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Insights. Actions. Results.
Agilytic helps organizations reach their goals through smarter use of data. Starting with your business objectives, we devise pragmatic projects that deliver tangible results in a matter of weeks. Our interventions Boosting commercial performance : prioritize commercial leads (B2B and B2C), deploy recommendation engines for more efficient up-/cross-sell Optimise processes : get a real time view of your operations and identify bottlenecks to quickly improve your quality and speed Reduce risk : identify bad debt and adapt your collection communication depending on the credit risk of your clients Improve customer loyalty : detect your customers "at risk" before they leave you for the competition Improve your HR operations : assess departure risk, adapt your recruitment planning accordingly Our sectorial experience includes Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automobile, Transport, Retail, Telecom, B2B, Services, Public, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, Academia & Lobbies, and Pharmaceuticals. How we work We are technology-agnostic and can consolidate any type of data source. Our deliverables are tailored to our clients' needs, ranging from a simple alert system to elaborate mathematical models that can be ported into your systems. We're also happy to push KPIs into your preferred visualization tools (Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI) for easy monitoring by the management team. We always work in full transparency (no "black boxes") and are happy to work alongside internal teams, whom we can also train to ensure a seamless transition. Our team Agilytic works at the confluence of business and data, and our profiles reflect that positioning. Our data scientists combine technical expertise with business acumen, which helps us translate business goals into efficient data projects. Our seasoned experts have learned a lot from professional experience at companies such as ING, VOO, Deloitte, Accenture, Bpost...
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  • Description
    We are a trusted partner of over 20 leading brands in Belgium and abroad, from the definition of the appropriate data model / infrastructure, the artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms all the way to the data visualisation layer (dashboarding). We are familiar with all major technologies.
    Compétences en Data Consulting (8)
    DMPBig DataData AnalyticsAttributionAnalyticsMachine Learningpredictivedashboards
    Projets en Data Consulting (31)
    Automate Complaints processing - Data Consulting
    Market size analysis and enriched prospecting - Data Consulting
    Loyalty boost with targeted retention initiatives - Data Consulting
    Visibility into marketing ops with dashboards - Data Consulting
    Avis clients en Data Consulting (3)
    Francois Hanzen
    Véronique Marichal
    Xavier Valentini
    Clients en Data Consulting (31)
    Business schoolÉducation | national
    B2B Technical ServicesLogiciels et services informatiques | regional
    Hospitality marketplaceVoyage et Loisirs | regional
    Renewable energyEnergie et Pétrole | national

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  • Description
    Our expertise doesn't stop at Big Data and AI. Together with our clients we build a digital roadmap that maximises the impact of your early digital projects.
    Compétences en Stratégie digitale (6)
    Digital TransformationCRM ConsultingAttribution MarketingLead GenerationOnline MarketingData Analytics
    Projets en Stratégie digitale (10)
    Loyalty boost with targeted retention initiatives - Stratégie digitale
    Visibility into marketing ops with dashboards - Stratégie digitale
    Elevating customer insights with data enrichment - Stratégie digitale
    Advance your data warehouse to improve decisions - Stratégie digitale
    Clients en Stratégie digitale (10)
    Health insuranceHôpitaux et Santé | national
    Business schoolÉducation | national
    Hospitality marketplaceVoyage et Loisirs | regional
    AutomotiveAutomobile | international

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  • Description
    CRM Analytics for Chief Marketing Officer
    Fraud Analytics and Revenue Leakage for Chief Financial Officer
    Compétences en Web analytique/Big data (4)
    Big DataPredictive AnalyticBig Data MarketingBig Data Analytics
    Projets en Web analytique/Big data (4)
    Automate Complaints processing - Web analytique/Big data
    Advance your data warehouse to improve decisions - Web analytique/Big data
    Data management infrastructure for hospitality - Web analytique/Big data
    Improving the performance of digital campaigns - Web analytique/Big data
    Clients en Web analytique/Big data (4)
    Digital marketing solutionsAutres | international
    BEP EnvironnementGouvernement et administration | regional
    Travel agencyVoyage et Loisirs | national
    Hospitality marketplaceVoyage et Loisirs | regional

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en Innovation (2)
    Business IntelligenceMachine Learning
    Projet en Innovation (1)
    Automate Complaints processing - Innovation
    Client en Innovation (1)
    BEP EnvironnementGouvernement et administration | regional

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

    Compétences en Image de marque & branding (1)

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

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  • Description

    Aucune description n'est fournie pour ce service.

