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Engineering Emotions.

That’s what we do at Gutzandglory, and we loveit. Because emotions trigger attention, and that’s what makes your brand stand out. We engineer emotions by designing the interface that connects your brand with the customer, in online and offline touch points. With creativity we turn data into emotions. Our goal is to develop powerful brands. Because a brand is only as strong, as it is in the customer’s heart and mind. Therefore, we develop on 2 levels:

  • emotional – meaning talkable and triggering -
  • and rational –meaning consistent and relevant.

We’re an independent agency with an entrepreneurial spirit and work with a diverse team of generalists and domain specialists. We’re small enough to care, and big enough to make it happen.

So let’s put some glory in your story!



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  • Beschrijving
    Establishing an emotional connection is key throughout the full customer journey: that's what we call a consistent and efficient customer experience. We start from brand strategy and implement digital strategy. No matter the channels and technology, we integrate your distinctive promise in every click and swipe. Our focus is on platforms, content, social and display advertising.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (20)
    AnalyticsSEOContent StrategyUX DesignGoogle AdWordsGoogle AnalyticsSEAWebsiteWireframingAdWords+10
    Projecten in Digital Strategy (5)
    Gutzandglory blaakt van gezondheid in coronatijden - Digital Strategy
    PwC - Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’ - Digital Strategy
    Beaphar - Draw me your family - Digital Strategy
    PwC Base Camp - Digital Strategy
    Klanten in Digital Strategy (5)
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    GutzandgloryMarketing & Reclame | national
    Van GelovenVoedsel | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Starting from brand strategy, we use all available channels to install your brand's promise. Yet, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: live activation, digital activation, brand activation and sales activation are essential in order to make your brand stand out in a trustworthy way.
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (15)
    naamBrandingBrand GuideLogoVisual IdentityCommunicatiestrategieHuisstijlCustomer JourneyTaglineMerkstrategie+5
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (9)
    Gutzandglory blaakt van gezondheid in coronatijden - Branding & Positionering
    Drainphalt - The cloud project - Branding & Positionering
    Beaphar - Draw me your family - Branding & Positionering
    Beaphar - Because pets are family too - Branding & Positionering
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (9)
    Van GelovenVoedsel | international
    Smeg BEHuishoudelijke Producten | national
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    BeapharHuisdieren | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Gutzandglory is an integrated advertising agency. Creativity is our trade: we do whatever it takes to connect consumers with your brand. We offer the best of both worlds: A dedicated senior team of creative advertising experts who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. We come from various backgrounds in the core of the Belgian advertising, media and marketing scene, and we’ve come together to set up a flexible structure that sticks close to you.
    Skills in Reclame (15)
    WebsitePrintMedia BuyingAdvertising CampaigncampaignsactivationsStrategieoohcommunicatieplanDigital+5
    Projecten in Reclame (7)
    Gutzandglory blaakt van gezondheid in coronatijden - Reclame
    Beaphar - Draw me your family - Reclame
    PwC Base Camp - Reclame
    Mora radio & social: It’s weeeeekend again! - Reclame
    Klanten in Reclame (7)
    PwC BelgiumManagement Consulting | national
    Van GelovenVoedsel | international
    Profile TyrecenterAuto | international
    CanderelVoedsel | international

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  • Beschrijving
    Brand strategy influences brand identity. We create and support both, with the focus on consistency and ease of application in our diverse digital multi-user and multi-touchpoint universe. Doing so, we never forget a detail: every shape, button, font or colour serves a purpose. To connect in a way that is fit for your brand and that contributes to your success.
    Skills in Ontwerp (14)
    PrintRebrandingBrand IdentityCorporate IdentityDesignSocial MediaWeb DesignDigitalBrandingGraphic Design+4
    Projecten in Ontwerp (5)
    Gutzandglory blaakt van gezondheid in coronatijden - Ontwerp
    Drainphalt - The cloud project - Ontwerp
    PwC - Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’ - Ontwerp
    Beaphar - Because pets are family too - Ontwerp
    Klanten in Ontwerp (5)
    WillemenBouw |
    GutzandgloryMarketing & Reclame | national
    BeapharHuisdieren | international
    Smeg BEHuishoudelijke Producten | national

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14 projecten uitgevoerd door Gutzandglory

Gutzandglory blaakt van gezondheid in coronatijden
Gutzandglory blaakt van gezondheid in coronatijden

Project gemaakt voor Gutzandglory in de Marketing & Reclame industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek.Dat corona geen pretje is, is een understatement. Toch hebben we de laatste maanden bewezen dat we zelfs vanop afstand een enorm gedreven en hecht team zijn. Een team dat werk maakt waar we trots op mogen zijn, en altijd 'the extra mile' gaat.Of het nu gaat over lastminute scripts aanpassen zodat de filmproductie coronaproof wordt, of een grootse activatie on hold zetten en iets helemaal nieuw - en digitaal - bedenken, óf zelfs virtuele alternatieven zoeken voor geplande events: we deden het allemaal. En we deden het met z'n allen, als één sterk team. Haperende internetverbindingen, "Je staat op mute", en talloze chats inbegrepen.Trots op wat we bereikt hebben de afgelopen maanden. Ontdek het allemaal vooral zelf in onderstaande showreel.

