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    Compétences en Application mobile (2)
    Design ThinkingInterface Design
    Projets en Application mobile (2)
    Giving the radio listening experience a makeover - Application mobile
    Scaling VOO’s customer care app - Application mobile
    Clients en Application mobile (2)
    VOOTélécommunications | national
    MaRadio/Belgian French radiosMédias | national

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2 projets ajoutés par N/A

Giving the radio listening experience a makeover
Giving the radio listening experience a makeover

Projet réalisé pour MaRadio/Belgian French radios dans l'industrie Médias pour un public B2C.We helped all Belgian French-speaking radio stations deliver a streamlined listening experience.# The challengeRadio is being disrupted by the convenience of online music streaming. This is why French-speaking Belgian radio stations (such as RTL, RTBF, Nostalgie and FunRadio) collaborated to create MaRadio, a common online player. They asked Central to help them improve their player’s listening experience on all devices.# Our approachWe had 2 short months to transform MaRadio’s old platform into a new listening experience for smartphones, tablets, computers and TV. We asked decision-makers from the –usually competing– radio stations to come to our studio for a design sprint workshop. Through hands-on exercises we were able to take concrete design decisions and move forward quickly. From there, we imagined how the player would look and feel, while respecting each station’s brand. Using wireframes, prototypes and visual design, we refined our initial ideas to deliver an appealing multiplatform experience.“It is not always easy to bring together competing radio stations around one common project. But thanks to a friendly atmosphere and a few simple, well-targeted exercises we were able to quickly determine the features of the player that needed improvement and to define the direction in which this redesign should go.” Julien Mourlon - Digital Manager Radio at RTL Belgium --- View the case on http://central.team/work/maradio/

Application mobile
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Scaling VOO’s customer care app
Scaling VOO’s customer care app

Projet réalisé pour VOO dans l'industrie Télécommunications pour un public B2C.VOO, a telecommunications company, has decided to invest in design and user experience (UX) by putting together a great internal UX team. After meeting Central at one of our Umami Talks, they asked us to help them redesign myVOO, their customer care application.As with any digital product, myVOO evolved a lot in the 2 years after its launch. It gained new functionalities and content, and the list of upcoming features was longer than ever. Problem was, the original UX patterns could not adapt to all the changes and the copy was starting to become inconsistent.We agreed to tackle those challenges by working together on 2 parallel tracks: * UX track: we developed a prototype that included all the current features, while using new UX patterns that would allow the app to scale with changing user needs and new business objectives. * Copy track: we audited the existing copy, reworked the texts in myVOO, and updated the copywriting guidelines by adding actionable examples and a section on accessibility.The Research SprintWe started by familiarizing ourselves with myVOO. We took note of its shortcomings, but also of its strengths in order to avoid throwing out the bad with the good. We also interviewed members of the Customer Care and Product teams and read through dozens of user survey results. Armed with this knowledge, we kicked off a week-long Discovery Sprint with VOO’s service design team.The Discovery SprintThe goal of a sprint like this one is to clearly understand the issue at hand. To do so, we began by re-stating the product’s mission and defined an actionable personality to match it. Then, we created user personas and a list of tasks they’d want to accomplish using myVOO (“jobs to be done”), and mapped out the app’s information architecture.From there, we drew concrete paper wireframes of key screens for mobile. Doing this allowed us to explore solutions for navigation interfaces and UX patterns, and clearly identify the copy that had to be written.By the end of the week, an entire wall was covered with paper wireframes that showed what needed to be prototyped both in terms of UX and of copy. Everybody was on the same page and we all agreed on the solutions we wanted to test.The Conception SprintA Conception Sprint is the phase of a project during which we create a prototype to test with users. Based on our paper wireframes, we built a realistic mobile prototype using Sketch and InVision. We worked hand-in-hand with 2 of VOO’s designers, their Digital Marketing Manager and the Head of Digital Service Design to make sure our designs were accurate and complete.Involving the internal team in every phase of a project made the handover a lot smoother and allowed us to work fast. When questions are answered in real time, it’s much easier to move forward quickly.We ended the Conception Sprint with a series of guerrilla user tests to verify our assumptions and to check that users could complete the 5 most important tasks on myVOO.The resultsBy the end of these 3 weeks, we had a tested digital prototype with consistent copy, and an improved copywriting style guide.

Application mobile
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