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Make it is a startup studio. We co-create startups and innovative projects with entrepreneurs.

Our team of 25 people helps our startups by offering expertise in 4 areas : software development (website, apps), hardware development (devices, IoT), digital marketing (Idea Testing, Growth Marketing), and day-to-day mentoring and strategic advice.

Because we have our 5 startups and as we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what the entrepreneur is going through. As we have this experience, we can really work in the best interest of the client/innovator/entrepreneur.

Innovation and Startup-as-a-Service

We provide an ecosystem and services to give life to your ideas. Your input: an idea, guidelines, a feeling. Our collaboration's output: a website, software, a device, a startup or an innovative project.

Our teams want to reduce your risks and maximise your return on investment. For instance, through our service called Test it, we test the market by providing value to your customers without any heavy development (You don't have to have the product to sell it). This way, you check if these customers are ready to pay for your solution. We also develop websites and apps, we create IoT prototypes and MVP’s, and we help you grow your business, from a growth hacking point of view.

In a nutshell, if you want to make your idea become a reality, Make it is the one stop shop for all your innovative and entrepreneurial needs.

If you are interested or if you want to check how Make it can help you, contact us. And if we can’t help you, we probably have a partner who can.


Projecten (13) door Make it

Helpilepsy - App & Web development
Helpilepsy - App & Web developmentseptember 2016
Fullup - App & Web development
Fullup - App & Web developmentoktober 2017
Tipaw - Site Web and web platform
Tipaw - Site Web and web platformmaart 2019
Market validation (Test it) for TrooperNetwork
Market validation (Test it) for TrooperNetworkoktober 2017
Wondercar by D'Ieteren - App & Web development
Wondercar by D'Ieteren - App & Web developmentoktober 2017
Market validation (Test it) for Folding Lampoktober 2017
ACMG - Site web
ACMG - Site webjuli 2018
Sport Nutrition
Sport Nutritionoktober 2017
Startitupseptember 2016
Geewseptember 2016
HubGroupseptember 2016
SNCUbeseptember 2016
Subsiconseilsseptember 2016
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Digital Strategy

Market testing, Social medias, Growth Hacking... Digital strategy is a catch-all category. We help your at every stage of your project. Do you have an idea and do you want to see if there is a market for it? Don't wait to have your app or your device to see if your potential customers are ready to pay. Let's Test it. Having a business and wanting it to grow? Let's Grow it: we analyse your entire lead acquisition and conversion process, in an entrepreneurial mindset. Focusing on solving your bottlenecks, we will help you focus on what really matter... Making social media campaigns is not going to help you if your website does not convert your visitor into customer.

Website Creatie

Do you want your visitors to really enjoy their time on your website? In dire need of pages really fitting your identity? Working hand in hand with you, we focus on user experience and we use our experience to maximise your return on investement.

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Hack Epilepsy by UCB, 1st Prize2016


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Julia Vandenweghe  9 maanden geleden

Healthy Connection



Great collaboration! Helped me a lot figuring out if my business model was profitable and saved me a lot of time and money! Great group of people who were always ready to help!

Maria Tisi  een jaar geleden

Gérante bij Watchandwin SPRL



Nous avons travaillé avec Make it pour déterminer la façon d'acquérir une partie de nos utilisateurs ainsi que le coût. Nous avons été très bien entouré pour démarrer le projet; Les contacts par la suite sont parfois un peu lent. Equipe jeune et sympathique.

Pierre Roger  een jaar geleden

CEO bij ViberMusic



L’équipe de Make It est enthousiaste et engagée. Elle ne baisse jamais les bras, quels que soient les challenges techniques rencontrés. Ce n’est pas seulement une équipe de développeurs doués et passionnés, 100% orientés “solution”, ils ont également un sens entrepreneurial très développé qui font d’eux de véritables partenaires tout au long de la mission.

paul stasse  een jaar geleden

Partner bij acmg



Great achievement to update our company brand and website, quality of work definitely there. Modern and efficient approach to the way we identify aCMG online. Nice value for money and respect of the budget. Ups: - Good questions asked upfront, clear milestones, tools and paths to the final objective. - Clear, efficient and quick client communication with Make-it project manager - Good creativity, interactions, exchange of ideas and design dialogue. To be improved: - Optimistic deadlines - Too many and unclear roles of make-it project team at kick-off.

Thibaut Vanderhofstadt  een jaar geleden

CEO bij Sortlist



Makeit is the only agency that I know that can bring your innovative idea to that level of execution. They will co-create with you your digital product and/or service by integrating all your digital devices and apps together for one single user experience. They have engineers specialized in IOT technologies, Mobile App development and Web development to create a convenient service for your becoming company and/or your innovative brand. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur or intrapreneur willing to change the statu-quo in your company, but you don't have the skills set to test out your idea? Makeit is there for you.