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We drive business impact by transforming the way organizations use their data. Data science & AI expertise is what makes us great, business understanding is what sets us apart. We offer following services: Data strategy Data Science & AI Training We are proud to serve some of Belgium's leading players in Retail (ZEB, BENT, Fun, Beerwulf), Technology (Teamleader, Showpad, In The Pocket) and Entertainment (Telenet, Carré). Are you ready to become an AI-driven company? Let's talk!
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  • Description
    Retail has been radically transformed by recent advances in data science and artificial intelligence under the lead of Amazon, Coolblue, Zalando, Albert Heijn and many more. They have become masters at understanding their consumers and reducing operational costs to free up resources. Today retail is preparing for a fight or flight environment where AI will play a major defining role.

    Most people can agree that data science and artificial intelligence developments have the power to disrupt industries. It is clear that all data is expanding and is of great value, but the impact lies in how you use that data to help your business decisions, optimizations and growth. Although these overarching statements are known and expected, a lot of people still have the same questions:

    + What can I do with Data Science & AI?
    + How do I get started?
    + How to properly implement your AI project?
    + Do I need an in-house Data Scientist?
    + How do you define the budget?

    Solutions for Marketing:
    1. Connect your marketing and data in a B2C CRM
    2. Recommend your customers with what they love
    3. Don’t let your customers churn just yet
    4. Scrap and compare your competitors’ prices
    5. Segment your customers in detail
    6. Visualize every step of your marketing funnel

    Solutions for Operations:
    1. Predict what your customers will buy
    2. Optimize your stock distribution

    Give us a call or check out our website for more information!
    Compétences en E-commerce (6)
    Predictive ModelingMachine LearningNatural Language ProcessingData ScienceDeep LearningData Analytics
    Projet en E-commerce (1)
    B2C CRM implementation at BENT - E-commerce
    Client en E-commerce (1)
    BENTE-commerce | national

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  • Description
    The process of leveraging data opportunities is rarely a straightforward journey where the path and destination are clear from the outset. Rather than blindly jumping in and moving in random directions - or worse, moving in circles - it pays to carefully investigate what the right data strategy for your company is.

    By leveraging our experience in the domain of data science and AI, we help you to answer three key questions.

    + What can we do with data?
    + What will be the impact of these projects?
    + What do we need to get there?

    At Crunch we are committed to turn your ideas about data into more than just a pipe dream. You name it, we build it! Or team up with our long-term partners, if that gets you the better deal.

    Our team has experience in a wide range of topics:
    Predictive analytics
    Machine Learning & Neural Networks
    Natural Language processing
    Reinforcement learning

    Give us a call or check out our website for more information!
    Compétences en Data Consulting (7)
    Machine LearningDeep LearningData ScienceNatural Language ProcessingPredictive ModelingData StrategyPredictive Analytic
    Projet en Data Consulting (1)
    B2C CRM implementation at BENT - Data Consulting
    Client en Data Consulting (1)
    BENTE-commerce | national

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