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Go for a different approach   ! Brandlab is an international team of brand developers guiding companies in the creation of strong brands from strategy through to implementation via our Brandlab tools: Brand DNA & Brand Imagineering . For each assignment we create a tailor-made team. The only selection criterion is getting the best people to produce the best work. Different from most agencies, we work on an internet based platform. We meet on a regular basis, daily video meetings are used to exchange ideas, discuss and judge proposals. Doing so we combine international professionalism with efficiency and reduced cost. We think you will appreciate all three. You can rely on us  We cover market and trend analysis, strategic recommendations, and a wide range of creative brand communication solutions, working with top specialists in the marketplace. You can rely on us for B2B and B2C  development X strategic brand development X strategic planning X brand architecture X brand naming X corporate identity X graphic design X packaging design X advertising X POS X internal branding X external brand management X ... Power up your brand A strong brand tells a story that goes deeper than rational product features. It creates that special relationship that changes your prospects into clients and clients into fans. We help you designing and strengthening your brands, based on a strategic analysis, the Brand DNA. Together with you we create, based on your Brand DNA, a powerful, holistic and unique brand world through Brand Imagineering, activating selected touch points of your brand with the prospect or customer. In doing so, companies we worked for saw their turnover grow with 10% to 36%. These companies gave us their trust Beaulieu International Group, United Biscuits, Friesland Campina, Kennemer Vis Group, Vandermaesen, Stichting Marketing, BBDO, Libeert Chocolates, Hamlet, Nikita, Delino, Remo Potatoes, Aveno, The Java Coffee Company, Diraforst, Casashops International, Kidibul, De Lelie, Tops Foods,...
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  • Description
    Packaging design is an underestimates positioning tool.
    Weight Watchers once presented to a group of 16 people its products. The same recipes were presented once in a Weight Watchers packaging and then in a Le Bon Goût packaging with a more refined look.

    75% ! of the respondents judged the Le Bon Goût products to be better. "A better taste", "more finesse", "the chicked is better seasoned",... were their comments, while eating exactly the same products.

    Innocent (smoothies and fruit juice) launched its fruit juice in a tetra pack. In its second year it reached a turnover of £4m. When Innocent relaunched the juice 3 years later in a carafe-shaped bottle, rather than the carton design, the product reached a turnover of £80m ! in its second year.

    These cases show how important packaging is, and we got prove of it when we changed Italo Suisse into Tonkeys the original in a complete new packaging, when we re-designed the packaging for Maître Olivier, for Java, for Dira and Casa. In each of these cases sales went up.

    Have you taken a good look at your packaging design lately ?
    Compétences en Design & graphisme (1)
    Packaging Design
    Projets en Design & graphisme (7)
    Why should cheap not be beautiful ? - Design & graphisme
    Sculpting a raw diamond - Design & graphisme
    Packaging design for The Java Coffee Company - Design & graphisme
    Packaging design for a pickled herring range - Design & graphisme
    Clients en Design & graphisme (7)
    Various clientsAutres | international
    DirafrostAlimentaire | international
    De Lelie ZuivelAlimentaire | national
    The Java Coffee CompanyAlimentaire | national

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  • Description

    The development of your unique Brand DNA is the crucial strategic step towards a strong brand. It is an integral part of the Brandlab working processes. It is a proven strategic tool that defines what your brand(s) should stand for. Objectively. In a competitive field.
    It visually structures the now and the tomorrow in a work-able process. It helps brand development decisions and later, brand communication efforts to gain on power.
    In day to day processes it inspires, guides and controls decisions you/we have to make and make them more objective, correct and coherent.

    The Brand Imagineering methodology has a proven record in all Brandlab implementation processes. Starting from the touch-point approach it maps all areas in which the brand communicates, internally and externally. A simple but objective plotting helps set priorities. The Brand DNA helps create the content.

    Your unique Brand DNA :
    - becomes the guide for all brand related decisions
    - inspires product development, corporate design, brand architecture, media communication, brochure, website and web-shop development, in store actions and design, packaging design, environment design, public relations, events,...
    - defines your internal and external brand management
    - offers objective criteria when judging brand related initiatives in B2B ànd B2C
    - gets everybody in the company, with brand related responsibilities, moving in the right direction
    - makes your communication more coherent and stronger.

