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Bruxelles, Belgique
Helping brands find clarity
HELPING BRANDS FIND CLARITY Our mission is to help brands find internal clarity to stand out with external consistency We help our clients find what makes them unique and articulate their brand to the world We bring clarity to who they are, help them tell their story to the world and adapt the ways their clients experience the brand We work to transform companies into brands, by focussing on what guides every decision on the inside so that it projects its purpose on the outside in a coherent way. HOW WE HELP OUR CLIENTS UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL OF THEIR BRAND ? We’re at the intersection between provider and team members. We work within our client's workspaces, sharing their daily lives. Creating a climate that allows for insightful discoveries, meaningful discussions and collaborative moments. WHAT ISSUES DO WE FIX AND WHO BENEFITS FROM OUR SOLUTIONS ? We help our clients unlock the potential of their brand by focusing on solutions related to : Growth and Scale → How to set-up my company for sustainable growth ? Change and Pivot → How to refocus my brand on its legitimate purpose and set-up for change ? Federate and Culture → How to spark passion for my brand from the inside-out ? Founders and Narrative → How to find my legitimate drive and translate it into meaningful business actions? WHY CLIENTS LOVE US ☗ Relief and capability building. We work with you rather than for you. It's a partnership, so by the end of the collaboration you are armed with all the knowledge to carry on. Furthermore, diving into a brand's culture also allows us to alleviate some of your team's workload, so they can catch their breath and renew their drive. ✹ Fresh eyes. To challenge legacy thinking. We strive to have an open mind and to do so, we approach every mission without preconceptions and an attitude of "We know nothing". We find it to be the best way to bring new perspectives to a business and thus challenge legacy thinking : Is what got us here going to get us where we want to be next ? ❤ Brutally Honest We believe in speaking the truth for the greater good, in having real conversations where ideas can be challenged feedback given and frustrations healed. To help people grow we tell it like it is.
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  • Description
    There is no way to create brands-in-kit.

    So we developed our own methodology.
    With an overall pragmatic approach to the business, the employer brand and the customers' experience we'll help transform companies into brands. We work to build clarity in all layers of the company and build up your internal capabilities along the way.

    Brands are the sum of people working within them.
    That is the philosophy we live by.
    By now you’ve got it : we’re working inside organizations gathering insights from the coffee-machine-chit-chats to the business talks at the CEO's desk.
    Then, armed with a deeper understanding of the companies challenges, we rework their brand strategy and ultimately (re)design their brand identity.
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    J&JOY - Belgian clothes for your daily wanders. - Image de marque & branding
    Positioning J&JOY in its legitimate universe. - Image de marque & branding
    J&JOY :  a new identity - Image de marque & branding
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    HAMBLENNE Pierre
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    J&JOY SAAccessoires & vêtements | international
    J&JOY SAAccessoires & vêtements | international
    J&JOY SAAccessoires & vêtements | international

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  • Description
    Having a logo does not mean that you have a brand. We create visual identities that will support the company’s mission in all its touch points.
    We design brand identities that will reinforce the key messages and the strategy. To create relatable brands, we work the aesthetic with meaning to serve the brands personality.
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    J&JOY - Belgian clothes for your daily wanders. - Stratégie digitale
    J&JOY :  a new identity - Stratégie digitale
    Clients en Stratégie digitale (2)
    J&JOY SAAccessoires & vêtements | international
    J&JOY SAAccessoires & vêtements | international

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HistoireNemesis helps ambitious businesses clarify what they stand for, so they stand out with consistency as a brand. Founded in 2020 in Brussels, Nemesis’ purpose is to transform businesses into brands (both in B2C and B2B). Nemesis works side-by-side with its clients worldwide to unlock the power of their brands.
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ServiceImage de marque & branding
SecteurAccessoires & vêtements
Équipe11 - 50
2 décembre 2020

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ServiceImage de marque & branding
SecteurAccessoires & vêtements
Équipe11 - 50
2 décembre 2020
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