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Nightingale Antwerpen, België

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Nightingale is een progressief marketing - en communicatiebureau gericht op het verbinden van uw merk of winkel met uw huidige en toekomstige consument in een continu veranderende markt. Door innovatie, esthetiek en relevantie te combineren, kunnen wij ons specialiseren in strategische PR, exposure en branding. We zijn gevestigd in Amsterdam en Antwerpen met een focus op Benelux.


Nightingale is a progressive marketing and communication agency. Combining innovation, aesthetics and relevance, We specialize in strategic PR, exposure and branding throughout the Benelux, with headquarters in Antwerp and Amsterdam.

The Nightingale Workspace, is 900 sqm in total and subdivided in various zones. The Nightingale team works on centrally located islands, divided in the communication, digital & content, visuals and interior cells. Moreover, there's room for creative workshops in our Atelier. There is a food lab fit for the organisation of press events, lunches and dinners. A mobile platform in the middle makes the space the perfect location for small lectures and other inspiring activities. There is a bespoke gym for professionals and influencers. 
Lauriergracht 73 
1016 RH Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Hertsdeinstraat 26
2018 Antwerp


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  • Beschrijving
    As the media landscape changes, we aim to pioneer the field of new communication and press and PR relations. In this process, we combine creativity and strategy to impact the press landscape on a bought, owned and earned level.
    Skills in Public Relations (PR) (7)
    Progressive PRPublic RelationsMedia RelationsPress ReleaseMarketing CommunicationsPress Release CopywritingPublic & Media Relations
    Projecten in Public Relations (PR) (20)
    CO CERRO MOURO - Public Relations (PR)
    RENAULAC BENELUX - Public Relations (PR)
    MYFOOD - Public Relations (PR)
    AM COSMETICS - Public Relations (PR)
    Reviews in Public Relations (PR) (2)
    Franka Tensen
    Elodie Mourier
    Klanten in Public Relations (PR) (20)
    CO Real EstateVastgoed | international
    CLUSTRAnderen |
    KOMONOKleding & Accessoires | international
    C.P. COMPANYKleding & Accessoires | national

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Social media (6)
    Community ManagementSocial MediaSocial Media Designsocial media engagementsocial media follower managementContent Creation
    Projecten in Social media (5)
    CO CERRO MOURO - Social media
    RENAULAC BENELUX - Social media
    MYFOOD - Social media
    Review in Social media (1)
    Klanten in Social media (5)
    CO Real EstateVastgoed | international
    AM CosmeticsE-commerce | national
    KOMONOKleding & Accessoires | international
    MyFoodVoedsel | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Brand Strategy: Behind every successful brand or concept lies a well-considered strategy. We help brands set up a game plan and advise them on different strategic marketing, branding and communications decisions. Brand Repositioning: What does it take to turn an average brand into something exciting? Nightingale has experience in elevating an existing brand and rebuilding an image. Experimental Concepts: Our experiments take place in the Nightingale laboratory and are the perfect mix of imagination, innovation and know-how
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (8)
    Graphic DesignBrand PositioningCreative ConceptBrand MovieBrand StrategyBrand GuidelinesBrand IdentityMovie Production
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (19)
    CO CERRO MOURO - Branding & Positionering
    MYFOOD - Branding & Positionering
    AM COSMETICS - Branding & Positionering
    HERSCHEL SUPPLY LAUNCH SS20 - Branding & Positionering
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (19)
    KAAIKleding & Accessoires | international
    MyFoodVoedsel | international
    CO Real EstateVastgoed | international
    Silvian HeachKleding & Accessoires |

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23 projecten uitgevoerd door Nightingale


Project gemaakt voor CO Real Estate in de Vastgoed industrie voor een B2C publiek.CO Cerro Mouro is housing project in South West Algarve, powered by CO Real Estate. The project consist of 24 new units, located in a small rural town called Barão de São João. The units are fully equipped and designed in an eco-friendly way, with sustainable materials. Close to many beaches and with an abundance of activities within reach, these houses are the perfect spot for both work and holidays, all while being a smart investment. Dutch founder Dave Hemminga knocked at Nightingale's door because he wanted us to take care of the entire branding, social media and communications strategy. And so, we did. We created a logo and brand identity and launched the project's social media. Our communications team carried out a PR-plan that involved press, which made CO Cerro Mouro fully ready for the real estate market.

