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Callebaut Collective helpt profit & social profit KMO’s en multinationals in B2B en B2C die voor een verandering staan om vanuit het kluwen aan mogelijkheden en uitdagingen tot strategische business heroriëntatie te komen. Daarbij hebben wij een expliciete visie op marketing als strategische drijver. 

Samen met onze klant ontdekken we de mogelijkheden en uitdagingen voor zijn organisatie, brengen we structuur en focuspunten om zo tot een strategische heroriëntatie van het bedrijf te komen. Zo stomen we het bedrijf strategisch klaar voor de nabije toekomst.  

Daarbij hanteren we een brede, human oriented kijk op marketing waarbij mens en maatschappij opnieuw een centraal onderdeel van de strategie worden. Aan de hand van duidelijke, strategische keuzes en maximaal gebruik makende van de technologische mogelijkheden die er zijn, realiseren we samen met de klant een moderne, doeltreffende go-to-market, on-en offline.  

De sterkte van Callebaut Collective zit in de multicomplementariteit van de experten met elk hun eigenheid en specialiteit binnen ons ecosysteem. 


Callebaut Collective helps profit & social profit SMEs and multinationals in B2B and B2C that are facing a change to come to a strategic business reorientation from the jumble of possibilities and challenges. We have an explicit vision on marketing as a strategic driver 

Together with our client we discover the opportunities and challenges for his organization, we bring structure and focus points in order to achieve a strategic reorientation of the company. In this way we prepare the company strategically for the near future.   

We use a broad, human oriented view on marketing in which people and society again become a central part of the strategy. Based on clear, strategic choices and making maximum use of the technological possibilities available, we realize a modern, effective go-to-market, on and offline, together with the customer.   

The strength of Callebaut Collective lies in the multicomplementarity of the experts, each with their own individuality and specialty within our ecosystem.  

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  • Beschrijving
    A go-to-market strategy identifies which enablers should you use and how you should use them to reach your potential customers and to market your business, brand or solution in the best possible way. This includes a clear channel approach on the one hand (so where you will target your customers), and a well-thought-out marketing strategy on the other (how you will market your brand). A targeted tactical plan will round out the strategy in a next phase – choosing the right media and channels among the many marketing tools will give direction to the ubiquitous mishmash that ‘digital’ has become. We would love to help you develop the best possible marketing approach for your business, brand or product.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (10)
    Digital TransformationMarketing AutomationE-commerce StrategyUser Experience StrategyGo-to-marketDigital Marketing Strategydigital channelsOmni-Channel StrategyOnline Branding StrategyLead Generation
    Project in Digital Strategy (1)
    Valckenier’s transformation - Digital Strategy
    Klant in Digital Strategy (1)
    ValckenierAuto |

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  • Beschrijving
    The key to successfully positioning your brand is to understand the Human Drivers that your customers may or may not be aware of, and to offer a well-thought-out response to those drivers with your brand. With a clear brand positioning, one that is rooted in a comprehensive market analysis and deep insight into customer behaviour, you can craft a relevant message and distinguish yourself from your competitors. That is how you build a powerful and emotional long-term relationship with your customers.
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (13)
    OGSMMarketing StrategyCustomer Journey MappingValue PropositionCustomer ExperienceGo-to-marketstrategic communicationbusiness strategybusiness transformationCustomer Centricity+3
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (3)
    Valckenier’s transformation - Branding & Positionering
    Disentangling the Oosterweel project - Branding & Positionering
    The facility intelligence approach of Spacewell - Branding & Positionering
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (3)
    SpacewellTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    LantisNon-profit |
    ValckenierAuto |

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3 projecten uitgevoerd door Callebaut Collective

Valckenier’s transformation
Valckenier’s transformation

Project gemaakt voor Valckenier in de Auto industrie voor een publiek in 2021.Realizing that mobility is more in flux than even Valckenier , then a local car dealer based in Aalst, started wondering how they could continue to meet the rapidly changing mobility needs of the residents of Aalst and neighbouring towns.

Branding & PositioneringDigital Strategy
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Disentangling the Oosterweel project
Disentangling the Oosterweel project

Project gemaakt voor Lantis in de Non-profit industrie voor een publiek in 2019.Urban planning agency Lantis, previously known as Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel, is responsible for the funding, realisation, management and operation of transport infrastructure in the Antwerp region. It for instance oversees the infrastructure projects that are part of the Flemish government’s Masterplan 2020, which includes the Oosterweel link.

Branding & Positionering
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The facility intelligence approach of Spacewell
The facility intelligence approach of Spacewell

Project gemaakt voor Spacewell in de Technology Hardware & Equipment industrie voor een publiek in 2018.In 2011 MCS, today known as Spacewell, was an innovative IT family business that advised its clients on their real estate and facility management, in other words, everything related to the design, management and maintenance of buildings and supporting services. This industry was characterised by a strong focus on managing costs among both suppliers and their clients at the time.

Branding & Positionering
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