for the Creative Industry of Antwe - Création de site internet
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    Design is DeadMarketing & Publicité | international
    Koninklijke AupingAutres | international
    Koninklijke AupingAutres | international
    Evy GruyaertSport | national

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    Digital strategy, digital transformation, online marketing, SEO, Social media, ...
    Budgets depends on the briefing.
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    Transformación digital

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16 projets ajoutés par Design is Dead

Campina - Taste the Outdoors Life
Campina - Taste the Outdoors Life

Projet réalisé pour Friesland Campina dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2C.Back in 2014 Campina was the market leader in Dairy but nobody really knew what the brand stood for. Everybody believed Campina was a reliable producer of milk & cream but that was about it. They were very much in need of a story. We came up with a rich communication territory that allowed them to speak up and claim their share of voice."Proef het Buitenleven" or "Taste the Outdoors Life" is a campaign that enthuses you to go outside and feel the grass under your bare feet. The thought stems from the Campina cows that, opposed to competitor cows, graze outside for at least 120 days a year. It positions Campina as a natural authentic dairy brand with a canty & positive tone. The campaign has been running for a few years now and has been rolled out in almost every possible touch point ranging from TVC's, radio, digital, print, outdoor to farm events and cycling routes trough fields filled with grazing Campina cows.Cycling routes & Open Farm DaysNext to inspiring people to go outside we also wanted to enable them. With the open farm days we lured thousands of city people to the Belgian countryside to experience the wholesome farm life. Next to that we mapped out 6 cycling routes through the forests and the fields all starting at a different Campina farm. Our PM who test-cycled all 28 different possible versions through wind & rain, is still one of the fittest women around!

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Bringing - Dutch Beer to the World
Bringing - Dutch Beer to the World

Projet réalisé pour Bavaria dans l'industrie Boissons pour un public B2B / B2C.Bavaria is the second largest brewery in The Netherlands. They export their high quality pilsner around the globe, and are particularly big in the Arabic markets for alcohol free beer. They needed a highly flexible global online presence that could easily be adapted for every different market situation. Together with Emakina Brussels we created & maintained one website that runs in 113 local versions. Simple yet elegant, both in design as in code, it brings the world of Bavaria beer to every outpost of our globe taking into account all the different local legal and cultural differences.The Bavaria wayBavaria is a very a-typical beer brand. They do everything in their own specific way. In Lieshout, the tiny village in the south of Holland where Bavaria has been brewing its beer since 1790, they call that 'The Bavaria Way'. And everybody there understands what that means. For outsiders this is obviously less clear. Design is Dead teamed up with Sellmore Amsterdam to shed some light on this mysterious way of working. We created an international brand book that explains where Bavaria comes from, what makes them special and where on earth they are heading for. The 'Blue Book' pinned down the Bavaria DNA and turned it into workable material for brand managers from Korea to Abu Dhabi. To say the least, it was a challenging project but we had a lot of fun along the way!

Image de marque & branding
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Let's warm up to Come a Casa
Let's warm up to Come a Casa

Projet réalisé pour Come a casa dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2C.Have you seen our new Come a casa print ads yet? Under the banner “Maak het warm / Apportez un peu de chaleur”, we’re pointing Belgian market leader of ready-made lasagnes Come a casa in a new direction. It’s all about you, your family, and your friends. After communicating mostly around the convenience and the freshness of its ingredients for a few years, we’re now playing the sweet togetherness card. The campaign consists of an ad shot by Tom Swaelens and an advertorial featuring a freshly constituted stepfamily family whose members gather at least once a week around the table to share a precious moment together.

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Evy Gruyaert and Design is Dead reach serenity tog
Evy Gruyaert and Design is Dead reach serenity tog

Projet réalisé pour Evy Gruyaert dans l'industrie Sport pour un public B2C.Design is Dead created the online platform for Evy’s new yoga project,, where she offers affordable yoga lessons to beginners and advanced yogis. Ohmmmmm... After the huge successes of Start 2 Run (in Belgium) and Hardlopen met Evy (in The Netherlands), TV host Evy Gruyaert found a new way to get the Flemish to work on their physical condition: yoga. Last summer, Lannoo published her book Yoga met Evy. Design is Dead developed its complementary, serene, and easily accessible website on Drupal Commerce: this is the first extensive yoga website in Dutch-speaking region. Its design was the biggest challenge. It had to remain in line with the book, but at the same time, it needed to be more playful and sportive. No clichés about yoga were allowed, as the website is meant to reach a wide audience. Yoga is an activity that you have to see executed in order to learn, hence the importance of video clips in this project. ‘We explain every position in every detail’, says Evy, ‘in order to help you start practicing yoga safely’. Beginners (Start 2 Yoga) as well as more experienced yoga fans get access, after payment, to an extensive selection of workshops. Everyone can choose specific teachers and yoga styles and even compose their own lesson program. And the site keeps evolving: Evy and her international team of yoga teachers update the site every month with new lessons and yoga styles. The website sparked a lot of enthusiasm from passionate yogis, and Evy told Design is Dead: ‘Congratulations for your amazing work. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback, it makes me so happy!’. In exchange for the online platform, Evy offered Design is Dead free yoga lessons at the office. Namaste, Evy!

Création de site internet
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LolaLiza Design is Dead has LolaLiza dressed up
LolaLiza Design is Dead has LolaLiza dressed up

Projet réalisé pour PP Retail Group - LolaLiza dans l'industrie Accessoires & vêtements pour un public B2C.LolaLiza, a Belgian retailer with affordable women’s fashion, grew in little more than a decade from a local family business into an international brand spanning three countries. In 2015 we had a look at the full range of their communications. LolaLiza is all about female bonding, fashion and proximity. These 3 values were translated into the 'Together' concept. ‘Together’ is all about female relationships: mother or daughter, sisters, best friends… Any role women basically pick up shopping at LolaLiza. Acting as LolaLizas full service agency, we rolled out the concept through all LolaLiza's touch points. From activation campaigns to a beautiful e-commerce platformWe came up with awareness and activation campaigns, instore communications, shop opening concepts, and above the line communications. We're helping them out with their social media and last but not least we designed them a beautiful new webshop. That we developed together with Emakina Nederlands.

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Kudos for our website
Kudos for our website

Projet réalisé pour Design is Dead dans l'industrie Marketing & Publicité pour un public B2B.Our new website, launched last February, was voted 'site of the day' on CSS Winner is a unique global platform awarding and showcasing the best websites and promoting innovative web designers, developers and agencies. also featured our site as an example of the use of girds in an article on the importance of proximity in web design.

Création de site internet
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