Branding & PositioneringContent StrategyCopywriting+5
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Project gemaakt voor Renaulac in de Huishoudelijke Producten industrie voor een B2C publiek.French painting brand Renaulac has been active in the business for almost 200 years. In 2021, the brand decided to expand to the Benelux, asking Nightingale for help. We are responsible for the social media strategy and content creation of the painting manufacturing company on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and established relations with press and influencers. This way, Nightingale paved the way for Renaulac to become the newest go-to brand in the Benelux for renovations and daily fix-ups of your painted walls.

CopywritingMedia PlanningPublic Relations (PR)+1
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Project gemaakt voor MyFood in de Voedsel industrie voor een B2C publiek.Belgium is home to a rich variety of cultures. The country is a prime example of how cultural diversity works wonders for everything from food to fashion. When MyFood asked Nightingale to help launch their very first large-scale halal supermarket in one of Belgium’s largest melting pot cities, we were thrilled. We helped the team capitalize on the store’s Moroccan heritage while creating a contemporary brand image that would attract an entire community – not just Muslims. Plus: we made sure that the strategy worked not just for Belgium, but for the other European countries on the founders’ to-do list, too. How we did that? By always keeping in mind what the creators of MyFood set out to do: combine the best of both worlds.

Branding & PositioneringOntwerpPublic Relations (PR)+1
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Project gemaakt voor KOMONO in de Kleding & Accessoires industrie voor een B2C publiek.To say we’re living in an ever-changing world has become quite an understatement over the past year. Lifestyle brand KOMONO asked Nightingale to partner up for a future-proof global digital strategy, tackling the newest challenges in social media, e-commerce and digitalization. E-commerce has rapidly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and KOMONO [https://www.komono.com/] was right in seizing this opportunity, accelerating their online power in both social media and e-commerce. “KOMONO is an Antwerp based brand, with exquisite aesthetics and a strong affinity to the Antwerp fashion academy [https://antwerp-fashion.be/]”, says Stijn Nachtergaele, chief visionary at Nightingale, “and it was exactly those strengths Nightingale wants to shed light on.”

