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  1. International marketing strategy
  2. Business development
  3. Web development
  4. App development

International marketing strategy

Basically for marketing projects we first determine your company goals. We work with a variety of marketing channels like Google Ads, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc... One which we include almost in every campaign because of it’s amazing ROI is the influencers from around the world.
Have you ever wondered, how do I get my products to the top-influencers in my niche? You tried to DM/mail? No response right? ...Well, it’s not their fault but Instagram because your messages won’t even make it to their inbox... This can be very frustrating in a lot of cases.
We’re here for you. We have our own network with over 1200+ influencers from more than 50 countries and so on.
Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Business development

You have this amazing business idea of launching a product or service ? Great! But... how do you get that party started? Where do you start? Have you thought of the supply-chain? Time-management? Marketing? Website? Business cards? Do the numbers add up? Is there profit to be made?
Millennials offers you an all-in package where we research every little detail of your product/service, then we work on to the market research, look for suppliers, how to market your product/service the whole nine yards to launch your business. This can also include website or webshop, marketing strategy & content creation for all your social media channels.

Web development

Modern Design, clean code and kick ass copywriting that’s the magic formula you need in 2020 for a good start with your website or webshop. Together, we will develop your idea into a digitalized version of it we can share with the rest of the world. Ofcourse all websites delivered by Millennials Agency have standard Google optimization. This means we will provide the right content for your audience so that way you are ranked higher within your niche!
VVKVMVZW.BE (Belgian non-profit for medical food specialists)
We are specialized in following programming languages:
  • HTML / CSS
  • Java / Javascript
  • PHP / MySql
  • Python

App development

Here is a conversation starter; with over 3.5 billion smartphones & 1.9 billion tablets worldwide is it worth it to make an app for your business?
For this question we go back in time like 20-25 years back in time. When computers started to appear in the mainstream households. If you were an entrepreneur in that time you were asking the same question. Do I really need a website? Ofcourse he did...
The point is the numbers of smartphones and tablets will only rise the coming years so why don’t jump on the train while it just left the station instead of regretting you missed it when it hits top speed. We handle all aspects of app development like UI / UX, front-end & back-end.
Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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    VVKVM VZWNon-profit | international

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    VVKVM VZWNon-profit | international

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Project gemaakt voor VVKVM VZW in de Non-profit industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2019.The VVKVM groups 'professionals' involved in clinical nutrition: doctors, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists & industry representatives. The association aims to provide knowledge and experience collect, share and disseminate among its members. They also work with policy makers for the interests of clinical nutrition and those involved. We had to develop a website for them where members first had to register with a payment system and then register for upcoming events, follow the latest news, an archive and many more options.

Digital StrategyErgonomie (UX / UI)Ontwerp+3
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