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  • Description
    Agilytic's data engineering services focus on optimizing data systems for SMEs, leveraging cloud technology to handle large datasets. We facilitate the transition from proof of concept to fully developed data products, ensuring continuous value delivery through well-managed data platforms and upskilling teams. Our approach emphasizes reducing manual tasks, automating processes, and maintaining data quality. Agilytic’s core beliefs include consistency, simplicity, frugality, professionalism, and long-term scalability, helping clients efficiently deploy and maintain robust data infrastructure.
    Our services cover the full data engineering scope and range from architecture design up to support of the implemented infrastructure.
    Compétences en solutions-cloud (8)
    Google Cloud ConsultingPrivate CloudCloud ComputingIaaSCloud StorageCloud ArchitectureAWS ConsultingAzure Consulting

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  • Description
    Agilytic offers AI services focused on aligning AI initiatives with strategic business goals, starting with roadmap definition, developing custom solutions for complex challenges, and providing low-code/no-code workflows for simpler needs. We also ensure data reliability through robust data engineering. Our approach emphasizes ethical AI practices, transparency, and minimizing biases. Additionally, Agilytic leverages large language models (LLMs) to efficiently extract insights from unstructured data, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.
    We mainly work on 4 pillars
    - Customer Experience: acquisition, in-life, loyalty, marketing mix modeling, profit lift...
    - Operational efficiency: process automation - administrative, logistics and industrial - leveraging Natural Language Processing, demand forecasting, optimization under constraints and other advanced analytical techniques
    - Finance: fraud detection, bad debt recovery, advanced reporting
    - HR: smart workforce management, CV parsing...
    Compétences en Intelligence Artificielle (21)
    TensorflowPyTorchChatbotsLarge Language Models (LLM)Marketing optimizationAI StrategyGenerative AIFraud detectionAI ExpertiseAI Algorithm+11
    Projet en Intelligence Artificielle (1)
    Automate Complaints processing - Intelligence Artificielle
    Client en Intelligence Artificielle (1)
    BEP EnvironnementGouvernement et administration | regional

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30 membres dans l'équipe de Agilytic

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Histoire💡 We founded Agilytic in 2015 on the core belief that most organizations were not making the most of their data. 🌱 Since then, we are growing the organization on values of excellence, proactivity, and pragmatism with technology. 🧐 We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves. 🥳
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Trends Gazelle 20242024-2-1
Awards DigitalWallonia4.AI 2024. Proof of Concept2024-4-1
Professional Data Engineer GCP2023-12-1
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate2021-1-1
Tableau (Visualization)2021-1-1
Power BI2020-12-31
Databricks Certified Associate Developer2021-1-1
Azure Fundamentals2021-1-1
Azure Data Fundamentals2020-12-31
Azure Data Engineer Associate2021-1-1
AWS Cloud Practitioner2021-1-1

Avis clients

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Xavier ValentiniDirector Data & Analytics Development & Innovation chez Delhaize Le Lion
ServiceData Consulting
Équipe5001 - 10000

At Delhaize, we were happy to collaborate with Agilytic on some of our Data & Analytics projects. Over these projects, Agilytic's team was flexible and adaptable to our needs. They helped us develop and enhance our online recommendation tool to help customers make healthier choices by recommending products with a better Nutriscore. They also optimized some of our algorithms, which enabled us to reduce our processing time and cost of cloud computing significantly. At the end of each mission, Agilytic’s great attention to detail, documentation and adaptability to our standard ways of working made the handover seamless and efficient.

ServiceData Consulting
Équipe5001 - 10000

Véronique MarichalDirector E-commerce, Communication & CX chez FNAC Vanden Borre
ServiceData Consulting
SecteurVente au détail
Équipe501 - 1000

A great company, a great partner and a bright future. Thank you for the quality of your work and for accompanying us with transparency on the path of data. Since working together, we have an actionable view of our customer portfolio, and the foundations to make our analysis evolve. We can also identify customer drivers base on their behavior, helping us optimize our marketing campaigns.

ServiceData Consulting
SecteurVente au détail
Équipe501 - 1000

Francois HanzenDigital Manager chez Ardennes-Etape
ServiceData Consulting
SecteurVoyage et Loisirs
Équipe11 - 50

Agilytic identified and supported a series of data initiatives to optimize growth drivers and help us stay competitive in shaping tourism in Wallonia. They helped us determine the appropriate data organization but also the best cloud service provider and integration for our needs with a collaborative approach. The new stack they implemented is scalable, flexible, easy to maintain for our internal team, and has already delivered two concrete use cases. After a few months, our data team is very much independent and super happy with the solution. Agilytic's team exemplifies great communication, transparency, and pragmatism, and I would highly recommend them for your next data project.

ServiceData Consulting
SecteurVoyage et Loisirs
Équipe11 - 50

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