Content StrategySocial media
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Project gemaakt voor AM Cosmetics in de E-commerce industrie voor een B2C publiek.International EDM phenomenon Anouk Matton had a crystal clear idea about combining two of her biggest passions in her new brand AM cosmetics: crystals and cosmetics. Nightingale delivered the branding, logo, look & feel, packaging and all other deliverables, to make AM Cosmetics the sparkling success it is becoming. Sources of energyWhat do Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? Having been surrounded with make-up during all of their careers, these ladies decided to take up their experience and create a personal beauty brand. Closer to home, EDM deejay Anouk Matton follows in their footsteps. Only Anouk adds a very special layer to her brand: introducing the crystals which have given her strength in her personal life.Years ago, a friend advised Anouk Matton to carry an amethyst with her to keep her anxiety attacks under control. Ever since, Anouk has been fascinated by the healing power of crystals, a philosophy with roots in centuries-old Asian traditions that has been experiencing a major revival in Hollywood in recent years. “Crystals are tiny sources of energy. People incorporate them into jewelry to be able to carry them on their body. They inspired me to add crystals to make-up”, Matton explains.Self-love & acceptanceTogether, Anouk and Nightingale built a brand which stays close to Anouk’s values of self-love and acceptance. With her own personal beauty routine as a starting point, and with today’s worldly women in mind, Anouk launched AM with 3 essential products: mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, in three different moods: Love, Glam and Fierce. All of Anouk’s products are paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan.Beautiful brand, mighty teamAM Cosmetics’ branding revolves around strong messages and powerful images. For the latter, Nightingale asked acclaimed Belgian fashion photographer Zeb Daemen to do the shooting. “We wanted to show the woman behind the brand in the pictures”, Chief Visionary, and art director at the shoot, Stijn Nachtergaele explains. “And we loved the strong black & white pictures of Zeb. His style fitted perfectly with how we wanted to portray Anouk in the pictures.” Make-up artist Sharon De Winter and stylist Ilja de Weerdt created a romantic, glamorous and fierce look to emphasize the Love, Glam and Fierce mood in Anouk’s make-up line. After, these moods were used to shoot the product shots of all different products.Crystals & coloursFor the three different lines, Anouk selected three different crystals with which she wanted to work, based on their energetic features. Rose quartz, bringing harmony and balance, resulted in the Love mood, with romantic make-up colours. Nightingale selected a blushy pink colour from the Pantone palette to represent this mood. Amber is known to attract prosperity and foster self-expression and confidence and resulted in the Glam line, for which Nightingale selected a pastel yellow.Jade was incorporated in Fierce, a crystal that attracts success and wealth and for which Nightingale selected a light green brand colour.Touchpoints on pointNightingale’s senior graphic design officer Joëlle Batens defined all of AM cosmetics touchpoints; the logo, packaging, cards, wrapping paper and displays - all with a hologram coating or twist: “In the hologram, all the predefined colours come together, but it also refers to the crystals that set AM Cosmetics apart from other make-up brands.”“We designed two booths for all of the ICI Paris shops”, Joëlle continues. “It was really exciting, because all of the make-up packages had to fit perfectly into it. We also integrated the look and feel of the crystals in the booths, with a big display, geometrical sides and a hologram coating.”“Personally, I really loved working on this case”, Joëlle concludes. “We were really able to define the whole look & feel of AM Cosmetics and I really enjoyed putting quirky little details in the branding. The protection in the boxes for instance, are little mouches in the shape of an A and an M. These quirky little details really make AM Cosmetics a striking brand.

Branding & PositioneringContent StrategyDigital Strategy+3
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Project gemaakt voor Starbucks in de Dranken industrie voor een B2C publiek.When Starbucks and Autogrill were wondering how to raise enough awareness surrounding their 10th anniversary in Belgium, the duo decided on Nightingale to come up with a way to bring this under the attention of both media, influencers & consumers. Believing in the right combination of both physical and online presence & bought, owned and earned media, the communication & social campaign focused on getting the news in the media before the anniversary date of November 6th 2018.Consumers were also informed about the nationwide and local Antwerp celebration events through social media, using content as a means to inform about dedicated giveaways, contests and activations taking place in the 19 Starbucks stores. People who bought coffee and found a sticker on their cup were even able to win a reusable Starbucks cup.Nightingale was also responsible for the production of local activations: a dedicated influencer lunch the day before the re-opening of Antwerp and the production of the event in Antwerp (Central Station) and Brussels.

Digital StrategyOntwerpPublic Relations (PR)
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Franka TensenHead of Marketing Central Europe bij Diesel
ServicePublic Relations (PR)
It's was a pleasure working with you & Nightingale: it was always with great creativity, a positive outcome + ROI and super professional.

ServicePublic Relations (PR)

Elodie MourierMarketing Communications manager Retail Europe bij Puma Group
ServicePublic Relations (PR)
“I wanted to thank you all personally for your implication and great work.”

ServicePublic Relations (PR)

ServiceSocial media
“Working with NG pushes me to look beyond what is the norm. They never cease to amaze me with their innovative and experimental ideas. The cherry on the cake is their exceptional eye for aesthetics, their relentless quest for innovation and not in the least their exquisite taste.”

ServiceSocial media
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  • HoofdkantoorHertsdeinstraat 26, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Lauriergracht 73, 1016 RH Amsterdam, Netherlands