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Active in BtoC, BtoB and medical communication, our agency brings together a team of specialists in communication, marketing and new technologies to respond to our clients' many needs.
Listening, strategic approach, pinpoint creativity, perfect execution, omnipresent innovation, 
thorough management and production and great flexibility are the commitments 
that our clients have been entrusting us with for 10 years.
Consumers change.
Their behaviour changes according to technological progress. As a communications agency constantly researching innovations, we attach a unique importance to using today's technologies that bring a real added value to our work of tomorrow.
Augmented reality adds in real time 2D, 3D, video and sound aspects in a real environment. It can give rise to many applications in the field of marketing and advertising.
• Immersive advertising
• Events communication
• Interactive PLV
• Virtual testing cabins
• Product scenarios
• Virtual displays
The explosive development of software and hardware is driving the emergence of virtual reality.
Virtual reality brings together a set of techniques and systems that allow us to delve into synthetic universes. It offers the possibility to carry out in real time a certain number of actions defined by one or several computer programs and to test a certain number of visual, auditory and haptic sensations.
Marketing and publicity, constantly being research and renewed, have encompassed the amazing potential of this technology. Virtual reality could therefore represent innovation and high stakes for brands.
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Passionate about marketing and new technologies, we understood that beacons were set to revolutionise the world of communication by connecting the physical world to the digital world.
These little receptors can reawaken our smartphones' mobile applications and trigger a message based on the user's precise location.
The right message, at the right place, at the right time, to the right person. The marketer's dream is becoming a reality . 
Discover BeaconGumers our marketing platform for connected locations.
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Services (2) offerts par Marilyne communication

Application mobile

€10000 – €25000

We develop mobile apps integrating the beacon technology


€100000 – €1000000

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