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Your company has a mission, and we can help you reach your target audience with impact.
  1. We offer your brand consistency: In a couple of shooting days we can cover all aspects of your company: production processes, staff in action, portraits of board members, aerial shoots, product shots, ... to serve all your types of communication needs. Whatever your type of communication, for the next years all your materials will have one uniform, high quality and professional look 
  2. We reflect your brand... in style: We understand that photography is a communication tool to demonstrate not just your company but also your mission and values. That’s why we always strive to add an artistic touch, pay attention to composition and always look for the most beautiful lighting conditions.
  3. We make your staff shine: It’s easy to use general stock images, but images that contain your own people have a much bigger impact. We can come to you for a series of head shots, you can come to us for a more daring team shoot, or we can even join your staff and photograph them in full action at work or during a team building. This way you really put your people in the spotlight on your website, in the annual sustainability report, on the company’s vacancies  page...
  4. We fully capture your grandeur: For the past 10 years Visualize has been an expert in aerial work. Shooting from a helicopter allows us to cover several company branches in a single flight and make many shots in a short period of time. Ideal for showing off the impressive scale of your company.
    Our images are also made with extremely high-resolution cameras and special techniques to enable incredibly large printing in full quality. And our specialty are panorama format images - an original format ideal for website banners, office decoration and trade fair stands that grab attention.
  5. We deliver quality across the board: Visualize is a cooperation of photographers Estíbalitz Soto Alañón and Sebastian Vervenne, since 2008. We are known for our flexibility as we can plan flights at short notice to work with the best light, or to cover crucial company activity at the right moment, without being limited by drone regulations and slowly processed requests for flying permits. We are also known for our all-round service as we can take care of all your printing orders. In addition, we work closely together with a construction company specialized in trade fair stands. 
    Whatever your needs, we can help you. Let’s work together to make your business stand out!

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    Skills in Fotografie (5)
    industrial reportageFood PhotographyProduct Photographyaerial photographycorporate portraits
    Projecten in Fotografie (5)
    VISUALIZE Studio - Fotografie
    Food Photography for CIBACCO - Fotografie
    Corporate Portraits Exellys - Fotografie
    Industrial portraits Belgian Scrap Terminal - Fotografie
    Klanten in Fotografie (5)
    FUTURNVastgoed | national
    Belgium Scrap TerminalIndustriële Goederen en Diensten | national
    VISUALIZE BVMedia | international
    CIBACCOVoedsel | local

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  • Beschrijving
    High-end aerial filming productions are the specialty at VISUALIZE. We work exclusively with gyro-stabilised camera systems (Cineflex, Shotover, GSS, …) that can be mounted on helicopters, cars, boats, quads, … Offering a huge field of applications and handling the most extreme conditions.
    Skills in Film (5)
    FilminghelicopteraerialAerial Filminggyro stabilized

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5 projecten uitgevoerd door VISUALIZE BV


Project gemaakt voor VISUALIZE BV in de Media industrie voor een B2B publiek.VISUALIZE Studio offers two studios, and the corresponding studio equipment, with a drive-in area to uncharge equipment in the privacy of the building, an editing room with two iMacs 5K 27" and a Wacom Intuos tablet, a meeting room with a kitchen and a cosy sanitary.

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Food Photography for CIBACCO
Food Photography for CIBACCO

Project gemaakt voor CIBACCO in de Voedsel industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2014.Food photography to cover the menu of the street food company CIBACCO, in Brussels.

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Corporate Portraits Exellys
Corporate Portraits Exellys

Project gemaakt voor Exellys in de Anderen industrie voor een B2B publiek.Corporate portraits for the previous website of Exellys.

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Industrial portraits Belgian Scrap Terminal
Industrial portraits Belgian Scrap Terminal

Project gemaakt voor Belgium Scrap Terminal in de Industriële Goederen en Diensten industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2018.Staff portraits on their working space, capturing the essence of the industrial environment where they work and their function in the company.

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FUTURN Corporate Portraits
FUTURN Corporate Portraits

Project gemaakt voor FUTURN in de Vastgoed industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2018.Corporate portraits on white background to blend on FUTURN'S website design.

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