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Engineering Emotions.

That’s what we do at Gutzandglory, and we loveit. Because emotions trigger attention, and that’s what makes your brand stand out. We engineer emotions by designing the interface that connects your brand with the customer, in online and offline touch points. With creativity we turn data into emotions. Our goal is to develop powerful brands. Because a brand is only as strong, as it is in the customer’s heart and mind. Therefore, we develop on 2 levels:

  • emotional – meaning talkable and triggering -
  • and rational –meaning consistent and relevant.

We’re an independent agency with an entrepreneurial spirit and work with a diverse team of generalists and domain specialists. We’re small enough to care, and big enough to make it happen.

So let’s put some glory in your story!



Projecten (13) door Gutzandglory

Drainphalt - The cloud projectseptember 2019
Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’september 2019
Draw me your familyseptember 2019
Because pets are family too door Gutzandglory
Because pets are family tooseptember 2019
PwC Base Campseptember 2019
Cambio Car Crushseptember 2019
It's so me door Gutzandglory
It's so meseptember 2019
Mora radio & social: It’s weeeeekend again! door Gutzandglory
Mora radio & social: It’s weeeeekend again!september 2017
Snel Verdiend. / Vite Gagné.juni 2015
Garage Rock door Gutzandglory
Garage Rockoktober 2015
Merci Mannen - Merci les Gars door Gutzandglory
Merci Mannen - Merci les Garsoktober 2015
Flash Marathonoktober 2015
Making Life Sweeter door Gutzandglory
Making Life Sweeteroktober 2015
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Diensten (6) aangeboden door Gutzandglory


€7500 – €1000000

Gutzandglory is an integrated advertising agency. Creativity is our trade: we do whatever it takes to connect consumers with your brand. We offer the best of both worlds: A dedicated senior team of creative advertising experts who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. We come from various backgrounds in the core of the Belgian advertising, media and marketing scene, and we’ve come together to set up a flexible structure that sticks close to you.

Branding & Positionering

€9000 – €1000000

Starting from brand strategy, we use all available channels to install your brand's promise. Yet, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: live activation, digital activation, brand activation and sales activation are essential in order to make your brand stand out in a trustworthy way.


€9000 – €400000

We’re craftsmen who can deliver the brand design to trigger the right emotions, across all touch points. Every detail, every shape, texture, UX-design, typography, detail or material serves a purpose: to connect with your audience in a way that‘s fit for your brand and that contributes to its success.

Digital Strategy

€9000 – €250000

Together with you we create and implement your digital strategy. We define goals, choose the right channels and technology and then create all touch points. SEO, content marketing, UX, UI, website design, testing,… are not just buzzwords we throw around. They are tools to serve your specific digital strategy and achieve your goals. We combine our forces with a flexible network of talented tech people, to deliver the best possible result for every project.

Social Media Marketing
Social Advertising
Content Strategy
Social Content

Website Creatie

€9000 – €300000

We are the go-to partner if you consider your website a part of your integrated communication strategy. We develop web platforms that are the first as well as the last part of your consumer's journey. We deliver consistency in design, efficiency in conversion and data-mining, full development support and full content creation.

UX Design
Content Strategy
Product Strategy
Responsive Web Design
Content Strategy/Creation
Branding Design
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Social media

€9000 – €400000

It’s our goal to build your brand on social media. Together with you we determine the KPI’s and work towards them. We create suitable content starting from a strategic plan. We track the interactions and report back to you. We use research and analysis to optimize and grow your social media presence.

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