Branding & PositioneringContent StrategyDigital Strategy+6
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Drainphalt - The cloud project
Drainphalt - The cloud project

Project gemaakt voor Willemen in de Bouw industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2018.When Belgian construction company Willemen Group developed Drainphalt, a water-permeable asphalt that lets rain enter the groundwater, Gutzandglory was asked to launch it.

Branding & PositioneringContent StrategyEvenement+3
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PwC - Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’
PwC - Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’

Project gemaakt voor PwC Belgium in de Management Consulting industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2016.For PwC’s new graduate recruitment campaign, Gutzandglory and PwC developed ‘Tenzing’, a chatbot that helps last year students to apply at PwC. With this recruitment bot, each graduate gets a personal sherpa on their path to a top job. They can ask him questions about working and applying at PwC, get interview advice, find job events and win a tech trip to London.Machine learning was used to train the chatbot so that he can process natural language. Tenzing might be a machine, but he’s got tons of character. His conversations are entertaining and a 3D-character was created to give him even more personality. His looks - and name - are based on the famous Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who guided the first man to the top of Mount Everest.The chatbot is part of the PwC base camp website [], which was launched by Gutzandglory in 2016. It offers graduates entertaining and informative content to help them with their application. Both PwC base camp and Tenzing demonstrate PwC’s sherpa attitude: PwC’s hands on approach to guiding you to the top – as a student, as a client or as an employee.An online campaign targeted at final year students on Youtube, Google, Facebook and Instagram generated traffic to the chatbot.

Content StrategyDigital StrategyInnovatie+3
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Beaphar - Draw me your family
Beaphar - Draw me your family

Project gemaakt voor Beaphar in de Huisdieren industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek in 2017.To prove that the new Beaphar baseline ‘Because pets are family too’ really makes sense, we set up a surprising social experiment. We asked children from 4 families from 4 different European backgrounds the same question: “draw a picture of your family.” Without knowing from each other, parents and kids were tested at separate locations. In the video-taped experiment we asked them who the members of the family were.The answers from the kids and the parents were quite different... and very eye-opening for the adults. Kids prove to have stronger intuitions and insights into what really counts in family bonding. They find it self-evident that pets are part of the family.The video of the social experiment targets more than 80 countries, where Beaphar is active. With special focus on the 5 big historic home markets: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. The video uses online channels like Facebook and YouTube, with the support of a PR campaign.

Branding & PositioneringDigital StrategyFilm+3
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Beaphar - Because pets are family too
Beaphar - Because pets are family too

Project gemaakt voor Beaphar in de Huisdieren industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek.Because pets are family too. That’s the new baseline we created for Beaphar - the global petcare company. Our pets are family too and therefore they deserve the very best care: accessible, affordable and quality products.It’s also something loving pet owners easily agree on, and it reflects the core values of the founders of the company. It defines a strong reason-why for the entire existing product portfolio and it’s a clear pointer for future innovations.As a first expression of this complete strategic repositioning, we created 3 brand visuals where we see our four-legged furry friends happily participating in family activities, as if they were truly one of the two-legged family members themselves.These three brand visuals are used in over 80 countries in ads, in-store and corporate materials, exhibition booths, B2B communications and more.

Branding & PositioneringFotografieOntwerp
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PwC Base Camp
PwC Base Camp

Project gemaakt voor PwC Belgium in de Management Consulting industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2016.

Branding & PositioneringContent StrategyDigital Strategy+4
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Gutzandglory heeft 7 awards gewonnen

Best of Activation (BOA) Gold2019-04-30Product Launch

Best of Activation (BOA) Gold2019-03-31B2B

Best of Content (BOCA) Silver2019-03-31

Best of Content (BOCA) Bronze2019-03-31

BToB Awards Gold2019-09-01Best use of PR

BToB Awards Diamond (Jury's Award)2019-09-30Best use of PR

Best of Activation (BOA) Bronze2015-11-30Retail


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