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We are an online media company that focuses on performance based advertising. Ever since MediaDonuts was established in March 2010 we have been after the right "cookie". It's all about conversion, conversion, conversion. Budgets are under pressure and companies want tangible results.

We specialize in programmatic online media buying across different channels such as Display, Video, Mobile, Social and Search. What you see is what you get. We offer the possibility to pay only for the measurable results you get from your online campaigns. This means that you only pay when your targets are reached.

You can bet dollars to donuts that we deliver your goals! These objectives may vary from visibility and traffic to leads and acquisitions, but we always keep conversion in mind.

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  • Real–Time Bidding, Dynamic Creative Retargeting, Search or advertising on Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn), the MediaDonuts platform offers the most powerful algorithm’s and strategies in the market. ROI is still the magic word in 2016 and our platform works magical! We make sure to track all metrics in real time and run a smarter campaign! The MediaDonuts DSP helps you go way beyond clicks and realizes the highest possible results. It does not matter if you’re after sales, leads or traffic we will help you reach your desired online goals! Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is an auction process for buying and selling individual ad impressions, within 100 milliseconds. MediaDonuts places advertisers' bids for these impressions based on targeting parameters, providing a programmatic buying system to optimize ad spend. Via RTB, advertisers eliminate wasted ad spend, and only bid for and buy impressions that match your targeting criteria - with absolute full transparency. In a nutshell… Publishers connect with an RTB-enabled Ad exchange to help fill their inventory with ads (just like yours!)
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