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    Compétences en Image de marque & branding (2)
    Brand NamingNaming
    Projets en Image de marque & branding (6)
    Competitors become strong partners - Image de marque & branding
    Preparing a brand for the French market - Image de marque & branding
    Creating a strong brand personality - Image de marque & branding
    Fine tuning a retail concept - Image de marque & branding
    Clients en Image de marque & branding (6)
    MayerlineAccessoires & vêtements | national
    The Java Coffee CompanyAlimentaire | national
    NikitaAlimentaire | international
    Kennemervis GroupAlimentaire | international

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13 projets ajoutés par BRANDLAB

Why should cheap not be beautiful ?
Why should cheap not be beautiful ?

Projet réalisé pour Tops Foods dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2B / B2C.Packaging design for a £0,75/€1 prepared meal , sold in stores such as Pound Stretcher (GB), Pound Land (GB), 99p Stored (GB), Netto Marken Discount (D).We developed a packaging design for 3 pasta meals. Each meal had its own photography, but the architecture was coherent over all 3.Following the huge sales increase after this re-design, it was rolled out not only in the UK and Germany, but also in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland.See more :

Design & graphisme
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Sculpting a raw diamond
Sculpting a raw diamond

Projet réalisé pour De Lelie Zuivel dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2B / B2C.Packaging design for yogurt and fresh cheese producer De Lelie. The strong graphic design, shown in the photo of the 200g yogurt on fruit, is rolled out over all products over the following years. See more :

Design & graphisme
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Competitors become strong partners
Competitors become strong partners

Projet réalisé pour Kennemervis Group dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2B.Three, until then competitive companies within the Kennemervis Group will get merged into one company. The Kennemervis Group head office calls us in to develop the new to create company into a strong brand and help them with the internal and external communication.After a thorough sector analysis the Brand DNA shapes the strategic basis for all further developments. We create a new name: "Fishpartners", which works internally and externally in a sector where the partnership-idea is almost inexistent.All touch points are activated. We design the new logo, define the corporate colors, create the corporate brochure and website, design packaging and exterior signage, all sites get painted in the same corporate colors, all trucks get the new signage,...A three day photo documentary with attention for all employees, following them even into their local football fan pub, brings the former competitors together in one motivating interior communication campaign.In the following months the quality perception of the new company improves significantly and sets a new standard in the sector. See more : Read what the client says about the work :

Image de marque & branding
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Preparing a brand for the French market
Preparing a brand for the French market

Projet réalisé pour Nikita dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2B / B2C.2013, Nikita, producer of snack salads & spreads wants to strengthen its Maître Olivier brand. The Brandlab market analysis and the development of the unique Maître Olivier Brand DNA set out the lines for a powerful approach.First step after the development of the Brand DNA is simplifying the logo. In step two we work on the packaging together with a senior UK designer. In 3 months a whole new design is rolled out over 4 categories. More than 80 products get a new packaging design, working with several strong brand devices.PR, B2B and B2C advertising, presence at shows communicate a coherent message in line with the Brand DNA. See more : what the client says about the work :

Image de marque & branding
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Creating a strong brand personality
Creating a strong brand personality

Projet réalisé pour Dirafrost dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2B.Dirafrost is a frozen fruit company, active worldwide , having their own plantations and plants in various regions in the world. The company has Belgian roots with a head office in Herk De Stad. When we get to know the company better with our BrandScape tool and do a market survey, it is clear that the company needs and deserves a more assertive brand personality. And has everything and more to support that. It will be the core of the Brand DNA we develop. Based on the Brand DNA we organize a 1 day work shop with key employees and define together with them action areas and next steps. We re-design the logo, keeping all elements and the (for the category very differentiating) color, but giving the bear more character. We also keep the color-code when we attack packaging design (over65 designs) and graphic design. The reactions in the market are positive from day one.See more :

Image de marque & branding
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Packaging design for The Java Coffee Company
Packaging design for The Java Coffee Company

Projet réalisé pour The Java Coffee Company dans l'industrie Alimentaire pour un public B2B / B2C.Packaging design as a positioning tool.Photo shows some examples of the range, clearly identifying the Java new approach to packaging.See more :

Design & graphisme
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